Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Allergies

I bet you’re all still licking your lollipops in dreamland while I was already awaken this morning. The short hand of the clock showed 4 while the long hand pointed 10. I was still in my Mickey Mouse T-shirt when my mum came into my room and asked me to clean myself. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face because my parents were waiting. I didn’t even have time to change my clothes or take a chilling bathe.
I took the keys. Yes, the car keys. In my life history, this is the first time I actually drive that car, the Toyota which has a bigger body than the Kelisa which I last use when learning driving. There were troubles. I didn’t know how to reverse and use the many duno-what-they-are-for buttons in the car. I even took a minute experimenting on the high lights and low lights, how pathetic.
At a very low speed of 30km/hr, I brought my parents to the park at the MBKS building to jog. My dad asked me to park the car into the parking box big enough to be entered by any pick-ups using the reverse gear. I went blank. What? I wasn’t taught that to get a P lisence before.

“%&$^)*&^=$@#! How did you actually pass driving test har? The space is so big and your car is senget. There was only one car next to yours now. How are you suppose you can park your car when you go out? The parking space could be even smaller you know? You think with your skills like that you can drive this car out arr? I think you have to be supervised for at least 20 more times before you’re more capable of handling this car.”

What a long script my dad had to prepare, don’t you think? You guys must be grateful because you don’t have a dad like mine…oops, I mean your driving coaches are more patient and kind. My dad’s got one thousand and one complaints about JPJ’s system on producing “capable” drivers these days. And nine hundred and ninety-nine of the imperfections could be found in my driving skills. The only two I didn’t offend was speeding and using of the seatbelt. Imagine, I drove at the of an average 30km/hr on the clear big straight roads. Anyone who chose to walk could arrive at the same place earlier
than me. I doubted if that was called “driving”.

So, we came out of the car to jog. My mum teased me, “Cham liaw lar you.” And I said, “Yeah lor, fiercer than my driving teacher, man.”The moon was still hanging high in the sky when my mum started to jog with me. I think she know most of the Ah Peks and Ah Mas who usually jog there. I was so lazy to jog that I only walked in a faster pace. My thighs felt itchy when I got faster. I guess I’m allergic to jogging after all. I couldn’t wait for the church’s bell to ring as it indicates 6a.m. Finally, the allergy of jogging stopped while the nightmare of driving took place.When I drove back, the Ah Peks and Ah Mas went my way...stupid old people...couldnt they see my car? I was putting on the BIG LIGHTS some more...didn't they see the "P" sticker? No wonder my mum suggested that I stick the stickers all over the mirror...duh ~All I could hear was my dad buzzing like a bee next to me. When I arrived home, I accidentally knocked the car’s side mirror because it’s position was oblique. Kesian the car, I add more scars onto it.
Sorry to disappoint you guys, especially those who longed to get a ride in my car. You’ll have to wait for another month, till I graduated from my dad’s driving learning institution before I can officially get the permit to drive without my ‘si fu’. Wish me luck hor, my dad is ten thousand times stricter than JPJ. And worse, I’ll have to sacrifice at least 20 more mornings of my precious dreamtime.

Monday, April 25, 2005

News Update

“Since you’re so free, why don’t you vacuum the car instead of watching cartoons?”
“Mum, it’s unfair! I haven’t touched the car yet and why is it my responsibility to take care of it? Carwash is in reach everywhere.”
“You have to learn. You’re gonna use it sooner or later.”
Reluctantly, I dragged the vacuum cleaner to my car and started to work. Second-hand car, booh! There’s a lot of works to be done. As it’s white, the job got tougher. I don’t want a single flaw on it coz it’s noticeable. Honestly, I don’t even know how to operate the car. I’m not taught to and I barely understand some symbols on certain buttons. I just wish that my dad let me drive it soon. He insisted to supervise me a few times before I go on solo BUT there’s not even a single time so far. The new decore has been in the car porch for 3 days already.

In the evening, Hui came to pick me up to see Micheal Wang at Kenyalang. We wanted to arrive at the venue earlier so that we might get better parking spaces but apparently, many early birds had already flood the carpark. But heck, we’ve got luck. We soon found a nice, legal parking space nearby. We waited for more than an hour before the local singer had actually appear. The place was stuffed, with around 2000 audiences, I guess. Some came in illegally without tickets. People we met were friendly and kind. They squeezed over to allow us to sit with them. And the best thing was the big fan behind us. We could see performance on the stage clearly like crystal from that spot too. The host aviated our focus point on the star with games and rehearsals of singing the artist’s main hit in the newest album. The game however, was a cheat. Unfair, I’d said. One of those questions went, who is the PM of Malaysia? The moron who’d got guts but not brains had no idea and the host eventually showed him the answer on the answer card he held. After that was free posters for grab. Only people near stage got the benefits. Instead of being really enthusiastic, I bathed myself with showers of Micheal’s love songs. He’s great with that, and cold jokes too, how cute.

The first thing I thought of once I got home was updating my blog. Actually I was being urged by you-know-who-you are. Haha.While I was halfway chatting and reading others’ blog, my sis switched on the television and saw The Apprentice Finale. How could I miss that? Kelly Purkew was the aprrentice for season 2. Good, he’s also my preference among the final 2. I can’t wait to see season 3 and the new reality show “The Contender”. Mark Burnett sure has been making a lot of money since he created ‘The Survivor’. So does Donald Trump. “The Apprentice 4 is yet to come. Hopefully there’s a female apprentice in the future and the programme to be more unexpected.

Thursday, April 21, 2005


All that could be heard was the roaring of the mad engine. I could feel heat steaming into my heart. It made me nervous and more nervous. I did the most stupid mistake which was so unforgivable. No wonder my dad was so hot. He had to drive me home to get my set of certificates I prepared for the interview. That wasn’t the main fuel for the burning of his anger, the morning jam was, or more precisely, my careless act and irresponsibility were. The turning-back trip took 15 minutes while the journey to my destination, UiTM took approximately 25 minutes if traffic was as smooth as silk. My watch pointed 7.15a.m. I only hope that my dad could ignore every traffic lights and went straight, cut every cars ahead and get me there in time.
“Toooottt…. It’s eight o’clock. The news…”
What the…!!? Sh’t it’s screwed!
Once I stepped on the building of UiTM, I hurrily called Yii Ching.
“The Digi number you have…” the cold voice of the mailbox answered.
Damn! What now? Where is the interview held?
“Excuse me, do you know where is the JPA interview held?” I quickly approached a gentleman. He then kindly instructed me to the place.
I could hardly run in the baju kebaya. I had to pull my skirt up a little to add speed. I looked at my watch, it was 8.05a.m. They’ll sure mark me down, or worse, straightaway kick me out, I thought. Luckily, they were lenient enough.
“Jangan risau, taklimat sahaja, temuduga belum bermula lagi.”the guy who gave me the namelist for me to sign comforted. Apparently, I looked like I was in hot water.
As I looked for my name in that list, I spotted one blank.
Great, I’m The LATEST.
I knocked and went into “Bilik Sarjana”. I wasn’t sure if I had invited attention from the almost-full room. My head was blank. I found my comrades and gasp for air behind them once I placed myself on the seat. My heart was still pounding vigorously.
Briefing ended soon. We were guided to another hall where we wrote an essay each. Topic was different from what we predicted. After a break was the group discussion. We were divided into 2 panels, and groups of 6-7 each. I was in the last group. Plenty of time to exchange opinions with the others. The few ex-Highians were the most “outspoken”. We talked to relieve stress. Also, we got to know the other aces from other schools and districts. The first few questions asked would be: what’s your name?, which school were you from?, which course did you apply for?…… For the last question, most would answer: medic…engineering…pharmacy…
Strange, no computer Science…no wonder I was chosen as nearly 99% of those we talked to got either straight As or A1s.
Hours flew by quickly. It was 1.50p.m. when the last group got its chance to get into the hall. We had waited for about 3 hours. Group discussion wasn’t as tense as I thought.
The topic: snatch thefts. In fact, most of us we quite comfortable talking to each other, casually. The were times when we went out of points and kept silent. The interviewer aided us, “What about the role the society plays to curb this problem?”
One guy whispered, “I thought we mentioned that.”
I giggled, “I think so.”After the whole session, I felt so light. It’s up to God now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


The plan for a pre-interview group discussion went into the drain. Aduh, wasted my phone credit nia and also my effort.
This morning, when I was still in dreamland, I heard some screeching. The voice was so sharp that I was awaken. The voice called me to answer to phone. So, blur-blurly, I picked it up and asked, “Wei?”
It was Ping she told me that I had to prepare a CV for the interview. That meant I had to go to school to see my everdearest Mr. Bong again. Before that, we needed a nice printer (mine is faultier than ever). I then suggested to go to a CC and the 2 of us spent time there typing the CV. I forgot to bring all my certificates (in fact,I brought none) so I thought hard of what to fill in. That brain-squeezing session took an hour and a half before Ping and I could get back to Kuching High to see our entau kia.
Can you believe it, Mr. Bong actually edited my vision? I mean that was MY vision, not his, but he somehow made me change it (what to do, if I don’t he won’t certify it). So my vision became: “ To be an outstanding computer technologist” That was, euwww….kolotnya! He is a perfectionist, no doubt. I misplaced one single fullstop and he wanted me to reprint the whole thing. Yuck. Luckily things were done in time. Anyway, I also kesian him la, since he sacrificed his lunch time for us. Being a busybody, no trouble find trouble person, I simply popped, “Mr. Bong, is any other advice for us?” He willingly bla-ed about how to cope with it on the actual day. “Be prepared to sing patriotic songs like Keranamu Malaysia. Never get the National Anthem’s lyrics wrong or you’ll straightaway be sent home.”He must be hungry that time because he din’t go on endlessly like usual.
Back at home, I cut my nails. They are never this short. My fingers feel so naked. And my hair. I don’t think I wana dye it charcoal black. It’s uhh…u…gly. Let’s see if some gel will help, the colour isn’t very striking anyway. I tried the baju kebaya I’ve borrowed. It’s printed with aqua flowers and brown leaves, what a match. But cutting was good, it fitted me well. The baju kurung on the other hand, was bright with
highlight green and purple flowers. I felt itcy and hot while wearing it though. And I look like the typical demure Malay girls while wearing them on…haha
In the evening, I went to my students’ house for my very first lesson. This was the first time I gave tuition to others. The two boys are CUTE ! Hohoho…but their writing har, I have to comment, really look like bean sprouts. They are Chung Hua students and I gave tuition for BM. When I explained, I have to help them write the meaning in Chinese, because they don’t know some Chinese words to. Good ler, 2-in-1 learn BM and Mandarin at the same time. Too bad, I couldn’t remember all the Chinese words that I have to check it in the hanphone =p
Another thing, we were sitting at the dining room where there was NO FAN nor AIR-COND. Air was circulated by the breeze that came in once a while from the opened windows. That means mosquitoes could come in and bite us as they like. Kesian my students ler, have to scratch their hands and legs while writing and not forgeting that they perspired like cats and dogs. I’ll see them again tomorrow.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

hung over

These few days, I spend about an hour’s time riding in a car on the journey between Kuching and Kota Samarahan. Whenever I passby Unimas, I would say “Wow, the structure is HUGE!”. City of knowledge, no kidding man. For lunch, I have Malay food. I read Malay magazines and listen to Iban songs. I had to, because of my surrounding. My current colleagues are Iban ladies about my age. The elder one is in her 20s. she treats me like her little sister, helps me with the chores (we work in some sort of grocery shop) and brings me to stroll in that area. Well, it’s a bit like India Street in Kuching. Nothing very luxury. The community here are mostly workers from some construction sites nearby, lecturers and students of Unimas and farmers from the kampungs. The students are on holiday, so many went home, leaving the place quieter and lonelier. There’s a gap of living standards between those who live in the city and in the kampung. Some of them cannot afford expensive goods. And I estimate their average expenditure in the shop to be less than RM10.00. For example, a tube of 175g Colgate costs RM4.80 while a tube of 175g Maxam (a brand of toothpaste made in China) costs RM1.90. It’s a big difference. But it seems like money never bother them. They live simple and happy lifes. They shoppe in stores in their pajamas, bring their dogs to shoppe with them, buy toys intead of food with their hard-earned money just to make their children smile.
I see these people from 10 in the morning till 9 at night. It’s a tiring job, but I won’t grumble. I get to see people (unlike my previous job which kept me in the little jail-like office) and I’m quite contented about that. actually, this job lasts only for a few more days because my neighbour’s assistant will be back soon.

Since I didn't expect I would be called for the interview, I'm not prepared at all. Don't worry, I somehow take the initiative to call out the others for a group discussion (basically to discuss the questions they most likely will ask and how to handle etc.) and it shows how much I'm concern about the interview. Wow, doesn't look like me hor? Nevermind ler, I always do what people least expect =D

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Main News

1. I'm now working at my neighbour's shop at Kota Samarahan. It's a very different experience from my previous job. The reason I help out there is, one of her employees was on leave. More stories to come.

2. I have not gotten my "P" lisence and my car yet.

3. I was called for an interview by JPA upon my application for the scholarship.(for your information, I applied for the course, Computer Science) Even that, I get to know my application status through Ah Kwong's effort, how lazy of me,duh~

4. Sh't....I don't know what to do now...I didn't expect that would happen. I applied for it in the first place FOR my mum. Therefore, I'm not prepared at all.
The interview is on 20 April, Wednesday. I might appear in baju kurung for the very first time in my life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Somewhere i Belong

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YO yo, people…I’ve passed my driving test!~ Yea yea, 20 outta 20… Ha Ha, you’ll see me driving a Toyota Corolla model AE100 soon, if you’re lucky enough.

Oops, should regain my consciousness now. Another 38 Group weekly meeting was held again last night. Before that, I received a message which read “ Shan u guys lost in kch kah?”And the truth is, we were late to pick Ping up. After that, I asked Hui to drive me to one of the tuition centres to look for a job as a tuition tutor. It wasn’t easy and I have to wait for their reply in 2 weeks time. I’ll be very, very free this period because by the time the administrative contact me, school shall start soon. Really bo kang tau ler…
After fetching Lun, we ate Sambal Mee at “Grandma’s”(外婆板麵). The noodles were not spicy enough to our tastes but tasty. Drinks were nice too. Thanks to Ping for paying the meal (since she got so many rewards for scoring straight A1s in SPM) =D
The shop was closing so we had to move. We spotted Sunny Hill and decided to stop there or a treat of ice-cream. We chatted and chatted, until the stall was closing. We had to change another spot as we wanted to continue our topics so desperately. Then, there was Red Road Tea. We discussed how many drinks we should order as we were really full already. I seeked for the cheapest drinks on the menu and suggested, “Sky Juice lar, 50cents per cup, make that 2.”
Suggestion rejected by Lun. Reason? “Don’t sia soi lar. So paiseh arr!”
Again, the shop closed real soon. It wasn’t 10.30 yet and Lun didn’t want to go back to help out at her shop so Ping proposed that we stay in the car and continue our everlasting topics. Can’t believe that we talked for about an hour in the car. We talked about everything under the sun, which required the length of time like “From a.m. to p.m.”By 12, we arrived home, chilled. It was a cold night but enjoyable.

Monday, April 11, 2005

The reward of conformity was that everyone liked you but yourself.”--- Rita May Brown

I cannot afford to please everyone by giving up the real me. Sometimes, we just have to be ourselves and ignore what other people may dislike. It’s unneccesary to sacrifice our happiness to get everyody’s agreement that is not built upon others’pain. Why choose to be deplorable?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Sloth growS

Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my short absence here. Not that I’ve been very busy but I’m now terribly lazy. I’ve stopped working a few days ago and basically do nothing but eat and sleep. I usually wake up at 9, then I’ll read “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown. Interesting story, but I’ll still fall asleep after a few lines. I’ll wake up at noon and straightaway head for lunch. After that,I'll watch TV perhaps and might fall for another round of siesta. It’s dull. I wonder if I could stand this for another month. Without the income, I can’t spend too much while hanging out with my friends now. Sad. To add some colours into my life, I do leave my nest for a breath of fresh air outside occasionally.
I went out with my 38 gang on Wednesday, did the things we usually do (gossiped) and tried the new Curry Crunch at KFC. Hey guys, you might love to go to Saberkas’s KFC outlet for the meal because it’s “HOT”! Not the chicken, but the chick there...
It rained cats and dogs that evening that Hui and I were trapped because Hui’s car was parked a few streets away from the shop that we ate in (whereas there was a parking space right IN FRONT of that shop before we’d noticed it). Luckily,A kind lady offered us a big piece of cardboard as our shelter.
Strange. It seems like whenever I go out, it’ll rain. Or is it the weather being moody itself?
On Thursday, I went out with some friends for lunch. One came out with the idea to feed fish at the State Library’s lake. This time, it poured. We were wet thoroughly and we wasted the bread.
So well, rainy days make me lazier…

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

now i remember...

After visiting Jou Hui's Blog,I realised that I used to disturb the guy who've just gotten married (mentioned in my previous post) when we were classmates. Yea, Jou Hui got the news (she'd actually witnessed it for herself!) earlier than I do, maybe because she's the president of 38 gorup...haha. So, I was quarreling with that guy and I came out with an idea of drawing him a girl alien to symbolise his sissiness in the English class. This was some big deal for primary school kids, because our teacher was none other than HELEN NGUI , the teacher who could sing "今天不回家"(a chinese oldie which she sings whenever we couldn't finish our work) so awfully that the newer block which was under construction that time actually collapsed! Students from chung hua no.3 , refresh your memories. haha. She saw me giggling after I've finished my masterpiece and passed it around for the others to admire it. She then brutally conphiscated the drawing and yelled at me, "You think I don't know what you were doin ar, har? Class, *shows the picture to the whole class* do you think this is funny? *everyone giggled* (cham liaw la,better keep quiet) Do you think that I'm this ugly? (hahaha...i thought you're worse than that, and i wasn't even drawing you IDIOT! I even quoted my classmate's name there, JULING!)" Assuming that she was right, she asked another guy to convert my small drawing into a bigger scale on the blackboard...There, it was so artistic but not as original anymore...Can't blame the guy who copied it, it was to fine to be copied anyway *proud* haha...And I wonder where the drawing is now...should have gone into the dustbin already...Oh NO, it could have worthed a million bucks now if I threaten my classmate that I might show it to his wife, argh!~

Monday, April 04, 2005


I got news from Kath on Sat night while we were over the phone---one of our primary school good old buddy classmate was married and damn, I didn’t see the notice in the papers! Great, I wonder if I was the last to know AGAIN this time. News like such spreads fast.
It happened to be that our friend (name hidden to prevent any awkwardness) got a heavenly prize from God, a child, and he HAS TO marry the girl who was 2 years elder than him. I wonder how he felt during his wedding, should he be happy or nervous or just a mixture of terrible feelings? I mean is it too young at this age to be parents? Are most of the 18- year- olds mature enough to get the hell of commitments and heavy-duty responsibilities? I don’t know, I give him the best blessings.
I know another guy who got married last year (yea, he was 17 that time) and some of you might know him too but that’s enough of gossiping. Fullstop.
For the guys (or even girls la) out there who want to have fun but not any surprises, it’s best to get solid safe precautions sebelum nasi menjadi bubur. But hey, if it were to happen, I’ll go to your wedding if you invite me…hehe. Ok, that’s not funny.

Friday, April 01, 2005


There was a parade last night. It rained, so I didn’t witness it. Sigh, I’m very reluctant to grow up yet but people are pressuring me. I have an aunt who is an insurance sales representative. Knowing that I’m working part time now and has a pitiful little earning, she urged me to buy one policy for myself. I really didn’t know how to reject her because she intended to brainwash me (or rather persuade me to buy the insurance policy). My mum told me not be influenced by her because it’s not simple to get a policy and actually understand it thoroughly. Furthermore, I’m continuing my studies soon and cannot afford to pay the fees if I don’t have extra income in the future. We were arguing about this and that. I wanted to be a more responsible person but I think this is really putting me in hell. My sister thinks it’s better that I save money to maintain my car (if I get one real soon) than worrying about accidents/ sickness that might hit me years ahead. On the other hand, things are unpredictable and I know that I’m always been very indecisive. Any advice from you?
I’m getting very moody these days. The dilemma is giving me a hard time. As I had another driving lesson today, my teacher told me that I’ve never improved. My self- esteem sank. It’s very a horrible thing to hear, no space for improvement means something like the end of the world to me. He can say I’m lousy or slow but this case makes me feel quite helpless. OMG, I feel like I wanna cry now… I feel like a 3- year- old who’s being bullied by the harsh and realistic world out there…