Friday, June 17, 2005

Gimme the money ;D

One of the best things of getting good results is the incentives that will be received. Yayasan Sarawak has been so generous in this matter over these years and I’m so glad I’m one of them who gets the benefits. Hehehe…except for my UPSR (history that is but still I must mention) when I scored straight As but wasn’t given any. Ok, back to the present.
We should be attending class until 9 something this morning but the schedule distributed by the organizer says that we should be there by 7.30. I wanted to be late but Abigail thought otherwise. I get her too. Many excellent students are going to be there, so it’s quite unwise to humiliate yourself in that case. I arrived at Hilton soon after my dad sent my sisters to Kuching High which was a few minutes past 7. There were only a few kittens at that time. So we waited, waited, waited and waited. Oh yes, for the next 2 hours until we were finally registered to get into the ballroom. Luckily we early birds get to sit on a comfortable couch. After that was talking, talking and talking. There were many students. Many were schoolmates, ex-schoolmates, ex-ex-schoolmates, ex-tuitionmates, ex-ex-tuitionmates and some people I’ve met during the JPA scholarship interview few months ago or during some other inter-school activities long time ago. it’s just like a big gathering. You’ll get to see a lot of people whom you have met and something like that. Then you’ll korek for news and so on. While talking to Poh Ping, who has been extremely busy like the other JPA scholarship receipients lately, Edward came to approach.
“Hello, are you all Thomians? I’m was a Thomian too”
“Yes, we’re in lower Form 6.”(wondering why he chose to talk to us but guess it was because we’re simply attractive. Hohoho…thought he was a tourist until he told us he’s a tour guide when he first smiled at us.)
We were then interrupted by an Indian lady who asked, “Can I take a picture of yours in your uniform? Why are the other uniforms different from yours?”
So we explained which school wears this, or that. Then lower forms wear like that and bla bla before we “modelled” to be captured in her camera.
Malaysian time, 9.15am. we excused ourselves to register ourselves into the ballroom whereas it should be 7.30. Who’s late? Not me.
We squeezed in because people were actually grouping along the lobby with conversations getting on like “Hey, how are you? What are you up too? Any other plans?” and etc. Inside the ballroom was a whole new world, low population.
So we waited and waited and waited again. It was like ages because I kept talking and talking and talking till my saliva dried out. It was good I brought two bottles of plain water so I could drink to continue talking. And just as the room was almost filled up, it was 9.45 or something, I felt like going to the toilet. So, I went. I thought I would be faster than the VIPs until some other girls and I found the ceremony going on as we entered and eyes on us as we headed to our seats. Duh~what’s the difference between late and punctual now. Timing was wrong.
That didn’t bother. We talked another few rounds down there (since we were so excited like we’ve never seen 500 ringgit before).
We might appeared in TV looking like dummies who fancied the recorder so much, posing like what. Another thing is the KFC voucher I’ve got. Hehe…what’s so good about a piece of voucher like that? it’s merely nothing compared to the 500 ringgit premium voucher which enables us to eat at KFC until we puke. You won’t be able to imagine that many people actually envied me because they got the Sugarbun voucher instead of KFC’s….hahaha…not that I’m the only one with the KFC voucher but it just seemed like KFC is a lot more popular. Oh yea, it’s finger lickin’ good baby!
But then we (Owen, Abigail and I) didn’t end up eating out at one of the outlets soon after that----we went back to school, for Maths. Oh yes, we did. It’s sort of unbelievable. Others had fled there whereas us? Walking under the sun, stopped by at a stall to buy iced drinks. Then another to buy guava…then back to school like we’ve just ponteng sekolah but heck, with permission so don’t look at us like “wah, so wild,man!”The last 60 minutes in school was no polynomial. It was me counting, “Hah, just a few more minutes until the bell rings.”

Saturday, June 11, 2005


“Happy Dumpling’s Day”(which sounds nicer than Dragon Boat Festival, in my opinion)…I’m not very sure the English name for 端午節 but nevermind ler, enjoy your dumplings and dragon boat racing in memorial of a great patriot and a poet, 屈原
I helped my mum to wrap the dumplings a few days ago. Mine looks like a defect compared to hers. And that was the only dumpling I’d wrapped. Luckily it is just as tasty…yum yum ;D
I’ll share some tips with you:
First, prepare the ingredients like fried chicken with chinese mushroom and some seasoning like black soya sauce, pepper, etc., sweet yam balls, chestnut and even salted egg yolks according to your preference, cleaned, big pandan leaves, strings, oil, garlic and sticky rice.
Second, heat the oil and fry garlic then the sticky rice in a wok.
Then, fold a piece of leaf into a V shape (requires certain techniques so that the rice won’t come out).
After that, stuff in all the ingredients and then cover it with another layer of rice.
Fold the leaf carefully and press the whole thing together (but not too tight because the rice will expand when it’s steamed).
The next step requires some practice too, that is to tie up the dumpling with the string while you have to hold the leaf firm so that it will not open up later.
Last of all,steam it in boiled water.
So, that’s all I’ve learnt about how to make a Hokkien dumpling. There are actually many types of them, it’s only the difference between the filling and the shape of the dumplings.

On the other hand,Sighz,holidays will be over real soon. I’ve still got homework to do…the school’s open day tickets to sell and the jogathon card to be filled up (plus donation to be collected). Tell me if you’re interested (but I somehow doubt that).

Monday, June 06, 2005

"Yi Chang Huan Xi Yi Chang Kong"

Thanks for those who cared about the results of my JPA scholarship but to your disappointment, I failed. It's ok, not that bad...I think i can take it. nad for those who've succeeded, congratulations! I'm proud of you. So, I will still be hanging around in Kuching sweetest home.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

luckily i wasn't infected

sorry for my late post again. wow,that's more than a week since my previous post. things happened, people come and go and i try to jot down a few here. i'd like to talk about "infection" the japanese horror (which is not so scary after all). the setting was in a hospital which faced shortage of medical utilities and drugs. doctors and nurses were drained up because they have to work extra since many workers left. after that, you'll have to imagine the storyline climbing upwards....then come to a climax....than solution....yea that's it. dull plus boring...(for a horror)so don't watch it you intended to go into the cinema for a good scream. if you're planning to work in a hospital, you should watch it. first, to boost your courage. second, it's telling you a be responsible to lives and to love your patients (that's what i think the movie maker wants to tell us in the end). and also,it'll help you think in deep of all the problems and dilemmas you might face, the endurance and stress you have to take and so on. so good luck...(i hope i'm not like one of them...the infection in this movie is actually our own mental weakness)
so that's the only movie i've watched in this week.actually i wanted to see house of wax but the timing does not cope with mine. and i hvn't seen star wars...and madagascar. that's all for movies...will tell bout the BBQ at barry's place some time soon.