Saturday, January 29, 2005

28 Jan 05 ****

My day started off with ants crwling in my head, felt kinda dizzy. I went off work an hour earlier to send some friends off at airport. Jou Hui picked me up then Kelly. The journey to airport was air-condless so that fuel can be saved or we might end up pushing the car to a petrol station. Roads were congested, we were quite late when we arrived. I only managed to talk to Bui Kwong, Xin Jou, Wan Lin and Eugene, but left Lincoln and Jordan out , how bad L . Hope that everything’ll go smooth in Adelaide.
Farewell was short. We headed to Kelly’s home to meet up with Siew Ching, Sze Ying and Jocelyn. This is the first time I go to her house. It’s true, there is a block of apartment at Jalan Sim Kheng Hong (we never knew that). The quidnuncs then argued about the who should be with who while watching tv, noise pollution…haha!We were later pampered by Kelly’s mum who prepared mug-up for us. We also met Ding-Dong. For a dog who has an owner who changes hair colour once a while (another chameleon…), RM 100 was no big deal to trim a dog’s hair for dogs need wrap up for New Year too…man, even me, myself never get such expensive haircut my whole life so far and yet a dog was able to experience it!
Soon, the 6 of us squeezed ourselves into Jou Hui’s Kancil, aggravating her car all the way to Saberkas. Besides of looking for Florence, we did the thing that started with “s”…hehez…*smile mischieviously* (don’t think the other way ler, what can six girls do together at a shopping complex?)
Our next destination---Happy Valley. That’s the way we helped Siew Ching to regulate her hormone which made her ‘unusual’(not what you imagined). It’s normal for a person who’s turning 18 to have friends who seem like forgetting her birthday to feel upset bah…So, the surprise? A birthday salad. Note that Siew Ching doesn’t like mayonnaise and has a strong resentment against saliva so she didn’t enjoy food sharing as much as we did. Oya, Jocelyn ate the red date after our “reinforcement”…yea!
That’s all…I’m worn out now.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Satelite Station Under Repair

Those who can recognise my voice will win a prize. 3 out of 5 people I called today are not sure it was me when I first called them. Hey you guys, we’ve been in the same class for the past two years arr… “an zhua zho?” For those who said out my name with confidence, you’ll get a gift, that is…… tada! my concern. It’s invaluable, so you should be proud to receive it. And another thing, don’t blame me if you didn’t receive my call, I tried to call anyone I can remember but some of you didn’t pick up the phone.

Anyway, it’s comprehensible why some of us has actually become recluse within these few months, no news was heard from each other. I tried so hard to get everyone to excavate information from them. Most are working, some are studying, and a few are doing nothing. Even the most meddlesome community in class isn’t as active as before (ahem~I’m not one of them). Satelites aren’t working well, less information received. The president of the “Busybody Society” should be the one we’re pointing our index fingers at (you know who you are, hehez).

Being one of the committee members (a low rank is all I have) in the “Busybody Society”, I somehow manage to contact a few people. Clement is one. I called him this afternoon and he knew it was me (spoil the fun nia). Think he’s doing great ler, still continuing his hobby—spying on girls (just that he improves a lot technically). Oops, I just accidentally said that out but don’t think it’s a secret lar. He even told me that he do read my blog…so, he’s going to know all these. To Clement: You won’t mind lar hor? And, thanks for the compliment hehez. ;-) I’ll cook chicken soup for you, the one using “perencah perisa ayam” as the main ingredient, how bout that?

Besides that, I learn that Poh Ping is now the housemaker of her family, her duty is to cook 3 meals a day for the entire family as her mother went for a course at outstation. Ceceilia now bakes cookies and will be quite busy. May went to Auckland last Sunday and it’s now that I realize…I thought it’s this Sunday.

K, that’s enough of my news reporting.I really hope to get news from everyone, not that I’m meddlesome, just that I’m caring …what are friends for?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

just another day

Bringing tonnes of loads while walking is quite bad an idea but I somehow did that this morning. I carried a bag full of toiletries and another one full of stationery, a bag and an unfoldable umbrella which can be used as a ‘tongkat’. My knee-length skirt which restricted my movement made the journey tougher. I really looked like one of those “si lai” (housewives, esp those aged) who’d just come back from a supermarket. And I finally understand why I never heard anyone telling me that her/his ambition is to be a housewife/househusband.
For those “hamsap lou”(miang ah peks) who honked and whistled when they passed by, it was their lucky day. They have a chance……to choose :
1) a taste of my ultra-solid umbrella
2) flying toilet rolls straight into their mouths, or
3) a spray of glass cleaner into their eyes so that they can never stare at young ladies who are about the age of their granddaughters.

Also, I tried the glass cleaner on the toilet bowl today…the effect was just same from that of the all-purpose cleaner, it gave shines too. Well, they’re all detergents anyway.

Monday, January 24, 2005


This is a blog written by an extraordinary lizard (duno what species it is):
Have you heard of the story ‘The ugly duckling”? In the new version, I play the role of “The ugly iguana”.
I hatched in the nest of an iguana’s family. It’s strange that I have hair coz that’s not what reptiles are supposed to have, reptiles should have scales. No one ever liked me becoz a small and hairy iguana is far too ugly. I’ve always envied my cousin, a chameleon who can climb the trees nimbly and looks outrageously hip,he can change colours. The inferiority which hides well within me tells me that never can I look that great.
Sometime later, I heard my cousin telling me this really cool thing human do --- hair dying. Wow! It’s amazing. My cousin who tried it can change into more colours than before. Sometimes he’s red, sometimes purple and even gold!
As a risk taker, I gave a try. I tried some colourant and magic happened! My hair changes from black to burgundy, then a golden hue and now, a tint of purple + red + pink.
I wasn’t any iguana, I’m a chameleon… a special one (coz I have hair)!
However, everything comes with a price. I have to pay eighty bugs to my cousin for the sack of looking ‘cool’. The pro is, I feel refresh with my new image; the con, not everyone likes it, some even nickname too colourful chameleons “ah lian”. Anyway, like I say I’m abnormal, I dye my hair, not my skin, like what other chameleons do. Guess I’ll
have to hunt for more insects to get a new skin colour.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

SHE at home

After locking the doors, I walked down stairs, couldn’t wait to get home as soon as possible. All of a sudden, friction’s existence was gone from this world, resulting me to slip. Owh! My tibia hit one of the steps and worst of all, I was made farce in front of two guys who were sitting at the café downstairs. Darn, how dare they giggle! How I wish I’d stared at them with my fiercest look geturing “Look what look? Finding trouble is it?”. Sighz~ I really don’t admire myself for not doing so. Frankly, with my image now, it’s easy as a piece of cake that I’d freaked their souls off their shells coz I’ve got my hair highlighted…muahaha…*recall*
I went to a salon at Saberkas yesterday to do my hair. It was full and I was told by the taukenio that I have to wait for quite a while (2 hrs to be exact…um, no, more than that) so she suggested that I go shopping first. So, shoppe,shoppe, shoppe. It’s a nuisance that I brought my brother along who kept nagging and urging me and my sis to be fast. I really ought to get rid of that brad that moment! I came out with all the ideas like paying him to play computer at one cyber café or read comics in one of the comic rental stores…but failed. Grr…my bro’s a coward. He said that those people in the cc were unfriendly, yea most probably they are bigger. Rather annoyed, I still have to bring him along. From then, I hated shopping, it’s killing my legs, even that I was wearing sport shoes. I could’ve limped them if I had worn a pair of hi-heels, lucky me!
I was relieved to know that it was our turn for haircut. I asked the hairdresser to hi-light my hair. It was a torture, I had to wear this tight rubber cap which made me looked dumb. I even had to watch tv throught the reflection of the mirror since it was too big that it’d blocked my sight. After that, she cut my hair that I look like one of those Ah Beng-girls…u know, short and yellowish…that’s what my image is like now. :-p
I proceeded (walked) home with my painful legs, what to do? Cry arr? Should be happy that my reseptors are doing what they should. Back at home, I was disappointed to learn that my sis didn’t get me the tickets to go to see SHE(not becoz of the keburukan listing from a-z like what Jul said). I remember how my sis once scolded me for buying their pirated cd. Not that she was suggesting me to buy their original ones, but she thought that was a waste of RM8! (sorry to all SHE fans *bow*) Strangely, it’s a weekend I spend with my family. We went to eat beef noodle at 3rd Mile market. Now, I’m listening to SHE’s songs (the pirated cd I bought) to comfort myself for not seeing them…

Thursday, January 20, 2005

More Than Living

My passion for Maths could be as deep as the ocean if I knew how to apply it to life. It isn’t too late now though, that I discover this simultaneous equation today:
(1) work = +money- fun
(2) play =+fun- money
Life= work + play
=(1) +(2)
= (money- fun) + (fun- money)
So, Life = nothing.

However, Life is SOMETHING, only if it consists of not plainly work and play. Life, is also more than Maths.

P/S. Working and playing occupy most of my time now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Still a girl, Not yet a woman

"A woman's growth is not to seek for the fairy tale which she dreamed of as a girl, but to create a story of her very own"
Girls like fairy tales, I'm not saying all but it is so natural for a girl to indulge in the fantasy of having a happy ending with the one she loves.
Life,contradictorily, is realistic. Not everyone find their happy endings nor can everyone live happily forever after. That's why whatever we do now is to build the "happy ending" we want, our ideal life which is better known as "success".
Guys or girls, we all have different stories, we're all unique individuals. Every page of life is an interesting passage which all in all combine to be a perfect story. All the things we do count.
We are all writers of our life. We can choose to live in the story we want it to be although obstacles are ahead waiting.
I have doubts while creating my own. Relying on one is much simple than producing one...i'm still a girl

Monday, January 17, 2005

I just wana sleep...just wana sleep just wana sleep

I went to the 6 hour practical for driving this morning. Everything went out in a mess, I forgot ot photocopy my IC, didn’t prepare a passport size photo and so on. I thought I had one in my drawer but…I was so, so wrong! I ended up cutting one of my laminated camp name tag which I kept for 4 years. I detached the photo and will use it for my ‘L’ license later on. Then, I hurried to bath. While bathing gaily, I heard my mum calling, “ Are you done? The driving intructor’s waiting outside!” oh gosh, I thought he said he would come at nine something but it was only eight something. Gotta rush again. Having 3 persons waiting out there for me isn’t such a nice thing but BLEH, I’m so used to it.
I arrived at 9. There were merely people, so I waited and waited. The best thing to do was watching the people around me. Here are some most done actions:
Playing handphone
Looking around
I heard nothing but silence…until the lecturer came in followed by the latecomers who actually filled up almost all the empty seats. Lesson wasn’t as boring as I expected. Later came Dennis. I was so happy to see him, waved to him and signalled him to sit beside me. Never thought he would come, it’s his birthday some more. He told me that he’s turning 17 this very day and couldn’t wait to get a license. I don’t like the place but the speaker was too great that I had to salute him. He’s a Malay who speaks 5 or 6 languages including, Malay, English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Hakka and a little bit of Cantonese. Wow~ I was amazed when he said some Chinese idioms. He’s funny too.
However, I was too tired, hadn’t had enough sleep lately. Pimples on my face and dark circles around my eyes tell. I had a long nap once I got home…I hadn’t had a nice afternoon nap for a lightyear, it was a great pleasure.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

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clara's turn to check it out...

Saturday, January 15, 2005


This is a late post. I walked in the parade with the Kuching High Red Crescent’s marching contigent on Thursday night and saw many people whom I have not seen for a long time even though I join in half way. Many people were taking video and pictures…ngehehez, I’m sure in and might become famous ;-p
Anyway, I post this blog because I saw an interesting “event” and want to share it with you. Too bad I wasn’t fast enough to take a shot of what I saw.
It’s about the lion dance. Well, there was a guy behind me, digging his nose under his lion…like he thought that the lion was big enough to cover him up…wrong~
Moral of the story…do not dig your nose in the public especially when we can see you through the lion’s mouth which makes your action funnier (*_*)

Friday, January 14, 2005


It’s 1a.m. now. I’m feeling so blue. In early evening, I was so hyper, hyper as I can get to see my primary school friends again. I talked so much, laughed so much and didn’t feel that the farewell later on would hit an impact on me. Yesterday,to be precise, Mina and Alphonsus left. They were in the same flight to Australia. This is so far the first time I send my friends off from airport. I saw another group sending their friends off too, I guessed they were ex-Lodgians. Well, I don’t know how I feel actually. I’m not the one who’s leaving, so emotions shouldn’t be that strong. The minute before, we were still laughing at each others’ lame jokes, and the latter, we had red eyes. Anyway, I’m not the type to cry out but I’m still so down. I should have been more cheerful but don’t think that’d help.

Many friends went their ways, some without farewell but doesn’t mean that I do not treasure the friendship we share. I believe that we will meet again even if it’s ten years later as I believe in fate which brought us together. We didn’t want to leave the airport after seeing Mina leaving. It’s like we all fear to taste the loneliness which awaits us once we reach home and we’re on our own. The few left, Yew Inn, Clara, Jerome, Samuel and I went to eat burger. We even asked the owner to take a picture of us eating. We recalled our past years memories…that is long…it has been 11 years already and the bond is still there.

On the 30th,we made a deal that we’re going to send Samuel off. He’s the one who went to Australia the earliest but also the one who’s most familiar with Kuching among us. He changed a lot, not that mischievous anymore…and even “consulted” me of my future. Well, I haven’t have a vivid way but we made a deal just now when we were eating burgers that we are going to work hard and go to Australia TOGETHER one day. Hopefully, we can bring out what we said.

Farewell shouldn’t be something sad,it’s a new beginning for everyone, to grow. We learn to let go, to adapt and to remember, we’re lucky that we still have someone to turn to. I think those who are going solo have to endure more than us. Let’s just wish them all the best. And, don’t forget that there are many great friends around us here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Eyes On Me

Earthworm---True worms, Phylum Annelida. This is the creature which crawls on my bathroom wall this evening. Slimy it was, wriggling in the seam between the tiles. I can imagine its body fluid which pushes the coil mussles forward and backward antagonisticly like what I learned in Biology. Forgive me,but I had been paying attention to this 10cm long fellow for about 20 minutes. Oh Man~ how am I suppose to bathe with this maroon thingy in the bathroom, it’s somehow an “Alien” as it should be in the soil, the earth, just like its name “earthworm”, NOT “bathroomworm”. I don’t feel any comfortable to do what I was suppose to do although it’s got no eyes to peep on me. BUT it’s still a living thing!

Well, well, it’s not that I’m scared of it, really, I have no idea how it’d actually trespassed my bathroom. Bleh~ Anyway, it isn’t the first creature to do so. I bathed with lizards, cockroaches, mosquitoes, beetles, moths and many other insects before. That was when I was forced to bathe in the nowhere of some jungles during camps. Those were creepy experiences…I’m especially spooked by lizards which have big, crocodile-like eyes (ya, they’re a family anyhow) watching me bathing…hey, where’s my privacy?
Fine, fine…I shouldn’t grudge bout that. I should be glad that they are not some maniacs or “colourwolves”(@_@)#

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Farewell Marathon

9 January 2005, I woke up early this morning. I had to sit for my law test without flipping every page of it since I don’t have time to do so. The centre sucks and all I wished was finishing it at my fastest speed and head home for Spongebob Squarepants. I was nervous when I saw all the questions bout how to ride a bike came out. I thought I might fail but I didn’t (lucky me).

Actually, I was supposed to sit for it in the afternoon but my ex-classmates had a plan that we go out for a movie and ANOTHER farewell so, I scheduled it in the morning. To my disappointment, only five people turned up. That was Yang Lip (the only guy), Poh Ping, Karen, Jou Hui and I. I reminded myself that this is the FIRST time after SPM that I actually stepped into a cinema!!! Well, unbelievable, but believe it! My dad drove me to Jou Hui’s house, picked her up, then to Karen’s house and later met Ping and Yang Lip at Times bookstore. I took how the newspaper I tore (what a stupid thing to do in a bookshop) and asked the others which movie to watch. After some discussions, we made an agreement to watch “Kung Fu Hustle”. So we hurried to the cinema at the 3rd floor and got there just in time.

Poh Ping has seen the movie once but didn’t mine to watch it again cuase she liked the movie very much. As the movie started, my laughter came along. It wasn’t a funny scene but maybe I was just over excited to see the ENORMOUS screen in the cinema. I laughed for 5 minutes without stopping. Karen (my ‘Down syndrome sister’) scolded me for being so crazy, so I excused myself by saying that it was the strange laughter made by someone in front that made me laughed. Yang Lip was worse. He talked on the phone so loudly that we felt so embarrassed. The movie wasn’t as bad as what the movie reviews reported. It was the typical commercial movie with a simple storyline meant purely for plain entertainment. Although it was far too absurd, we enjoyed watching it.

After the movie, the 5 of us shopped for Xin Jou’s farewell present. Yang Lip couldn’t stand us as we argued over which wrapper to use, not forgetting to get a ribbon which matches it well. We then hunted for a card and uneasily found one with Malay wording (those with English were actually bloody expensive!) which costed RM 3.20 ,haha. Another find today, we learnt that Siaw Fern actually worked at Lea Centre. We disturbed her, gave her a hard time then left. Isn’t that what friends are for? ;-D

It was about 6, Yang Lip offered to bring us to Richmond’s Place. We arrived there and realized that a lot of people actually reserved seats there. Frankly, I was the one to blame for forgetting to book seats in advance but since there were still enough space for some 15 people so they didn’t nag me, hehe…… We sms everyone and told them that many had arrived but it was a lie to urge them to come earlier. Sze Ying, Owen, Zhe Rong, Jocelyn, Kelly, Hui Ing, Lincoln, Eugene, Chin Kai, Tih Syhang, Jordan and Yii Ching came. WOW~ that was a success, 18 people were there and I believe I did a good job. The place was crowded by our community to celebrate Xin Jou’s farewell. I shouted to help the waitress to get her order (since I’ve got a loud voice).Everything ran smooth we all chatted since we haven’t seen some people for a long time. a few girls dyed their hair, including our Pelajar Contoh—BONG XIN JOU!!! Finally, I contributed to gather about half the class of 2004’s 5S1 students…*grin with satisfaction* Yap, this is the 3rd farewell attended 3 days in a row.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Viva Forever

“Viva Forever”was a very popular song some 6 years back. It is a remarkable reunion song for the friendship we built since we were in primary school. This, is the memory we saved together on 8th January 2005 after we’ve gone apart for some time.
This very night, Mina held a BBQ (cum farewell as she’s going to Perth for further studies) at her home. We described the contradiction of the size of her house and herself as, ‘A big house with a small-sized owner’. We couldn’t agree more that her house was fabulous and we all had a wonderful time there.
At the beginning, air was thin and I was rather quiet. I didn’t know some of her friends too well except Kok Wu who drove me there and a few of her classmates. So, I offered Mina some help.
Situation changed when our primary school gang arrived one by one. I shouted their names enthusiastedly once I saw them. Their were Clara, Jasmine, Yew Inn who drove Jerome, Samuel and Cletus here (um, Cletus wasn’t our ex-classmate though), Thien Wei and Kathrine (they came in this sequence).
So, I was the earliest around in the group. After some eating, we played cards and the guys did some lame ‘magic tricks’. They bullied me a lot, so I took my revenge by having a pillow fight with the guys. Haha, fear me for I have great pinching powers too! Besides that, they formed a G.A.Y. society which had a rapid increase of membership within the few hours.
After some bustling, we……sang!~ yes, AGAIN!!! Hahaha! I’ve been singing for the last two nights :-p How could I miss the fun to to torture people’s tympana? Believe it or not, I can sing louder than Clara and Tony who were using microphones when I used nothing but my vocal cord! Ngehehe… the worst? I sang terrribly :-p I ran out of tune, got the wrong pitch and stuff but those didn’t stop me from continuing since we were so close that there was nothing such as “awkwardness” in the room. It’s a waste that we don’t give a try in the Malaysian Idol. You should see our expressions when we sang. (I see if I can post some of the pictures we took up here some day.) Viva Forever was one of the songs we sang.
Yew Inn then excused himself to go home and get his clothes as he and a few guys are staying over. He then came back with his bag which consisted of“clothes” with the brand “Sony PS II”. I played Need for Speed with him but lost, dur!~
While the guys were still playing games, the girls had a girls’talk outside the house. Jerome who called himself our ‘sister’ joined us and we taught him how to hold a handbag like a girl. At the same time I LOST my handphone. I asked Kath to call my phone but she said her phone was out of credit while Jasmine was pressing her phone for nothing like they were reluctant to help. Something fishy was going on…Luckily Mina, being the most kind-hearted called. I heard the ringing coming from--- a flowerpot. Yea, those girls hid it under the leaves. Too bad I spoilt their fun, I was just too smart :-p
I hated it but the gang was staying over for the night (without me!). I had to go home plainly because I had to sit for the law test the next day.
Feeling wacky, someone suggested to go to C 11 to buy some instant noodles in the nowhere of midnight. Kok Wu sent them there and they preferred that they walked back.I MISSED THE EXCITEMENT!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2005


Those who has been visiting my blog over the past 2 weeks will discover that there’s something different in the page compared to before. Note that the side bar was gone…scroll down and you’ll find it. I have no idea what I did that changed the format of the layout but it didn’t bother me since the difference of my page makes it special :-D
The chatter and everything are at the bottom of the page. So, if you like to leave your comment or anything, please feel welcome to do so.

By The way, I'm going to sit for my law test for drivng tomorrow...please wish me the best...hahaz, failing it would be a disgrace for the Ng's family :-p

7 December 2005 **** (repost)

I had a wonderful night. We had a simple eat-out with Alphonsus at Fook Xing Seafood who's heading for Perth next week.
Well, I shall start from the two dogs I saw there. They were so skinny, staring at us eating with the please-give-me-something-to-eat sort of expression. As a kind-hearted person, I threw quite a few bones for them. They were near us and Hee Seng didn't like the smell of them so i threw the bones further so that they would go away. However, they still came back for more...
Ok, enough bout the dogs. When I first arrived, I actually kept quiet for 10 minutes. They were so not used to see me being so quite and started to disturb me. I mean, hey, but I am a "quiet" person bah! So, everyone got noisy.
Until it was 9 something,we continued the fun to sing at the karaoke above Pizza Hut which has a name that sounds like "Mai Chi"(I don't know the actual name but it's not the foul word anyway :-p) We sang in a closure. At first, we warmed up,it's always like that. We had Coke and nothing else ler so we didin't get drunk and the courage to sing yet. After a few guys sang, we all started to join the fun. We had quite a few Chinese songs, some from the 90s and a few English songs like "Born to make you happy", "The call", "Show me the meaning of being lonely"(we sang that twice) and "Unchained melody". Brandon even rapped in a girly voice which sounded so cool. Most of the songs were remixed by us and they translated Mandarin songs into Hokkien! I sang one of the Chinese oldies namely "Cha Saiw Pau" haha...the lyrics and tune are funny, I LOVE that sonG!~ but the others were not as enthusiasted as I was because they were glad that the song was short whereas I hoped it had been longer. I wasn't the one who chose that song though and they were surprised that song was played since no one picked it, so I "forced" myself to sing it for entertaining.
I've always enjoyed singing but we still have to dismiss since it was soon midnight. We hugged Alphonsus and wished him all the best.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


i finally hear news from Clement. His course started, he took physics, chemistry, maths, specialist maths, moral, malaysia n study, muet and has 12 tests and research to do now. He has a classmate from St.Jo so, i think there's not much problem for him. He lives in the hostel opposite the college which he thinks sucks alot cause it's dirty. He also made friends with students from Johor and Kuantan and lives with a chinese, a mixed, and an indian. He thinks that living there is damn boring as there are no TV, play station and so on. He was sorry that he didn't reply my mail...hahaz...:-p Anyway,it was his birthday yesterday which i learn from Kelly, so i forgive him lar. Most important of all...he misses us too

On the other hand, i received an e-mail from Sing Yang too. Still didn't tell me his location and i have not been too the circles for some centuries so don't know what's going on. He claimed that he is doing great and quite free yet (since he doesn't have 12 tests like what clement has) i hear no complaints from him too, so all the best to you ler....

Friday, January 07, 2005

Pink Freak

The layout of my blog is pink. A few friends see me a lot in pink. I used to use a pink pencil case with a pink stapler which matches well with my partially pink shoulder beg. favourite colour is pink? Don't know. I think my liking of a colour changes seasonally. I liked blue a lot, then violet and purple, after that comes green, yellow, silver, red....can I say I like any colours which I feel comfortable with?

Well, it's like a trend, comes fast and goes fast. Pink is just one colour which stays longer. Pink is some what a positve colour. Like we say "in the pink of health", "pink panther"(symbolises humour lar) represents, tenderness, love....although I'm not the type who's so used to read love stories and so on....and I'm not the soft soft type so I can see the mismatch for a girl like me with my pink layout over here.

I asked a few friends for their opinion about my pink, pink blog page (they are all guys). They all seem to have no problem seeing me using the VERY pink layout. Here, I quote some sentences of what they said. "Pink is suitable for girls mar..." "I thought you like pink alot?" " Girls are still girls. Pink is like for girls, blue for guys"====>what logic is this?

Suppose colours are like "unisex"? There are a whole load of girls out there who likes Blue like they love their lifes. BUT, undeniably... I don't know any guys who really like pink ler...Um, I mean, macho guys who like pink, where are you? ( macho as in not gay but just normal?) Yea, if you're one, please answer me.

Anyway, it is not a smart way to identify a person's gender by judging the colour he or she likes. Not everyone who wears pants are guys, but those who wear skirts are mostly girls (of course there are exceptions at times). So the same goes to the pink and blue theory...Not every girl who likes blue are tomboys, but those guys who like pink might be sissy (of course there are macho, normal guys who like pink too, just that their population is tiny-miny?).

Another thing, I learn that most parents like to dress up their little girls in pink, boy boy in blue. Why follow? I may,MAY stuff my daughter with blue things, son with pink (that is only IF i have children IN THE FUTURE, long way to go, of course!) And what about yellow and green? They look nice too. Simple, get everything like RAINBOW, fair and square. No fuss about identity-colours.

Sum up... I hope that you're comfortable reading my pinkish blog here since i haven't found a rainbow layout yet.


The corpse of the cat I saw the other day was GONE! It's quite impossible that the bacteria in the air have it dissolved fully so soon. Somebody must have removed it... could it be some kind-hearted who had it buried, OR... some wicked hearted who took the corpse home as a mean of fertilizer for his gardening???

AND, if you wonder why do i blog at times like this...hahaz...I GOT THE PASSWORD OF THE COMPUTER IN MY OFFICE!!!!~(*evil grin*) ngehehehehe.....(till fade)

Thursday, January 06, 2005

the old man who sells beancurd

It’s my routine to walk to work.The weather was fine this morning. I was rather rush today because I woke up late. On my way through one block of the KMC flats, I saw an old man who sells beancurd (tauhu hua). From some metres away, I signalled him that I wanted one packet. He skillfully used a special spoon-like tool to fetch the beancurd into a plastic bag. Then, he added in some syrup. I paid him 50 cents, thanked him, smiled and left. Before that I turned back and asked, “Lu wu straw bo (you’ve got straw?)” “huh?”he questioned as in he didn’t know what straw is. My lagging brain later told me that straw is “zhui cao” in hokkien, so I asked in ‘proper’ hokkien. He smiled and said “no”. Looking at the time, I hurried off. Smiling and saying that it was ok.
The beancurd he sells is especially nice, and the texture is fine. I enjoyed it at my office by pouring it into a glass and started eating. Honestly, I cannot find another person who sells beancurd for 50 cents per packet these days. There are a few old men in this area who ride in their tricycles to sell “char kueh” and other food. I know a few of them because my belated grandfather used to bring me to them for nice food which are inexpensive. There used to be an old man who cycled in my neighbourhood, selling ice-cream. I have not seen him for a long time now as he was replaced by the motorcyclist who came with the “PaddlePop” music. However, I’m more used to the ringing of his bell because it was when I often woke my grandpa up from his afternoon nap for him to buy me ice-cream. How I missed those good old childhood days…I could get 2 scoops of ice-cream for just 20cents…
Anyway, I’m looking forward to see the old man who sells beancurd again.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Time Flies(edited)

It’s the forth of January 2005 now and I have a late recapitulation of year 2004 (which should be done at the end of the year but I had a hard time recalling my memories as my brain lags)
Year 2004 started off with viewing fireworks at the Pending bridge which links to Petrajaya with a few friens of mine. School reopened soon and the students of 5S1 were like ants on a hot pot when they realised that they had no proper classroom and had to use the Physics laboratory the whole year throughout as there was a shortage of classroom. So, it was the first time we experienced nomad’s life. We had to carry loads of books and shift into the classes which had their Physics period. It is somehow troublesome as we didn’t enjoy “normal school life” like what other students in the school does but it is also a fun in some ways because we scribbled in the others’ books, ate their candies and wrote a big “thank you” on the blackboard, and hid their belongings. We were the first class to begin this and I learnt that some other class has to follow it this year, haha, congratulations to those who have to do that.
In February, Chinese New Year was celebrated like usual just that there was one thing which annoyed Poh Ping and me a lot---our gang boycotted us when they went visiting without us!!! You guys, better watch out this year~ On Valentine’s night, about 30 of us went celebrate it out at Hornbill’s corner. It’s quite ironic because majority of us were singles (90%). However, the guys were sweet enough to give the ladies a rose each. The climax of the event---two tables out of three burnt consecutively. I remembered how some guys had hair and epidermis burnt as well while they indulged themselves in cooking. Before the table I sat in caught fire, I was sniffing near the gas pipe because I thought I smelled gas. “Don’t get so near or you might have ur nose burnt!” Hui Ee and Kian Chen warned and pulled me off. I was lucky because the next minute, the flame rose, phew!~
1st of March is my big day but it wasn’t a happening month. Gerko started and many activities had to be done. This year I mainly participated in Red Crescent, Music club and um, the English debate and rarely Counselling. April was so so, May was the labour month as we had to prepare for mid-year exam and the Kuching High Training camp in June. The state level camp was unforgettable, especially for the committee members. There were circumtances which beyond our expectations which we had to overcome. However, the camp was considered a success and after evaluation, most of the AJKs of the project congested Hopoh’s KFC to celebrate it.
I couldn’t remember much of what happened in July. August was another study month but I was still laid back since Kuching Festival was going on. A few Red Cresent form 5s surprised Pn. Lim (teacher-in-charge of the unit) by giving her a treat at Lok Thian’s Thai restaurant (Ms.Sharon helped out a lot). Touched by us, she invited us to her house in return some time after exam.
In September, I accepted Joash’s invitation to do a duet with him during Interact club’s Installation. I went for practice once in the SIB Church with the band but luckily everything went out fine ler. After that, atmosphere got tense. Everyone studied, studied and studied. All of my classmates became so competitive. I remembered nothing but tuition, tuition and nothing else but tuition. I had never have that much tuitions my whole LIFE!~ Then, soon it was SPM. I had insufficient time to do nothing but pray for the very best. After SPM? A non-student’s life began. Went to Damai, started working and so forth. So, that made up year 2004……

*addition: i helped putting off the fire in the chemistry lab which i think was a courageous deed =p hehez.... and the greatest movie i watched in cinema last year was 'spiderman 2". ying, ping, hui, lun and i went to the cineplax with uniform in the afternoon as the class was cancelled. how many chances are there if we wana go for a movie in our form 5, the probabilty is like zero? anyway, we all loved that movie A LOT!~

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I saw a dead cat along the roadside in front Tsui Hua Lau. I believe it died because of a car accident or something. (who would want to murder an innocent cat for no reason?)
There were flies around it and I realized that it was ‘faceless’…which was gross enough to give me a shock. It was a ginger cat…Agan came to my mind so naturally, probably because he’s the only friend I know who has ginger cats at home as pets. Anyhow, don’t think the poor thing I saw belongs to him since he told me his cats are fat.
I really hope that the cat could rest in peace and that someone could take care of its body so that I won’t give myself another fright next time I pass by.

A Friend In Trouble

“Hey all. I din make it to kl.. My plane exploded while in d air.. See me in cnn in a few mins =D btw thanks to all those tat see me off. I appreciate tat. =)”9.17pm, 1/1/05.
The text above seems familiar to you? Yes, you could be one of the receivers of this sms sent by our everdearest friend, Mr. Adrian. However, I din’t make an effort to watch him (or shatters of his flesh) through CNN since he was able to send us messages despite the fact that he was in a catastrophe. So, I assume that he’s doing fine (we know well that he has flying powers).
I din’t hear any news through the newspapers either (don’t think the media will attach importance to small matters like this)
It’s not that I’m mean or what but I guess his handphone must have exploded as well after the meesage was sent. Therefore, I don’t see a point to call him or sms him to know how he is now as we won’t be able to get him anyhow.
Anyway, you can see that it was just a prank sms he made to catch our attention (like what he blogged). So, luckily I din't spend much energy to sms him ler... By the way, he blamed me for bringing him "soiness" (bad luck) as he get the 2 worst driving experinces when I was in his car...wanting to prove that his hypothesis is right, he wants me to be the "bahan" for his experiment. If something bad like knocking the curb, engine dying in the middle of nowhere or entering a lane which has a "NO-ENTRY" sign next to it, he'll conclude that his assumption all this while is right. Well, who would be dumb enough to be his guinea pig? I swear it won't me....

Sunday, January 02, 2005


it's a brand new year and i'm still so used to calling 'this year' 'next year'. i didn't review the events which happened last year and did nothing bout plannings for this year. i think i might need to spend one whole day thinking what i shoulc accomplish this year. i don't have a vivid resolution, just hopin that everything turns out right or better. if life is a journey,i'm lost now. i don't know where to go and what to do and what to write in the blog... argh, can someone give me some ideas? i'm too lazy to think...
oya, this is my shortest blog so far :-p