Monday, March 28, 2005

Something's Wrong with your Friend here

So, I’ve been a very uninteresting person lately. Till what extend? I went to the library on Sunday. Can you imagine, Bei Shan, going to the library instead of shopping centres on a fine Sunday afternoon? (It’s ok, I’ve wasted my Saturday night staying at home watching TV while the others were having at great time at Bing.)
Kath called, “Hey bitch, where are you? Wana go for a haircut at Kelvin’s place?”
Shan replied, “Shit you! I’m at the library, reading.”
Kath exclaimed, “Why on earth do you go to the library?”
Shan answered, “Told you, I’m reading magazines.”
Kath was stunned and went speechless, “Ok, will call you some other time, phone’s running out of credit.”
Mentioning phone credit, I’ve survived for 3 days with 0.00 in my phone account. Hooray…I manage to not reply any sms or return any miscalls…haha…I’ll see how long I can stand. Kampateh! (now, I really sound like I’m out of my mind…)
The worst is to come. I went jogging with my mum once I get back from the library. Jogging? I don’t even know how to jog. Jogging in my definition is more like “walk walk”. And I certainly walk a lot. There’re all means of exercises but why jog? I have no idea….
More and more TV after dinner. I never/ hardly ever miss an episode of “The Apprentice”. Then, another friend called.
“How are you lately?”
“Great…been a very good girl, so guai arr…”
“Is it? How good?”
“I went to the library to read and went jogging with my mum.”
“Wow…that sounds…um…good…Good for you.”
“Yea…you know what, I read about technologies of planting a chip in your brain….(bla bla bla) in “Discover”.”
“Huh? Is there something wrong with you?”
Perhaps, I should make an appointment with the psychiatrist at Kota Sentosa. That’s what most people suggest me to do.


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