Thursday, March 31, 2005

Please Q

I feel much healthier today. Not as active as usual times but I’m not pale like yesterday. I lost my appetite. Hm…but it’s still ok cause I still have the energy to work.
I was out of the office today. I went to the Kuching Waterboard at Batu Lintang to reconnect the water supply. It’s very troublesome. First, you’ll have to go to Block D to get the form, then Block A to get the slip, after that the paying counter at another bock to pay the sum and last of all back to Block D again to keep the record and get the receipt. I felt like I was playing treasure hunt. Poof~ moral of the story: pay your bill before the waterboard had actually cut off your water supply. You’ll get a hard time queuing. Those uncivilized people (I don’t wanna reveal their identities) cut my line (at block D). Stupid system, they only give out numbering tickets at the paying counter. Those people never learnt about discipline, bleh.

Most girls don't like it

I had a very tough time yesterday because it was “my time” of the month. I’m not ashamed to share this since most of us study biology (or at least science). I had a severe cramp that I had to see a gynaecologist at Kota Sentosa with my mum. This was my first- time experience. The doctor was a guy who looked like a character in one of those prehistoric cartoons (haha…I can’t help to not laugh). He has round eyes and the typical coconut shell haircut (ya kak tau) hahaha…I told my mum that he didn’t look like a doctor at all but anyway, there’s nothing about the looks to do with his profession. He measured my blood pressure (didn’t know the point of it but I’m not the doctor, so shouldn’t comment much) then asked me questions. However, I asked him more questions, i.e. “Are there any remedies to soothe the pain?”, “Anything you’d recommend for my diet?”, “I heard that certain exercises would help, you’ve got any idea?” and it went on. But the cartoon-like doctor shook his head. Hehe… it’s not easy to earn my money…
After that, he scanned my ovaries * applied some gel on the scanner then went about on my stomach and moved the cursor to enlarge image on the computer screen*. There were 2 tiny tumors which he announced to be unharmful. He told me it was normal as most of the females have this problem too. In fact, they’re less than one centimetre. So, those are the cause for my pain. I was given painkillers in case the pain got worse or whatever. He printed the image of the scanning results and handed it to me. What’s the use? I don’t understand which is which. It’s so different from that of the textbook (the one in textbook is a hundred times clearer and it’s labeled so I know which the ovary is and so forth.) The most important of all is not to take cold drinks and stuff, be careful with diet, rest well and do some light exercises (these are my opinions la). No wonder so many people want to be doctors. A few minutes at the clinic costs me 55 bucks. Aiya, that stupid doctor told me the things I’ve learnt from Biology textbook and didn’t answer my questions relevantly. Should’ve paid him less arr…

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring Doesn't Stay Forever though

Season = Spring
You're Most Like The Season Spring ...

Fresh faced, with a young outlook on life - you
smile at the world and expect it to smile back
at you. You're mostly a bubbly, fun - innocent
person. Described as cute possibly. However,
you're a little naive about things and tend to
be a little too trustworthy.
As the first season, It Makes you the youngest -
and so most immature - but people are inclined
to look out for and protect you.

Well done... You're the most fun of the seasons :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
brought to you by Quizilla

why do i entitle this post in such a "sad" mood? i'm quite depressed actually. a married guy (non-chinese) called me last night and he sounded very sucidal. i was so shocked. he told me many wierd things and i had no idea if it was prank or serious. i dare not call him back. actually, he was a friend whom i've known some time ago. sometimes, he would call and talk to me because he said he had no friends and lived a hectic life. therefore, i always try my best to talk to him in a nice way...until yesterday...he requested me to call his name 3 times before i sleep which really sent eerieness into my spine...he said he wanted to see me but i refused. he said it hurted him a lot and he thought it was some sort of racial discrimmination. i was speechless when the conversation gets wierder and wierder...OMG...i couldn't believe it when he told he liked me more than a friend. people get really strange at times. when they lost themselves,they start to speak strangely and that really freaked me!
i couldn't sleep well last night. it was so bad that i got the impact during driving lesson this morning. nothing went right at all. i was really distracted by him. he said i'll never get his call again and asked me to live happily and treasure everything i have in life. i prayed very hard...hopefully, he did the right thing and may God be with him...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day 4, I reloaded my phone, finally…can’t stand it anymore…Mr. Tan somehow “forced” me to reply his message by threatening me. How ferocious of him :-p He even made me erase the last paragraph of my previous post. I’m so in danger, so frightful like a little kitten trembling in the rain. He might not befriend me anymore if I didn’t reply his message, you know?
Nothing much happened to me. Boredom continues to rule my life. I find excitement only in novels. Currently reading “Memnoch the Devil” by Anne Rice borrowed from the library the other day. Don’t think it’s any better than “The Da Vinci Code”. It’s said that 20 other books were published to “decode” “the Da Vinci Code” (unveil the truth) as many facts were twisted by the author. Oh well, it’s just fiction, purely for entertainment.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Something's Wrong with your Friend here

So, I’ve been a very uninteresting person lately. Till what extend? I went to the library on Sunday. Can you imagine, Bei Shan, going to the library instead of shopping centres on a fine Sunday afternoon? (It’s ok, I’ve wasted my Saturday night staying at home watching TV while the others were having at great time at Bing.)
Kath called, “Hey bitch, where are you? Wana go for a haircut at Kelvin’s place?”
Shan replied, “Shit you! I’m at the library, reading.”
Kath exclaimed, “Why on earth do you go to the library?”
Shan answered, “Told you, I’m reading magazines.”
Kath was stunned and went speechless, “Ok, will call you some other time, phone’s running out of credit.”
Mentioning phone credit, I’ve survived for 3 days with 0.00 in my phone account. Hooray…I manage to not reply any sms or return any miscalls…haha…I’ll see how long I can stand. Kampateh! (now, I really sound like I’m out of my mind…)
The worst is to come. I went jogging with my mum once I get back from the library. Jogging? I don’t even know how to jog. Jogging in my definition is more like “walk walk”. And I certainly walk a lot. There’re all means of exercises but why jog? I have no idea….
More and more TV after dinner. I never/ hardly ever miss an episode of “The Apprentice”. Then, another friend called.
“How are you lately?”
“Great…been a very good girl, so guai arr…”
“Is it? How good?”
“I went to the library to read and went jogging with my mum.”
“Wow…that sounds…um…good…Good for you.”
“Yea…you know what, I read about technologies of planting a chip in your brain….(bla bla bla) in “Discover”.”
“Huh? Is there something wrong with you?”
Perhaps, I should make an appointment with the psychiatrist at Kota Sentosa. That’s what most people suggest me to do.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

there it goes

i was typing my 3 pages long post until my computer jammed (not the type of jamming with music) that i had to restart my computer. Urgh!~ so, frustrated, this is all i have to say, wait till i'm very very free and feel like squeezing my brain,retyping the whole thing again, i will share what i've gone through these few days with you guys. ok, end of the story.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's ReaLlyY hot

Man, I just deleted my previous pointless post (sorry to take your precious time if you’ve just finished reading it). The darn hot weather is driving me nuts. My blood is boiling and my bones are cracking like keropoks! I can even cook an egg on my palm,dude. How does my brain function in such a hot afternoon? My pimples are rearing their heads out of my skin surface and I hate that more than I hate any jerks. Everything is so dry…I mean my wallet. I’m so running out of money and have an extremely low credit in my prepaid account. Sharks, how am I going to survive until the next month? I’ve reloaded for 3 times already this month.
Arghhh!~ I just wanna soak myself into a pool of cold water now….

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Top 5

A Chronology of 5 main happenings that hit me yesterday:

1. I went to “Cha You” for lunch with my sister who’s staying at school for afternoon class. We ordered “Shanghai noodles”, a plate of fried noodles with minced meat, mushroom and some onion, savoured with a sauce made of brown sugar and chili. It was accompanied by shredded cucumber which adds a coolness at the outer ring if the dish. I was so glad to learn that the sophisticated “tea-shop” is still operating. Too bad, they don’t open at night. I really like that place because it’s quiet and “ancient”. On my way back to my workplace, I met Mr. John Tay, the funny Add Maths tuition tutor (he sounds "sh..") whom I haven’t seen for a long time.

2. I spent at least 20 minutes to change a new layout for my blog. Luckily, I managed to get the HTML codes for my chatter and etc. into the right places. Hope that you’ll like this one. It’s plain compared to the previous very pink one.

3. I had a good time enjoying a tub of Sunny Hill’s vanilla flavoured ice-cream topped with peanuts while reading your blogs.

4. My mum gave me cash as a reward for scoring not-too-badly in SPM. I was so surprised because she hardly gives me money, not to mention in a generous amount (hint: more than my present monthly salary). If you ask me, was I happy? I won’t say yes, but I won’t say no either. I know she wants me to save it into my bank account which means, I can’t spend a single cent of it.

5. Within a minute’s time, I became a murderer! I killed a cockroach by hitting it with a slipper. It died traumatically. I didn’t feel sorry for it at all (because it looked so jerky).

Monday, March 21, 2005

thanks to rebec

Before I forget, Rebecca Lee, our dearest "faithful wife" or "miss Dayak" who's now in NZ sent me an adorable butterfly keychain and a meaningful birthday card to me. brithday passed for such a long time now and yet, I get to receive a gift from our good buddy, how nice of her...miss her very much too! I think Jou Hui must have got hers too...
Oh ya, I've finsh reading "The Da Vinci Code- Book 1" (chinese version). It's a good piece. In my opinion, it should be made into a film. I used a lot of my crictical thinking while reading this book. It's one of the novels which didn't make me fall asleep. I'm waiting for my sister to borrow the 2nd volume of the book from her friend and I can't wait to know what happens next...

what i'm desperate for...

When was the last time, I feel enthusiastic?
Once upon a time.
When was the last time, I was on a vacation?
About 1k-days ago
When was the last time, I feel that life is full of excitement?
Not recently, that’s for sure.
When was the last time, I take myself as “someone really useful”?
I’m not even helpful at all.

Know what I have in mind? It’s time for me to chill out. I think I should get a new job or go on a trip. I need a freaking change or at least a bit of excitement in life. My present job is driving me bonkers that I’d prefer to be sent to the jail. I have nobody to talk to and so little effort to put in. I am paid to do just nothing which spoils me into a rotten fruit. All of a sudden, I feel that life is so meaningless. Do I really need the money so badly that I’m willing to live like an old tin?
I figured that I need to do something about this, I have to! I don’t want to die in this office because of boredom, or being accused of irresponsibility (for doing nothing really useful to the company). I don’t want to ruin myself in this negative manner, seriously. Sometimes, I come to work late, leave early, doze at working hours, go out for a drink with friends at 3pm (teatime break I declare for myself), invite strangers in so that I can communicate with someone face to face, get online to update my blog, talk on the phone, sms on my handphone etc, etc… ain’t there anything better I can do (besides washing the toilet)?
For the past 3 months, I’ve tried to love this job or adapt to it but I can’t stand it anymore. I don’t feel that I’m needed here and deserve the pay. I feel so bad that I’d rather stay at home and help my mum do the household chores or get a job with a lower pay that keeps me busy enough but makes me feel that I’m worth the value of the pay.
I don’t think I’ll regret over my decision once it’s made.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

a short leave

not me alone,but many others. i realize that many in my links have not been updating their blogs too...

i ate McD's ice-cream last night. it costs RM1.50 (small cone). hmm...i still thought it was RM1.00 (excluding the tax)...nevermind, it's still my favourite. anyone has any idea from what time till what time sunny hill's ice-cream operate? i went there but it was close, that's why i headed to McD

Thursday, March 17, 2005

A New Friend

I was rather rush this morning. I went to JPN to apply for MyKad. To my disappointment, the staffs weren’t as efficient as what I’ve heard of. I noted that they lay back a lot, especially the guy at counter 10. The respectable man who served me was the most productive I guess. He served at least 3 people in 5 minutes. The other 2 Malay ladies were much slower compared to him. After that, I posted my JPA and IPTA form…it all depends on my luck now. I just hope that they will at least call me for an interview. Later, I went to school, to lend my Red Crescent uniform to an intermediate member. I saw many faces whom I have not seen for some while. Yang Lip…Sze Jia (who just came back from NS 1st batch)…and DragonSim, wonder why he was there.
Back at work, I was reading newspapers until a tall Indian man who claimed that he was a salesperson from KL approached me. I doubted if I should let him in. We talked over the steel bars but I really kesian him ler, carry such a heavy load. So, I let him in. He thought that I was scared but I wasn’t. He thought that I was a mixed, but wrong. He thought that I was in my early 20s, and I exclaimed, “DO I LOOK THAT OLD?”
He replied, “You look like a graduate from overseas.”
Hehe, now, this is what I call a compliment ;-p
We talked and talked. At first, he introduced his product. Later, we talked bout anything we knew. It was nice talking to him. I found that he was an ambitious young man. Gosh, he was so friendly that he invited me to his very own apartment he just bought (considering that he’s still so young but now owns an apartment and 2 cars) when I go to KL some time. We have a similarity---we like BMW 520…whoa! He’s a car lover who air-brushed his car and claimed it as his wife. Our eyes shone when we talked bout cars…hehe…
He paid me a second visit in the afternoon, which is just a few minutes ago. He said I look sleepy. Well, I AM sleepy. That’s why I blog, to kill the sleep bugs in me, nge…

Unfortunately,It wasn't good enough for me

Well, well, I didn’t blog yesterday, so the summary: went to watch “Unfortunate events” with Lun (FloLian) and Hui. I was late. Therefore, I didn’t get to join them for dinner and the laughters too, I miss those. I think I arrived before nine…at least I think so. And I didn’t know that I was about to watch Jim Carey’s until I placed my butt on the seat for 20minutes. Movie started off with animation (apparently for kids), and then a lot of ridiculous happenings. I hate to say this but I’m quite fed up of Jim Carey’s style already. Funny, but too much of those exaggerative motions spoils them all. However, I love the kids’ play, especially Sunny the baby. Movie day, no kidding man, cinema was so crowded even when it’s quite late. Meh, I forgot it’s school holiday. Hui sent us home as she couldn’t stay up late. I then cooked myself Maggie mee…gosh, I was so hungry, didn’t know why.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gold Mining

Gold is everywhere…it is well-hidden, in our noses.
I saw a man digging his nose while he was driving.
Then, he placed his hands onto the steering.
The bacteria must be happy to live in such a nice place.

This is not the first time I see people doing this.
I think it’s a habit, hard to be taken off.
I don’t know what they think of their image as.
And sometimes, I wish I could tell them please don’t do that in the public.

Oh well, that’s the stupidest blog.

a few minutes under the sun turned me into charcoal

I haven’t been to Kuching High for quite some time until the release of our results. These few days, I often show myself at the principal’s office because I need him to certify certain documents. The Red Crescent unit had their footdrill practice this morning. I watched them under the sun, I haven’t been under the sun for such a long time since I last marched. After the session, Kok How, another junior member and I went to eat laksa at Ting’s Café, a humble coffee shop which sells delicious food at the most reasonable price. After that, they ate ice-cream but I didn’t. I saw the St. John Ambulance members from our school. It’s their flag day. If you go to town area next time, take note, especially at the Parkson area. They will be there, not one…but the whole bunch!

Monday, March 14, 2005

When the Road Diverge

Live the life you love
Love the life you live
which way shall i go?

Friday, March 11, 2005

dedicated for Jou Hui

have you ever sniffed at a plate of salmon and then realised that the waiter served it to the wrong table...
you ordered fish fillet but salmon is also a type of fish, so you asked the waiter, "is this cagun or garlic?"
the waiter wasn't sure, so he went to check at the counter, and came back to apologize. it was for the couple next to your table.
then you were embarrassed, because you nearly dipped your fingers into it, and look at it, puzzled. your facial expressions were simply funny.
then you saw the guy who'd actually ordered the food smiled at you. you laughed and blushed. you all were the loudest.
you ordered strawberry delight. it matched your shirt and the ornament you tied your hair with.
it tasted good. we exchange and tried others' drinks. meal was fine, but there was something missing...A BIRTHDAY CAKE!
we were sorry we didn't think of that. we gave you a pillow, and sang you 3 birthday songs in different languages when we got into your car.
Happy Birthday Jou Hui, and today is also my birthday in the lunar calendar, what a coincidence! i'm glad i can share it with you, you're the greatest : )

That's not all

Before I get my results:
Ate junk food. Watched TV. Checked my Friendster account. Read other people’s blog. Couldn’t sleep.

When I get my results:
Sweated. Queued. Adrenaline rushed. Got the results slip. Jumped about (joyously). Saw old friends. Talked to them, asked them how they did. Saw teachers. Conversed in broken English with Pn. Lu (former English teacher). It was fun (miss the times when I used to annoy her).Crapped. Ate prawn noodles at “Pink House”. Went to work.

After I get my results:
Relieved. Received many sms and phone calls inquiring about it. Posted it on my blog. Hoped that I can get many rewards (esp. cash). Went home. My mum and several others expected me to have scored better than that. Tired. Ate out at Pizza Hut (Kent’s Farewell). Drank at Grappa (again?). Went home. Hung over. Kath called. Talked. Went to toilet. Slept. The next morning…learnt driving.

Getting the results isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. I had piles and piles of info to read, forms to fill and documents to photocopy and get them certified. I start feeling pressure. Many people expect a lot from me(more than I could imagine, that's why they came out with the idea to ask me to make an appeal). I need advice like the fish needs water, I think I should talk to my counseling teacher again. I wanted to do Mass Comm, everyone objected (they said:"that's your interest, but it won't guarantee you a bright future"). It’s stressful, I have to think, plan and work things out now.

Anyway...I'm still the good old happy go lucky me...things will turn out fine,I know.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


These are my SPM results. Not enough to be called excellent but satisfying (better than my mock results that is).
3B- Bahasa Cina, Biologi, GCE-O (English)
2A- Sejarah, Fizik
1A- English, Pengetahuan Moral, Matematik, Matematik Tambahan, Kimia, English for Science and Technology.

In short, I got 7 A1s, 2 A2s and 2B3s.
My Chinese teacher thinks that I should appeal for my Mandarin paper. I thought my biology could have been better although 3 is not so bad. I blame it on my essay writing section (the topic: pewarisan, where I overlooked the pictures). I got 2 for my physics. Serve me right. Instead of reading my Pelangi reference book, I read Eintein’s autobiography and his theories of relativity which I couldn’t understand much when I was at the state library. History, back to the state library once more. I spent time there basically on talking, going to the toilet and feeding the fish. One thing I’m proud of, my BM. I didn’t go for tuition, and my Add Maths, I failed before.

My oral English test:
Converse on a topic effectively/ give appropriate responses- 9 Excellent
Speak fluently using correct and acceptable pronunciation- 9 Excellent
Speak coherently- 8 Good
Speak the language using a wide range of appropriate vocabulary within context-9 Excellent
Speak using correct grammar- 9 Excellent

The results above are only applicable for the test I had. In reality, I don’t deserve this much.

Ujian Lisan Bahasa Melayu:
Kosa Kata dan tatabahasa- Memuaskan
Sebutan, intonasi dan nada- Baik
Kefasihan- Baik
Bermakna- Baik

Frankly, I speak lousy Malay.
I think I should skip PEKA.

Projek Matematik Tambahan- Tahap A
This, I must not forget to share with 2 important people: Adrian, for sending me his entire file while I was chatting with him through MSN. So HIS project became the base of mine, I changed only several parts like the introduction and rephrased some sentences. Jou Hui, I went to her shop to print the whole thing out because my printer was faulty.

A millions thanks! Prayers answered.

By the way, i didn't mean to show off or anything. In fact that's not good enough to be showed off.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

this is real crap

Everything wired up today. I wanted to flush the toilet at office today but not even a single drip of water came down. I panicked. What was I suppose to do? I somehow have to get rid of the waste. What was I going to ruin the cleaniness of the toilet I had just washed? Now I remembered the times when there were water crises back in Kuching High. Once in a while, we have to suffer from water shortage and the toilet will turn to something much alike hell. You can see “gelik” things (e.g. stool, toilet paper soaked in urine) in the toilets, just name it. By now, Highians and ex-Highians who are reading this shall now shake their heads…oh no, why does Shan mention these bad moments? Sorry, but this is so unforgettable…and that loathing stench…yucks… I would never want to think of it, I might vomit over the place to make things worse.
I turned on the tap. Bad. Nothing. I thought it was some sort of irregular water supply, so I ignored it, hoping that after an hour perhaps, things will go back to normal. I was So, So WRONG. Later, I gyrated the tap with all my might which was forced to my palm using“Qi Gong”. Bah~ that wasn’t magical. I tried every tap. Each one of them provide me a few drips of H2O. I was like “Wow, these are like gold…”then, I collected my “gold” with a red pail. Soon, it rained. Thank goodness…I happily placed the pail under the rain. It stopped raining after a while.
I squeezed my brain. I brainstormed. What else? I look around the office where I was so alone, aha!~ I saw one thing, the drinking water dispencer! There wasn’t much water left but who cares? I used my Tupperware water container to collect water and then pour it into the pail. As I saw an apporximate 2 litres of water in the pail, I quickly flush it into the toilet bowl, hoping that it was enough for my cleaning job. It was
no avail. I even thought of adding in my teh-c-peng but no, that will invite ants.
It was better than before, but not much of ideal. I couldn’t care too much because I had to go home. It was drizzling outside. Before heading home, my friend who asked me to help him reload his phone credit told me that he hadn’t receive the successfully- reloaded-message yet. I went to the handphone shop downstairs and asked about it and they said they’d check it. I think he has not receive it till now coz I have not heard news from him. He told me he’d inform me once he receives it. Man, I’m gona ask the hp shop tauke again tomorrow.
To round things at its worst, I arrived home semi wet to discover that my mum cooked the most horrible dinner I have ever had! Main dish- Curry fish head with its viscera.
The side dish…argh, forget that, I totally gave in my appetite for that poor fish.
Oh, that wasn’t the end. My MSN messenger has been faulty,for centuries already. If you ever wondered where I have been, I think it’s made clear now.
Before I end, why do I crap THAT MUCH? my life is somewhat “crappy”

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

An Omen

Oh man, this astrology thingy I received is PROTHETIC, read the hi-lighted part. it means A LOT to SPMers year 2004 and ME, of course!(heard that SPM results is potentially released on this Thursday)…man…it’s going to be Thrilling!~

It's one of those special weeks in the year, BEI SHAN, when a New Moon falls in your sign! This occurs on Thursday and brings you a perfect opportunity to make changes and start again on any number of levels. Whatever you want to do, in whatever area of life, just do it. If you feel a need to reorganize your diet or exercise regime then make a start. If you want to change jobs, get a promotion, a pay raise or a whole new image, use the next two weeks to take those first steps in the right direction. You are also quite magnetic at the moment with Venus in your sign, encouraging others to want to be with you. You are offbeat and quite refreshing to be with, plus you don't really want to get too attached, as you are enjoying the chance to do what you want when you want to do it. People love you for all of this. There may be a patch of irritation at the start of the week with regard to one social occasion, possibly a date or a group meeting. Mars moves to oppose Saturn, which means you may be the one causing the disruption because you don't want to move out of your comfort zone and you are happy within the limits you know and understand.

Today is also International’s Women Day…for all our sisters out there: Let us be the Happiest women(or girls doesn't matter) on Earth…Yippie~

Monday, March 07, 2005

Turning Back

I like Sundays. I don’t have to work. I can wake up at twelve listening to Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” although it’s already afternoon and the sun’s shining through my windows to wake me up. It’s a lazy song, I like that. If I had waken up earlier, I would watch some cartoons while enjoying my breakfast. But since it’s noon, I’ll skip that and straightaway take lunch, help my mum to save a meal and money too!
Then, I’d go for badminton games. Hii Ying brought me along. And I go to know her friends (mostly from her church) who are elder than me. Apparently, they play badminton a lot. Their skills are inevitably good and they’re much much experienced than me. We played double. I partnered Hii Ying and we won. Not bad lah, hehe (Hii Ying saved most of the hits though).
After the game, I checked my handphone. Wow, 6 miscalls. They were from Cynthia and Florence. Hmm, must be about Barry’s birthday celebration. I called back and yea, there’ll be a BBQ that night. Si Gui Flo, told me that they’d pick me up at 6, I baru finished playing badminton nia, have to rush home and bathe liaw. I waited, waited and waited for 1 and a half hours before Cyn actually come and pick me up. I could have taken a nap but heck, I’ve just combed a nice head, how could I even lay down and relax a bit? That could have spoiled my heartfully set up hair!
I didn’t blame Cyn, she’s been a very nice friend. She had to drive bout half of Kuching to get the other girls. First, she lives in Matang. She picked Lun up at 3rd Mile, then me at Ellis Road. After that, we went to 7th Mile to get Jocelyn. One more to add up, Tiffany has no transport so she had to get her at Bintawa. It’s not that far IF we didn’t lost our direction and drive till Sejingkat!
Stupid government and JPJ, no U- turns along the road, makes Cyn drive such a long distance nia. They thought that was lebuh raya meh? This is Kuching, man.
Finally we got Tiff and we headed to Hui Sing. (those who know Kuching well, you may imagine how long we need to get to our destination if the speed is an average of 100 km/j)

don't drag yourself home

There are many birthdays going on this March. I went to Tony’s on Saturday at Grappa. That place is always crowded during weekends. This is the second time I went for birthday celebration there, the first time was Kathrine’s.
That day, Kath and I arrived quite late; another group had gone home already. Some people were drunk by then. It’s always a duty to take care of friends who are not feeling well. When they vomit, you’ll have to hand in tissue, make sure they walk properly, pull them over if a car’s coming but he/she didn’t note it, get them some lemonade, borrow lighters/cigarettes if they request for it and so forth.
I’m a casual drinker, but I don’t get drunk easily so I’ll mostly be aware of what I’m doing over meantime. That’s why I always keep an eye on friends who are partially drunk, semi drunk and totally drunk.
Hygiene is never the topic touch at places like such, e.g. the toilet. People vomit there or even piss there and what more, couldn’t imagine. I hate dirty toilets! Shop owners in the neighbouring area are victims of drunkards’ saliva and residue of puke + some just drank liquor. Also, I have a strongly dislike towards people stepping on my feet or spilling liquor over. That night, someone accidentally knock the table. A glass fell off and hit my foot. It smashed into pieces and I thought glass had cut my toe. I looked down, cleared my feet, and luckily, I didn’t bleed.
Another thing, I hate people who look at you with the “This girl has just come out of a pub” kinda look. It’s obvious and it shows. Why are some (or should I say most?) Kuching people still so narrow-minded? Drinking isn’t a crime, and especially when you’re 18. It’s not like it should be a big hoo-hah. Moreover, I wasn’t drunk.
Back at home (as I always have curfews), I would wash myself and then start calling my friends to see if they’re home yet or are they ok (they would stay up late). It’s strange, when you’re drunk, enemies can be friends. You’ll never know.
After that, I will sleep…for long hours, that is, if I switch off my handphone. Sometimes it’s rather hectic to have friends who call early the next morning which means I suffer from insufficiency of quality sleep, sighz~

P.S. with this, don’t presume that I’m a regular visitor of pubs or discos or whatever equivalent (means drinking places). I only visit such places occasionally, which means there are occasions like birthday celebrations and countdowns. So, don’t expect me there every weekend or fortnight. That’s way too much, Ridiculous.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


After work, I went on solo to Taman Kereta. As I passed Sommerset, I saw people who were looking upwards. Was it that someone was attempting to jump from the building? Or what? I looked up too. There was nothing. I didn’t want to be a busybody, so I turned off. It’s the bookfair which took me there after all.
There were many books which I think a few hours wouldn’t be enough. Book lovers should go there, there are great bargains on. Few people were there and it was chilly. They got great air-conds. I really couldn’t fix my eyes on certain types of book coz I love them all. English and Mandarin the languages alone is one choice I have to choose from. Finding out that Mandarin books are generally cheaper than English’s, I flip over a few interesting ones. I bought a few back, man, my wallet is so dry now. One thing I realized : my English never improve because I merely read any English. English books are more EXPENSIVE. What logic is this? Finance management.

My Siren

The last hour, I was still at office. My handphone rang. I answered the call. All I could hear was an angelic voice. Gosh!~ If there were male sirens in this world, he must be one. He? One of the staff of DiGi telecommuniservice. I have never heard of a guy who has a voice that could make me barely breathe. He took my personal details including my home address. So I said blabla and bla, KUCHING. He then asked, “Um, is Kuching in Sarawak or Sabah?” Man! He’s cute! (but if it’d been someone with a hoarse voice, I might just say “Why don’t you refer to your primary school textbook?”)
I replied, “Sarawak, are you from West Malaysia?”
“Yea, I’m calling from the main centre. And your IC number?”
He giggled. Goodness, I could even smell cuteness in his giggling that I have to giggle along.
“What’s so funny about my IC number (I thought he could be superstitious as some Chinese don’t really like 4 as it sound like “die” in Mandarin)”
“6 and triple 4s you meant?”
“Yea, did I say more than that?”
“Haha…indeed, you gave me 5 digits…”
Oops, I really humiliated myself.
Then, I tried to occupy him by posting questions like “Can I still get my birthday bonus after this registration? Or can I fake a birthday so that I enjoy the benefit? What other benefits can I get?”
Hehe, not that I didn’t know all those, just that I hope he could talk to me forever. I felt so warm speaking to him because he’s one of the best-sounding guy who speaks Mandarin. You know, most operators speak English, but not him, definitely and yea, I suggest that all operators should be males and sound JUST LIKE THAT.
I floated away in my dreams, fantasizing that he was someone darn-oh-handsome. But, ok, that’s the voice.
Ahhh, how I wish he could send me a mail or call me or whatever (Oh man! Now that he has my details. Hopefully he could copy it in his personal address book). I really hope that the conversation would last…forever. Now, I have another stupid idea. I could have just call the DiGi Helpline to look for my Siren since it’s toll free… yea!(and with this post, i expect somebody to have called me cheeky...but haha don't care ;-p )

Friday, March 04, 2005

5 Golden Flowers

So, it has been a happening week. On Monday, I was shocked when I realised that office was broken in. A loss of more than two thousand ringgit was estimated. Shocked I was,for the need to clear up the scene…it was chaotic. Today, they came to office to take measurements for a stronger gate and better security. We all think as if we were the thieves and how to prevent burglaries from happening again. Well, it’s somewhat pathetic coz I was one in many who had the keys. They might have suspected me for convicting the crime but man it’s oh-so-realistic and it concerns money. Luckily they trusted me and God knows, I’m clean.
Just now, we did a simple farewell for Hui Ing. She’s going to KL soon. As soon at 7 a.m. which is a few hours ahead. The ‘5 golden flowers’ then bustled Country Café with noises, spoiling the peaceful atmosphere like no one else could. The opened area where we whistled at passer-bys was serene, windy and nice but it’s a mismatch for noisy girls.
While waiting for food, Florence and I played pool. Man, I lost! Can you believe it? She poked in the black 8 with the white ball flying across the pool table, landing on the floor.
Gosh, what more can I say, it was miraculous and um…well I lost anyway, so nevermind, it was just for fun. I hadn’t touch that thing since I came back from Damai last year.
Food was well…not so good but oklah and such. And the price, not worthfulness due to the sub-standard tastiness of the food. Richmond and Westwood are a lot better and the price friendlier. Anyhow it was like trying new stuff, coz we actually aimed for “Classical Tea” (cha you), opposite but it was close. And one thing which might have annoyed the shop keeper (heck, there were some “no outside food allowed”signs hanging over the walls but who cares?), I bought deep-fried-chicken-butts from the Ah Pek stall for Ah Ying. It was her favourite, and of course, I love it too! Only Poh Ping didn’t enjoy.
That was the area we hung out at while we were in Kuching High, those days when we were late for afternoons classes as a result of too much walking and talking.
We then decided to walk to Ala Carte to take photo stickers. So, we walked. It was just meters away which was long enough a distance to give me a few screams, us,actually. Suddenly, the lights went off! Soon enough, Ping said that someone once commited suicide at that spot. Sharks! Why did she tell us when we were on our way?
Despite the frights and screams, we found that the photo taking machine there wasn’t the one we looked for. We wanted something better and there’s only one place, Hock Lee.
It’s always us. Wacky faces in the stickers, playing Daytona like nobody’s business. Things have edges, I guess I regretted for not giving, or more appropriate, for forgetting to give Ah Ying a good bye hug. How could I possibly forget that? my brains…

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Officially 18

i'm officially 18 on tuesday. too lazy to blog today, will have it posted some other time. i discover that i'm laying back bout my blog. birthday was GREAT! i get a group of handsome tambis to sing me birthday song...n the cake was freshly baked (thanks to cyn, den, kok n B). hui, lun, ping, ying n sii ying were with me at pizza hut. um the details...hav to wait,i'm too lazy