Thursday, March 31, 2005

Most girls don't like it

I had a very tough time yesterday because it was “my time” of the month. I’m not ashamed to share this since most of us study biology (or at least science). I had a severe cramp that I had to see a gynaecologist at Kota Sentosa with my mum. This was my first- time experience. The doctor was a guy who looked like a character in one of those prehistoric cartoons (haha…I can’t help to not laugh). He has round eyes and the typical coconut shell haircut (ya kak tau) hahaha…I told my mum that he didn’t look like a doctor at all but anyway, there’s nothing about the looks to do with his profession. He measured my blood pressure (didn’t know the point of it but I’m not the doctor, so shouldn’t comment much) then asked me questions. However, I asked him more questions, i.e. “Are there any remedies to soothe the pain?”, “Anything you’d recommend for my diet?”, “I heard that certain exercises would help, you’ve got any idea?” and it went on. But the cartoon-like doctor shook his head. Hehe… it’s not easy to earn my money…
After that, he scanned my ovaries * applied some gel on the scanner then went about on my stomach and moved the cursor to enlarge image on the computer screen*. There were 2 tiny tumors which he announced to be unharmful. He told me it was normal as most of the females have this problem too. In fact, they’re less than one centimetre. So, those are the cause for my pain. I was given painkillers in case the pain got worse or whatever. He printed the image of the scanning results and handed it to me. What’s the use? I don’t understand which is which. It’s so different from that of the textbook (the one in textbook is a hundred times clearer and it’s labeled so I know which the ovary is and so forth.) The most important of all is not to take cold drinks and stuff, be careful with diet, rest well and do some light exercises (these are my opinions la). No wonder so many people want to be doctors. A few minutes at the clinic costs me 55 bucks. Aiya, that stupid doctor told me the things I’ve learnt from Biology textbook and didn’t answer my questions relevantly. Should’ve paid him less arr…


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