Saturday, March 05, 2005

My Siren

The last hour, I was still at office. My handphone rang. I answered the call. All I could hear was an angelic voice. Gosh!~ If there were male sirens in this world, he must be one. He? One of the staff of DiGi telecommuniservice. I have never heard of a guy who has a voice that could make me barely breathe. He took my personal details including my home address. So I said blabla and bla, KUCHING. He then asked, “Um, is Kuching in Sarawak or Sabah?” Man! He’s cute! (but if it’d been someone with a hoarse voice, I might just say “Why don’t you refer to your primary school textbook?”)
I replied, “Sarawak, are you from West Malaysia?”
“Yea, I’m calling from the main centre. And your IC number?”
He giggled. Goodness, I could even smell cuteness in his giggling that I have to giggle along.
“What’s so funny about my IC number (I thought he could be superstitious as some Chinese don’t really like 4 as it sound like “die” in Mandarin)”
“6 and triple 4s you meant?”
“Yea, did I say more than that?”
“Haha…indeed, you gave me 5 digits…”
Oops, I really humiliated myself.
Then, I tried to occupy him by posting questions like “Can I still get my birthday bonus after this registration? Or can I fake a birthday so that I enjoy the benefit? What other benefits can I get?”
Hehe, not that I didn’t know all those, just that I hope he could talk to me forever. I felt so warm speaking to him because he’s one of the best-sounding guy who speaks Mandarin. You know, most operators speak English, but not him, definitely and yea, I suggest that all operators should be males and sound JUST LIKE THAT.
I floated away in my dreams, fantasizing that he was someone darn-oh-handsome. But, ok, that’s the voice.
Ahhh, how I wish he could send me a mail or call me or whatever (Oh man! Now that he has my details. Hopefully he could copy it in his personal address book). I really hope that the conversation would last…forever. Now, I have another stupid idea. I could have just call the DiGi Helpline to look for my Siren since it’s toll free… yea!(and with this post, i expect somebody to have called me cheeky...but haha don't care ;-p )


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