Sunday, March 19, 2006

between the paw n the fish

Paw or fish is like a must-choose-one-only decision.In my case,it's between having fun or for living.Not like i have to earn my own money to live,but my job is to study (like what we always fill in application forms and stuff, occupation: student) and that's what i have to do cause i'm paid for it (by my parents of course). Living the life of a 6th-former, no doubt that it's rather hectic, in another words, very little spare time and "tionging"(have fun). Whenever school starts, i'll hope for the next holiday to come. It's not as easy too, cause there'll be piles of homework to be done and things to be studied. I thought 5 subjects much, much less the the 11 subjects in the form5 years but now we have 2 Bio textbks, 2Maths T text, 1 pile of MUET notes, another big pile of PA notes plus a 200plus pages thick of workbook and the legendary 700++ pages thick of textbook (luckily we're now introduced to use a thinner one) and 3 Chemistry subtopics namely Physical chem ,organic and inorganic. So all in all, we have about 9 sets of materials to be digested. And acoording to our teacher (which i seldom follow), we are now mature enough to look for more information form other books especially those imported ones and have to do more than what we have in our worksheets (which can already kill).
So what i wanted to say is, I NEED MORE TIME TO UNWIND!~
What, they think a nine-day holiday should all be filled by Bio, Chem or Maths? What about my movies, shopping, onlining, hanging out, swimming, having fun, partying,dramas,are they not important? HAH!
I've basically done all of the above during this holiday neglecting my Chemistry mindmaps, Maths and stuff.
I will not die as a 6-former, i will do as what i want to without regrets, PEACE!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


guess i hvn't been here for a long time...i hv no idea whr to start fm n wad to blog about?hmm....
shall be back to feed this blog wif sth patient