Saturday, August 07, 2010

My (lame) Fav Quotations

Imagine you're looking into my biodata from my Facebook account...
Under the favourite quotation part, it nearly reads something like this:

Serious ones (the list is long so this one represents all the others that I discover every day and even moments):
Every day is a bliss, every moment in life is a miracle.

Less Serious ones:
1. KKK (Ketawa Keluar Kuat) - Ya, I kiasu la...don't wana let others claim this as theirs.
2. Coolness- meaning ok
3. Huh?- an indication of blurriness
4. KNS- a hue of japanese-y inspired by Chua Yang Lip so that it sounds more decent.
5. nyehehe- rings whenever an evil thought surfaces

I ALMOST did that...that close but was sane enough to cancel the edits because my sanity pulled me back to reality. And it all started with the "KKK" thingy. Lame. Really.


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