Wednesday, January 30, 2008

3rd College CC Reunion Dinner

When i first learn that we are going to have our own "family members" in our College Chinese Community, I was really excited because I have no idea which family I'll be in. Last night, the reunion dinner really made me feel like the family is "real" as our seniors who are our parents, grandparents and even great grandparents gave angpaus to their "children".

Our family gave us chopsticks. Other families received souvenirs like candies, chocolates and handphone bags. There were around 80 of us who went for steamboat last night. I guessed we've really "rocked" the restaurant with noise...

See what I mean...we ARE the crowd

Oh No!!! My Ah MA kissing other people's grandson!

Here...this is a better picture of her...she's fun to be with. When there is her, there's laughter.

This is my pretty sister..promoting "kams" together hehe

Look at my's clean...finished everything! haha

had so much ice-cream and finally tasted the chicken wing everyone was after.
Had some "champagne" after meal ad pencuci mulut,hiaz hiaz...

Looks like it was also someone's birthday

In the bus with my mum n ah ban

Yeah..a MPV won't do any good for a BIg family like THIS...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Felt so bored so i cycled around the campus, the day before statistics was drizzling

Monday, January 28, 2008

when people have nothing better to do

When some coursemates have nothing better to do, they can chat to each other in the same computer lab, maybe next to each other, asking each other about how their lives have been, just like the conversation below:

shan says: hey...
kelly says: hey girl..
kelly says: how are you today?
kelly says: Lol
shan says: haha
shan says: great
shan says: just finished test
shan says: it sucks
kelly says: Ya
kelly says: darn it
kelly says: lol
kelly says: later i will find a place
kelly says: and hang myselg
kelly says: self
shan says: oh...u also had a test?
kelly says: dont stop me!!!!!
shan says: wad test?
kelly says: ya lor..
shan says: i won't....
kelly says: the test which was a bout statistic on the road..
kelly says: @_@
kelly says: how about ur test?
kelly says: what kinda of test?
shan says: test is about children watch tv one
shan says: the children so naughty, watch so much tv until 29 hours!!!!!
shan says: even i dont watch that much of tv lor
kelly says: hey!
kelly says: that's cool...
kelly says: better than mine
kelly says: learning about the number of woman in a society
kelly says: boring... ;(
shan says: yameh?
kelly says: ya lor
shan says: aiya....i think ur teacher got nothing better to test u liaw
kelly says: that's y lo..
kelly says:but i think ur teacher is cool...
kelly says: learning about children le..
kelly says: kekeke
shan says: hahaha
kelly says: by the way, what kind of course do u take?
shan says: but i always sleep in her cls.....
shan says: i think next time she can ask questions like counting sheeps....i'm good at that...coz i do it during her cls
kelly says: sure you will...
kelly says: then your course should be named as...
kelly says: sheep counting course?
kelly says: kekekekekeke
shan says: yea....
shan says: that is also very similar to fact , it's a lot more practical because we can use it most of the time...not like we r interested to know the population of women, right?
kelly says: that's right
kelly says: that course is useful for everyone
kelly says: even medic student need it..
kelly says: or therapist..
kelly says: treat their patients who get insomia
shan says: thats true...
shan says: can save money on sleeping pills
kelly says: yup
kelly says: and healthy too..
kelly says: next time u ma become pakar counting sheep lo?
kelly says: COol!
kelly says: how about counting cow?
shan says: ya....
shan says: mite wana get a phD for this course...title Dr Ng (specialist in sheep counting)
shan says: cow also can...but not as popular....
the conversation went on as the 2 coursemates (meaning 2 persons who take the same course..) plan to kidnap their other coursemate by weighing her to decide how much she costs.
This is a picture of my coursemates and I. We had a photo shooting "session" before the lecturer comes time to lose

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Felt so bored so i cycled around the campus, the day before statistics was drizzling.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just......put down the glass

So, I'll take this story from my favourite lecturer this year, Mr. Zahari.
A lecturer went into the class with a half filled glass in his hand and ask the students: "How much do you think this glass weighs?"
So the students gave a wild guess "50gms", "100gms", "125gms"....
The lecturer said,"I don't know unless I weigh it. So what do you think will happen if i hold the glass like this for 5 minutes?"
"NOTHING...." the students replied.
"Ok, then what about for one hour?"
"I guess your hand will ache." A student said.
So the lecturer continued "If I hold the glass like this for the whole day?"
"Your hands will be numb"
"You might get paralysis and have to be sent to the hospital!"
The whole class laughed.
"This glass weighs only a few hundred grams but why it can make me suffer so much if i hold on to it?"

Actually I modifed the story because I can't remember the original one exactly, especially the last sentence. Doesn't this sound familiar to you? Small things can give us headache if we keep it in our heads. Why don't we just let go and forget? So they say, it's easy to forgive but not to forget. Well, I'm quite a forgetful person, so nothing can really bother me for a very very long time. I can cry one minute and laugh at the other minute, serious. Not like i have slpit personality, but I think that's what I am.

A friend told me he feels really down lately. I told him this story. He said "Not like everything is just a glass...You're not me, how can you understand?"
Everyone says this everyone has ego. Understandable. But at the end of the day, it's up to you to judge if it's worthit to grasp to it or to let go...I know this friend of mine will not be reading my blog but I really hope he'll get over with his negative emotions soon. He used to be a very cheerful person, I just miss his cheerful personality.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Being a bit superstitious

Said the lady who "analysed" my name (in chinese). So I went to Times Square to shop and came across this shop that helps people analyse their names for free (marketing tactics). So, if my anme were to be that atrocious, shouldn't I be in somewhere else instead of university right now? Or maybe a beggars name could have been better than mine. Undeniable, I am superstitious to a very very mild extend but to change a name, it's not easy. I've been carrying this name which I feel so proud of for 20 years and how can I be so heartless to substitute it with another one? Btw, I don't think my luck is so bad to the extend she mention cause that was really too much that i wana call my mum on the spot to complain about it. But nevermind, Siaw Ling and Kelly went to that shop after I told them what happened. Their results show that I wasn't the only one. So, the 3 of us laughed....well, I felt better and how stupid I was to "nearly believe" what the person said even though I didn't plan to change my name anyhow she said.
If things were that bad, I will have to get a list of names so that I can change whenever I'm in a bad luck until my friends will get so wired up that they don't know which name to call me.

Anyhow, girls are girls. We just like to have fun. Besides this name analysis, there is this "game" where you tie a strand of hair to a silver ring, hold it with your fingers and let the pattern of the movement of the pendulum tell you when you will get married.
The person who plays is suppose to think of the age sincerely until the pendulum moves. If it goes sideways, you'll not get marry at that age. If the pendulum moves in a circle, it means you'll get marry at that age. I'm very curious to know how this works. Well, someone has to prove that there is a certain percentage of reliability to this game, right? So, this is a random sample of results I gained. I'll come back and check if it really happens.
*Book-25 years old
*Snow-26 years old
*Mountain-26 years old
*Telur Kari-29 years old

I do hope there are more volunteers to join this experiment to prove the validity of this test. Do not hesitate to send me data so that i can work on the statistics later.
*names of partipants have been changed to protect thier privacy

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


In the Chinese saying, “half-pail” means a person who knows a bit about something.I fall into
this category. I know a bit about several things but never an expert in any particular one. Those that I’m good in do no good for me.
Half pail may be seen as either half full or half empty. From the psychological aspect, if you perceive it as half full, then you are optimistic; otherwise, you’re pessimistic. In another case, there are several pails with different levels of water filled in each of them that you have to choose from. This will test your level of greed. If you chose the half-filled pail, it means your level of greed is 50%. If I were to tell you there are only 2 pails. One is half filled and the other half empty, which one would you choose? If you choose the half full one, it indicates that you’re more ambitious. If you choose the half empty one, you’re easily contented.
If each of us has a pail, would you rather be filling it with more water or to withdraw water from it?

Monday, January 21, 2008

the shopping craze

Chinese New Year is around the corner and the shopping centres are now more crowded than usual. I feel kind of hectic to shop at this time because...
1. everyone that walk pass me has more bags of goodies than me
2. the couch at the shoes section doesnt serve its purpose because men who wait for women occupy the couch
3. some people just don't have the ethics of queueing
4. i pity myself when i try on something nice but look horrible on me
5. shopping can burn my wallet, not just a hole, perhaps the whole wallet
6. shopping can be extremely tiring. i don't think it's a good way to exercise anymore because you may suffocate till death
So, why didn't I buy anything?
My head was stuffed with "wow, they sure make lots of profit with this whereas the cost must have been a lot lower, consumers should be stupid to buy this thing at this rate"

Since i didn't get to buy anything, i took this picture..Chinese New Year is coming...yeah!~

Sunday, January 20, 2008


When I was ten, I used to keep my stuff accordingly to priority. I kept all my valuable stuff and memorable goodies in the first drawer. At that time, I kept in mind that I must save this layer of drawer in case of emergency such as a fire. Then I’ll just remove the layer without worries. However, I don’t seem to be as organized as before anymore. I don’t know where my valuables are. Sometimes, I even have to search all my bags to look for my wallet. What a shame! How come I have degenerated this far?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm back

I can't believe I'm back to my blog again. I guess I have too much to share over these years. I sometimes regret that I missed the part of my form 6 life, the part after that when I got my STPM results and now since I'm in Uni, there's more exciting and fresh things going on.
The reason I resume this blog is because of the motive that gave me the drive to blog when I first started this new hobby, that is to keep a record of my experience and growth. I think I need to remind me of myself and what I've done over the years even until I get old. There are several sad inccidents that really gave a great impact to my life and I felt so sorry that had happened. I have not come to any resolutions for some of those problems but I'm afraid that I'm trying to find a way out by not facing them.

Well, I guess I need to be more prepared before I can do something positive to it.
There are times when I feel sorry for myself, for not being able to live my own motto, "to live the best out of myself". I just thought, I might have deteriotrate over these years cause when I looked at my earlier entries, I felt I liked the "old" me better than the "present" me. I thought I need to figure out what went wrong and get going by fixing things accordingly.

Get some time and get a new life....monologue

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First lesson of the learning psychology—lesson learnt

We have been waiting for this lecturer for some time. This is the third time he’s not been into our class. Two of our coursemates took the initiation to ask the people at hte office. The lecturer came after an hour has passed. First question asked was “Do you believe that there is something free in this world? I don’t think so. Who would like to challenge my statement?”
“Sir, love is free” one student answered. That was a lousy answer, I thought. I was right. The answer was easily being declined and explained. “How could love be free? You have to earn love.” Yeap, that’s what I thought. Love is about give and take. You have to have the qualities to be loved by others, I can’t agree more. It’s kind of realistic but that’s just how life is. That is why you see the difference between those who are popular and those who are being rejected.
“Gravity, sir” someone answered. Wrong again I thought, never take something from nature as granted. Again, my thoughts were parallel to those of the lecturer’s. He mentioned about the environmental issues and such. If we don’t believe in God, we must at least believe in nature. Having the privilege to enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s free. I totally agree. We pay our dues after that. That’s why global warming is such a big issue now. We thought air was free, resources are abundant and human beings are intelligent. But we never thought about paying for what we’ve used, not to mention if we can afford to pay those debts.
Second thing learnt, never trust a person, but learn to trust. He stressed that everyone has the tendency to lie compared to any living organism known on earth. That’s why he trusts his horse rather than us. However, he chose to trust us to make life simple. This is a very interesting philosophy. I think I do hold on to this principle most the time. We know that there are many people we cannot trust. Sometimes it can be our own close friends or relatives. If, we are going to live a life full of mistrusts, wouldn’t our lives turn out to be miserable? If you’re lost somewhere in an unfamiliar place, do you opt to ask for directions or just continuing discovering the area yourself due to the mistrust towards human nature? I guess that will be a lot of sufferings.
Today, I learnt two lessons: nothing is free in this world ; never trust somebody but learn to trust.

Friday, January 04, 2008

i today

I was trapped in the rain on the way back. It was raining heavily. I felt so helpless. I have not felt so empty for quite some time already. I felt lost and I did know what I could do. I tried to call a few numbers for help. It was no good. There was no one out there for me to reach for. I stood there and my heart sank. I wished someone was out there for me, whenever I’m in trouble. Guess I’m not so lucky all the time after all.
It’s no longer a matter of luck anymore. There’s no sign of when it is going to rain. No matter how you’re prepared for a rainy day, there will sure be times when you left your umbrella at home or in the car. When you are under a shelter, you’ll surely wonder should you wait till the rain stops or should you just run your life to the destination so that you don’t waste your time waiting. I didn’t want to get wet. I was afraid I couldn’t bathe when I get back due to the water shortage.
I was depressed. I couldn’t just stay in my comfort zone forever. I had to step out somehow. So I ran in the rain. The rain hit my skin and the wind blew into my face. I barely felt myself physically cold, only my heart, shivering hard…
“Stupid girl”, I teased myself. Why can’t you learn to be more independent? There couldn’t be somebody who will always be there for you (or could there be?)… Even though there are people whom you can put your trust on, no one can be free all the time when you’re in trouble. You have to grow and face it alone.
Alone? I feel so reluctant to have this feeling.
When love dies, you’ll feel alone. If you love and is being loved, your heart shouldn’t have shivered at the first place. I guess, it’s time to end the waiting and rotting. Run bravely to the place you’re heading for. You might get wet, but that’s the only way to get home. Someone could be waiting for you back at home, who knows?