Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Added Twitter to my Blog! Yeah!

Finally, this blog seems to be more complete. Sad to say I've not been giving much attention to my blog ever since the humongous growth of Social Media. I can't say that I dwell in there but I do spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter.
I seriously don't even know if there's anyone reading my blog still, but since I keep this as a site to write down my personal thoughts pretty much more like a diary so, I don't really see a point to publicise it. I still feel that this blog is really the most personal tool that I record my feelings with. If I get to read back, I really see how my thoughts change over time.
I'm glad I didn't neglect this site at all despite the infrequent updates.

NOW, I introduce Twitter into this blog. Which is even better than before. Twitter is like a personal notepad to me. I record quotes that I find meaningful and also thoughts which felt "impulsively" to be released. Yeah, it's my way of releasing intense emotions sometimes. So that I maintain my sanity and not exert it to people around me. I believe I do get a little more creative when I get a bit emotional sometimes :D haha... such an excuse but there's truth in it.

Also, I notice my idealist archetype pops up as I choose the colour for the interface of my Twitter widget. I don't like to call myself a perfectionist, really. Not that I don't appreciate perfection, but it is positioned at too high a level almost unreachable that makes it so desirable. So, no, I leave space to that perfection, to be filled with betterment :)

Short post of today :) I love my blog. I'm glad that I keep one. It'll mark my journey all along and I do hope that I'll update more often.


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