Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mid Sem Break is OVER

This is freaking me out! I can't believe that one week passes by sooo quickly? What have I done over the week? Lazing around. Not very productive. Great, now I have accumulated so many assignments and work to do. Just a bit of update, today is the last day for Maybelline Simply Fabulous' shooting. Grand finale will be in Oct. I am really exhausted because I just reached college from Sri Pentas not long ago. Thanks to Syifa who accompanied me in the LRT, Joyce who sent us to the LRT station and also Suzie who offered us a ride but tak jadi because we just brought too many stuff! haha...I have a BIG luggage with broken handles. And I had a great time pulling that from the bus station to college and finally my room. I feel so reluctant to unpack all my things. And now, I'm sitting here Facebooking and blogging. I'm so out of my mind :p
I'm looking forward for the coming holiday so that I have more time to laze around haha :D

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

唯獨你是不可取替 in sentimental mode tonight...

I found this song from another blogger's page and immediately fall in love with this song by Sammi Cheng featuring Andy Hui. I feel so sentimental tonight. How long has it been since I listen to such a song? Hmm...must be quite a long time ago. I really feel like singing out this song LOUDLY! Too bad I might interrupt my room mates who are doing their own things...I wonder when will there be an alone moment for me so that I can sing as I like...(since I am sharing room with 7 other girls now, sigh~) So, I decided to ask my room mate to tolerate me for a while...just a moment to let me sing the chorus.

曾聽說有許多戀愛 沒有結果卻剩傷心者感慨
令我都刻意避開 是我不敢相信真愛
但你不惜真心真意對待 竟令我再感到意外
讓我獻出全部熱愛 全面喝采
是我生命裡的一切 Woo.....

下半生准我留住你 一直相愛
誰似你這般欣賞我 誰也說不上你一般清楚我
問我可需要甚麼 願你終生交托給我
讓我一生好好把你照料 請讓我體恤你需要
讓我獻出全部熱愛 從來沒缺少

是我生命裡的一切 Woo.....
下半生准我留住你 一直相愛

Luckily my room mates went out for a while so I got to sing OUT LOUD...hahahaha. What a relief~
Suddenly feel like I can see the stars in the sky, what a lovely song~ Listen to the piano, I just can't resist the tune that I keep on replaying this song. I must have been too rational for so long, feels good to be a little emotional again : ) I guess I'm touched by this song.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Review on Tenji

Before I forget to blog about one of the things I want to do this semester, let me present my experience eating out at Tenji restaurant. Since don't know when, I fell in love with Japanese food so I would like to explore more Japanese cuisine restaurants which are affordable.
I can't help but to make a bit of comparision. I prefer to eat at Tenji compared to Jogoya because the time they allow us to eat in is longer. The place is more spacious, lighting is just nice. In short, atmospehere is better. Food is being refilled quite frequently too for example, oysters and coconuts. As there was no need to rush, all the food tasted great except for snails. They have flower/fruit tea too but don't serve wine (which I don't mind since wine served at Jogoya was "diluted"). Food variety should be more or less about the same (for lunch). Too bad the desserts were not as good.
Overall, good value for the price since promotional price was much cheaper.
For pictures, please go to my facebook. And sorry, I don't know how to make that "click-here and pop, comes the pictures" thingy happen.

I can be crazy sometimes...(sounds like I'm answering my previous post)

Just as some people think I'm too rational sometimes, I surprise people by doing things they don't expect. Well, touring around is not something too outrageous anymore. Just walked from the KL convention centre to Time Square last Friday (pictures available in my Facebook album). It's not very near for those who are not used to walking and especially when your on heels but if your wearing a pair of comfortable shoes, that's ok.

Flashback of what I've posted as my semester resolution. The easiest one is DONE
1. Enjoy life--so far enjoying
2. Trip to Penang or Melaka--not quite possible in this few months, yet
3. Have a meal at Tenji--DONE
4. Remain in the dean’s list--some time to go
5. Join Mensa--not very likely within this two months according to my schedule
6. Meditate more--joined a short meditation course 2 weeks ago,need more practice
7. Jog/do some sports at least thrice a week for at least half an hour--trying to follow
8. Buy myself a decent wallet and bag,best if they match--have not checked them out
9. Fight chapped lips and fatigue--slept in class for 10 minutes (just show how tired I am)
10. Produce at least one academic article--hmm...I need inspiration
11. Read more books--Oh dear, why is this here at the first place?
12. Buy myself a decent camera--Didn't know which 1 to buy coz there were too many
13. Be a nice senior--hmm...subject to juniors.May have to do survey to know
What's next?
I'm currently joining Simply Fabulous organised by Maybelline NY and 8TV. It's an online reality show. And I just knew that I managed to get into the top ten! WooHoo~
Ok, calm down. The idea of joining a reality show popped up in my mind some years a ago (when I was in secondary school when reality shows were fresh and hot) but I can't believe I'm now actually DOING it. I don't know what will happen next. I'll just do my best and have fun~

The first step. It all started because I want freebies and a free makeover. I was even late for class because of this. End up no freebies because I went a bit late but at least walked back with a nice picture (not this one, it's printed but I don't have a scanner to scan it).

Second step. Audition/ interview or whatever you call it at Sri Pentas. Had dinner at One Utama after that.
My agent cum image consultant cum make-up artist cum bodyguard sum assistant. The person who gives me great advice and really wants me to win. She not only said it, she helped me to look good, be presentable and even accompanied me to the TV station although she was also busy that day. I'm so so so glad I have such a supportive friend. I couldn't have stepped out at the first place if she hadn't told me about the roadshow in campus. Thanks a million, billion, trillion and zillion, June!
And also thanks to everyone who has been so supportive like Poh Fen who called me when I was at the audition. You guys give me this aspiration to win! (Gosh, I'm sounding like I've won already...kekeke)