Monday, March 07, 2005

Turning Back

I like Sundays. I don’t have to work. I can wake up at twelve listening to Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” although it’s already afternoon and the sun’s shining through my windows to wake me up. It’s a lazy song, I like that. If I had waken up earlier, I would watch some cartoons while enjoying my breakfast. But since it’s noon, I’ll skip that and straightaway take lunch, help my mum to save a meal and money too!
Then, I’d go for badminton games. Hii Ying brought me along. And I go to know her friends (mostly from her church) who are elder than me. Apparently, they play badminton a lot. Their skills are inevitably good and they’re much much experienced than me. We played double. I partnered Hii Ying and we won. Not bad lah, hehe (Hii Ying saved most of the hits though).
After the game, I checked my handphone. Wow, 6 miscalls. They were from Cynthia and Florence. Hmm, must be about Barry’s birthday celebration. I called back and yea, there’ll be a BBQ that night. Si Gui Flo, told me that they’d pick me up at 6, I baru finished playing badminton nia, have to rush home and bathe liaw. I waited, waited and waited for 1 and a half hours before Cyn actually come and pick me up. I could have taken a nap but heck, I’ve just combed a nice head, how could I even lay down and relax a bit? That could have spoiled my heartfully set up hair!
I didn’t blame Cyn, she’s been a very nice friend. She had to drive bout half of Kuching to get the other girls. First, she lives in Matang. She picked Lun up at 3rd Mile, then me at Ellis Road. After that, we went to 7th Mile to get Jocelyn. One more to add up, Tiffany has no transport so she had to get her at Bintawa. It’s not that far IF we didn’t lost our direction and drive till Sejingkat!
Stupid government and JPJ, no U- turns along the road, makes Cyn drive such a long distance nia. They thought that was lebuh raya meh? This is Kuching, man.
Finally we got Tiff and we headed to Hui Sing. (those who know Kuching well, you may imagine how long we need to get to our destination if the speed is an average of 100 km/j)


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