Monday, February 22, 2010

My Fav quote NOW..and my new TARGET :D

Don't marry someone you can live with. Marry the person you cannot live WITHOUT.
This quote somehow affect me a lot...and deep enough to make me think (over and over again until I need to write a post on it!).

Isn't it a lot of people are doing the first thing that's why they become unhappy after sometime?

I guess the latter is the kind of relationship which is ideal and will last for a lifetime. A friend said it's a little bit of both. I have to agree to a certain extend but still think that it's not an issue to live with the person you cannot without BUT being able to live with somebody doesn't mean you cannot live without that person.
Which ever it is, I LIKE this quote.
With that, I found my NEW target :D

Remember my status at FB sometime ago which sounds, "I'm addicted to crispy seaweed. I can finish a 50g packet per day. Somebody send me to the REHAB, please!"?

You can see the packets clearly, right?

I know he's good looking BUT look at the SEAWEED behind him!!! WHOAH~ can you imagine the CEO of the manufacturer of this product I'm addicted to look as delicious?

I'm Hooked!

They say a man is the most handsome when he's serious at work, no? PROVE ME WRONG! *air liur meleleh-leleh*

And he looks so loving. PERFECT!
So, I SHOULD marry this guy to get UNLIMITED supply of Seaweed and be the luckiest person on Earth!!! :D

Someone told me that I look like a Thai when I was in year one. I jumped up and down protesting but NOW, I think that's a compliment! I am now so motivated by my new found target :)

Oh, and his name is Tob-Aitthipat Kulapongvanich, 25 years old, founder of Tao Kae Noi Food and Marketing Co.. Heart throbbing (both the owner of the company and the seaweed, of course!)! I SERIOUSLY Hope that I can meet him (first step towards my ultimate goal :D ). For the time being, I'll have to buy my own supply of seaweed which I can't stop. Until someone establish a seaweed rehab for me.

But chances are, I'll relapse, willingly... gosh, I'm so in love...and helpless

Ok, enough of my craziness over seaweed. Some wise words from Tob:
“First, we have to start with ideas. I always think that if you can succeed in one thing, you can continue doing it. If you dare to get into the business world, you have to accept there will always be problems, obstacles and dead-ends. We have to look at problems and obstacles as lessons. We must think that if one door is shut in front of us, there will be another ready to open. No ‘no through road’ for us. What’s very important is a human being can make mistakes and lose some money but you must not be disheartened by that. A disheartened and discouraged person is like a dead man. Only willpower will lead you to success.”

I hope this post is more meaningful with this ending :) and another handsome pic of this young entreprenuer. Impressive. Read more here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of Right or Not

Someone told me, "There are things which you won't know if it is RIGHT. But, there are others which you can tell that they are WRONG right from the start."

Such an impressive statement, almost applicable under any circumstances. The tricky part is, how long would it take, for a person to evaluate "How right" or "How wrong" things may turn into? Or rather, How much should be paid to gain experience from a lesson like this? Will it take a lifetime for some to realise that things have never been right at all?

These are questions worth spending time on because how much time/energy do we have in the wrong things? And how much left do we have in seeking for truth?

The statement "you won't know if it is RIGHT" is like a disclaimer of possibilities, of colours which lie between black and white. Of uncertainties... and I believe that it is tailored in such a beautiful way that brings us hopes and anticipations for the future. And it is also packaged in such a way that we call the moment that we live in right now, PRESENT. We'll never know what's inside, until we unwrap it.

I still believe in possiblities, like the Black Swans, and forever will. With a condition, to remove ignorance from that belief.

Sunday, February 07, 2010


So, I got my Elle dress as a present from a precious friend of mine! GRACIAS :)
And I bought the trenchcoat I fell for. 2 from my list cancelled! :D
I have in my list a compact digital camera, a touchscreen handphone and trips to S'pore, Hong Kong and Cambridge. Shall realise ONE by ONE :)