Tuesday, March 08, 2005

An Omen

Oh man, this astrology thingy I received is PROTHETIC, read the hi-lighted part. it means A LOT to SPMers year 2004 and ME, of course!(heard that SPM results is potentially released on this Thursday)…man…it’s going to be Thrilling!~

It's one of those special weeks in the year, BEI SHAN, when a New Moon falls in your sign! This occurs on Thursday and brings you a perfect opportunity to make changes and start again on any number of levels. Whatever you want to do, in whatever area of life, just do it. If you feel a need to reorganize your diet or exercise regime then make a start. If you want to change jobs, get a promotion, a pay raise or a whole new image, use the next two weeks to take those first steps in the right direction. You are also quite magnetic at the moment with Venus in your sign, encouraging others to want to be with you. You are offbeat and quite refreshing to be with, plus you don't really want to get too attached, as you are enjoying the chance to do what you want when you want to do it. People love you for all of this. There may be a patch of irritation at the start of the week with regard to one social occasion, possibly a date or a group meeting. Mars moves to oppose Saturn, which means you may be the one causing the disruption because you don't want to move out of your comfort zone and you are happy within the limits you know and understand.

Today is also International’s Women Day…for all our sisters out there: Let us be the Happiest women(or girls doesn't matter) on Earth…Yippie~


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