Friday, March 11, 2005

That's not all

Before I get my results:
Ate junk food. Watched TV. Checked my Friendster account. Read other people’s blog. Couldn’t sleep.

When I get my results:
Sweated. Queued. Adrenaline rushed. Got the results slip. Jumped about (joyously). Saw old friends. Talked to them, asked them how they did. Saw teachers. Conversed in broken English with Pn. Lu (former English teacher). It was fun (miss the times when I used to annoy her).Crapped. Ate prawn noodles at “Pink House”. Went to work.

After I get my results:
Relieved. Received many sms and phone calls inquiring about it. Posted it on my blog. Hoped that I can get many rewards (esp. cash). Went home. My mum and several others expected me to have scored better than that. Tired. Ate out at Pizza Hut (Kent’s Farewell). Drank at Grappa (again?). Went home. Hung over. Kath called. Talked. Went to toilet. Slept. The next morning…learnt driving.

Getting the results isn’t the end. It’s just the beginning. I had piles and piles of info to read, forms to fill and documents to photocopy and get them certified. I start feeling pressure. Many people expect a lot from me(more than I could imagine, that's why they came out with the idea to ask me to make an appeal). I need advice like the fish needs water, I think I should talk to my counseling teacher again. I wanted to do Mass Comm, everyone objected (they said:"that's your interest, but it won't guarantee you a bright future"). It’s stressful, I have to think, plan and work things out now.

Anyway...I'm still the good old happy go lucky me...things will turn out fine,I know.


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