Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Men from Mars, Women from Venus?

I have a dilemma whether to buy the dress or not mainly because of its price. Therefore, I decided to ask for opinions.
My question was "Do you think I look nice in this dress" or "Do you think I should buy this dress?"
Many girls came and tell me how good it looks and tell me I should buy it and it's worth buying. One of my guy friends told me the same thing, "It looks good on you, go ahead and buy!"
I told him that he was the first guy to tell me so. Then he asked, what about the other guys?
So, I thought, yeah, why didn't I think of that. Then, I made an effort to ask some guys on my MSN list to give some opinions.

Below are some of the responses I gathered. You may be surprised how guys think differently from girls based on same questions.

Guy A: Pricey but still good investment.
Ok, this is a reasonable answer, I'd think in this context too. Like what another guy say, it's not about whether it's expensive or not, it's whether if it is worth the price. Fair enough.

Guy B: If the person is pretty wear any dress also ok de.
Obviously, this answer will make any girl smile but for me, it doesn't help much because I'm rational enough to know that not all dresses suit me. But still, it's a compliment :D

Guy C: The dress makes you look's true...
Ok, that's a different perspective.

Guy D: You know, some guys like to see girls wearing...erm, how to say (I suggested, "Flashy?"). Ya, that's the word...hehe
I asked this to one of my guy friends after I got the answer from C. This guy is honest enough to tell me the truth, a good deduction. "The ugly truth"? haha, I have no idea. Guys being visual "animals" is still a good theory right?

Guy E: I feel like if you add a scarf will look nice and add something bling bling de.
Huh, scarf? Put at where I wonder...I thought the flower is enough as an accessory but still, how does the scarf fit in? And adding bling bling stuff will be more complicated. I hope he didn't mean the hip-hop type. I shall consult him again, seriously.

Guy F: The flower put at the center ar? Thinking how you gona eat...haha
-__-" SWT! seriously, how can he think of this? Well, I might want to ask the sales girl if I can try to eat in the dress before I decide whether to buy or not. This is an important consideration, no? This is critical thinking in action, see. Our KBKK curriculum actually WORKS!

Guy G:

Notice the knot, the one you tie is below. You should tie like this. Green is a challenging colour, go test a few times (in other colours).
This friend really puts in effort and give serious thoughts before voicing his opinions. WOW! I'm impressed and appreciate that! He actually drew me just to tell me how it'll look nicer.

Not bad, not bad. After this "buy dress dilemma" incident, I get to know my friends (guys and girls) better. And I learn so much about consumer behaviours. It will be extremely interesting if these guys are going to buy dresses (or just any gifts) for their girlfriends next time. And my conclusion is, opposite from what my previous perceptions are, guys are much harder to please. Want to buy or design something that will appeal to a guy's attention, you may want to consider how their minds work. Interesting.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dress I Love

My facebook status, my twitter, my IM message are all filled with my love for this dress. After getting opinions from my friends, most of them think it's worth to buy it. What do you think? I love dresses but this one really drives me crazy. It's like love at first sight and second and third and counting!
If you love someone, you would do aything for him or her right? If you love something, you would do anything for it right?
Oh, I think I have fallen in love with this dress! I'm going to keep it for the rest of my life!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

Hello 2010!

It's a brand new year again! How are you feeling? Different people may have different reactions and emotions about it. Many are excited, hopeful and joyous. Some may see it as another day. Well, I do see it just like any other day not because it's odinary but every day is so precious that each day should be celebrated! Every day, every hour, every minute, every moment is a bliss. That is our existence.
Hope your days are filled with bliss and joy too! Happy New Year :)