Friday, October 21, 2005

Hero Vs. Grasshoppers

As a Bio student, getting an specimen is sometimes troubling. One of our practicals
was learning to preserve our specimens which include one plant, chosen fern, a small insect, a housefly, and a locust, like grasshopper. The first 2 were no problems because they are almost everywhere, but, a grasshopper, a BIG one….I really couldn’t remember the last time I saw one, or at least noticed one.
Our practical was to be carried out on Thursday, so on Monday morning, Owen, who is obviously more concerned about the practical, suggested that we should get the grasshopper somewhere. We had come to a decision that we were going to catch them at the Resovoir Park. On the next afternoon. The sun was shining so fiercely that I felt like not bothering to cath them. I reluctantly drove to school to meet up with the guys after went home to eat and bathe. Before that, I put the net that we wanted to use to catch the grasshopper on my car. I went into the house, got my cap, applied some sunblock before I could turn into a roasted duck at no time, then drove off. it was then when I arrived at school and discovered that the net I put on the boot of my car was GONE! I don’t know where it is now, but if you come across a green fishing net, that’s mine. Please kindly return it to me and DON’T laugh.
The weather was so hot and that I had lost my net,we decided to buy the grasshoppers. we went to the wet market at Main Bazaar because I remember a friend who loves fishing going there to get the bait (I learned that some people use grasshoppers as fishing bait). One of the taukes there told us that we might like to try our luck at Sotak. We figured that the Pakcik who sells sago worms might have it. There are people who eat grasshopper, so shall there be supply. Then, we went to Satok, excited.
Sunday Market….but it was Tuesday,so there were no sago worm stall nor any sight of a grasshopper. We asked the people there and they kindly directed us to some-I-dunno-where at Matang. Thinking that that might be a loss of energy and time, we agreed to catch it oursleves. Stupidly, the 4 of us, Owen, Yang Lip, Tian Le and me went to Resovoir Park with one aim---GRASSHOPPERS. And if you wonder why would a physics student, namely Tian Le join a bunch of Bio students to catch insects, I’ll have to say, it’s pathetic. Of all the insects we caught, including butterflies, dragonflies and tiny grasshoppers, 95% were his gains.I was quite ashamed because me myself got none…yes, zero.
Even though we didn’t go home with empty hands, we were disappointed because all we got were not suitable for the practical. We need BIG locusts which we can cut, get rid of the internal, insert cotton and display, not some cute cute grasshoppers which were not longer than 2 cm. That was sad, very sad.
I went home and complaint it to my dad. Asking him where to catch and bla bla. He lectured like a grasshopper expert, so I asked him to help me to get some. I was too tired then, I had just wasted the whole afternoon doing some fruitless job. That night, I even asked a few others to help for backup in case my dad forgets it or whatsoever. I worried till the next day. Wednesday, movie day. Was supposed to go for a movie but due to my worriness, I decided to make my outing short, or rather don’t go out at all. My original plan was to catch grasshoppers with my brother in the evening when he comes back from school.
So, I was kena marah by Fong Ah Lun, for spoiling her plan. We did however had a sisterly afternoon sit there and drank tea and talked, of course. By the time I went home, it rained. Cham! My plan….but….good enough, I saw a yellow plastic bag on the table when I was home which stank. Thank goodness, those were my dearly grasshoppers my dad had caught for me! He was like a hero who saves the day for some in despair.
I was never that proud of my dad. He doesn’t have to study Bio to know where to catch grasshoppers and I was so touched that he was willing to sacrifice to go into the bushes somewhere in the 7th Miles to get them. I was so happy. At that moment, I felt that he was the greastest dad in the world. I don’t need a dad who will give me luxuries, I have had a loving dad. A dad who will catch me grasshoppers, carry my handbag when we go shopping together, and iron our clothes, sometimes cook steak for us, or even seafood….and the list goes on.
Everthing went smooth during practical. I had one of the nicest specimen display, and all the credits shall be given to my dad.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


Do you know what "kns" mean? Do you think you really know? Some of us know that kns stands for ka na sai, but what does that mean? Actually, it's just a Japanese word, meaning really nice. So next time when someone tell you you're ka na sai, please say thank you. Too bad I don't have the honour to be called so, since I'm so evil, so please, never use it on me

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yea yea

Exam is finally over. And I finally get to come online. I didn’t blog for a long time because I wasn’t connected to the internet, or rather would I say that I’m too lazy to get online.
After exam, we went to watch a movie and discover new openings in the town. Our first destination was Kuching Plaza, the plaza no Thomians should miss. To prove that we are “pure” Thomians, we went to lepak there. It was only 9 something when we arrived so the place was empty…and a little creepy. The 8 of us walked the Mcdougall street until we reach Green Hill corner and decided that we should get the movie tickets first. It was The Skeleton Key that we were going to watch that afternoon. Then we walked down along riverside to Sarawak Plaza to see the so called concept stores which most of us hadn’t got to see after their openings for some time. I must say that we’re kinda out of date. Some carpets in the stores were stained already(they had been beige). I like the furniture though. Simple but trendy. I bet the whole renovation must have costed like blood. But one thing, the lights were to bright that I felt so dizzy. The place was white and the shiny surface of the walls reflect the light into my eyes. In the ladies’ department, there many shoes but they were displayed in a way that I didn’t know where to start from.
In the convenient shop at the ground floor, we found many alluring chocolates and fancy imported titbits. Worrying that we will have not enough money for lunch, we had to leave the shop like little kids who failed to get the candies they want. Then, we had lunch in McD. I tried the Vege Burger. It was not bad at all even though the patty was made of vege. Suddenly, I thought of SpongeBob’s crabby patty…hohoho…We even discussed our favourite McD burgers and prefer the prawn burger which was out for only a short period. I only realised how long I haven’t been to McD until the waiter offer us free refill for coke. I although I had a strawberry float, I asked him to refill my cup too. Ngeh…so kiasu of me, I just wanted to drink till the value I paid for ma… =p
About 30 minutes before the moive, we arrived at the cinema. We discover this rack where you can get free “postcards”. They’re advertisements of newly opened shops. Some were quite nice. I took one each hehehe……and again for the same reason like what I did in McD =p
About the movie, I put my thumbs up. It was not some sort of murduring nor some ghosts nonsense. It was about hoodoo, a kind of Afro black magic which was brought to the South of America. It is said that the mystic powers of hoodoo only work on those who believe in its existence. Human’s fragility was to blame because those who didn’t had faith will be the victims. Caroline (Kate Hudson), the heroin of the movie happened to be one of the victims even though she had been a tough woman, a person who has principle in her professional as a nurse. She left her job in a hospital and headed for a private hospice care in New Orleans, where people believe in hoodoo. Things happen, unbelievable things but Caroline just couldn’t leave her patient like that. It was guilt, for not being by the side of her father when he died. When she discover the secrets in the attic, she just couldn’t stop. Curiosity grows and lead the heroin to something which will change her whole life. watch it in the cinema the get your answer…It’s worth a watch, the tension, the thrill, and sensation for your eyes. Sensational because of the scene where sexy Kate Hudson bathed in a stormy night. It is not something unpredictable but still it has a good plot. Not everything seems to be prefectly reasonable, but still I think it’s better than the Japanese or Korean ghost movies which end just-like-that.