Monday, March 07, 2005

don't drag yourself home

There are many birthdays going on this March. I went to Tony’s on Saturday at Grappa. That place is always crowded during weekends. This is the second time I went for birthday celebration there, the first time was Kathrine’s.
That day, Kath and I arrived quite late; another group had gone home already. Some people were drunk by then. It’s always a duty to take care of friends who are not feeling well. When they vomit, you’ll have to hand in tissue, make sure they walk properly, pull them over if a car’s coming but he/she didn’t note it, get them some lemonade, borrow lighters/cigarettes if they request for it and so forth.
I’m a casual drinker, but I don’t get drunk easily so I’ll mostly be aware of what I’m doing over meantime. That’s why I always keep an eye on friends who are partially drunk, semi drunk and totally drunk.
Hygiene is never the topic touch at places like such, e.g. the toilet. People vomit there or even piss there and what more, couldn’t imagine. I hate dirty toilets! Shop owners in the neighbouring area are victims of drunkards’ saliva and residue of puke + some just drank liquor. Also, I have a strongly dislike towards people stepping on my feet or spilling liquor over. That night, someone accidentally knock the table. A glass fell off and hit my foot. It smashed into pieces and I thought glass had cut my toe. I looked down, cleared my feet, and luckily, I didn’t bleed.
Another thing, I hate people who look at you with the “This girl has just come out of a pub” kinda look. It’s obvious and it shows. Why are some (or should I say most?) Kuching people still so narrow-minded? Drinking isn’t a crime, and especially when you’re 18. It’s not like it should be a big hoo-hah. Moreover, I wasn’t drunk.
Back at home (as I always have curfews), I would wash myself and then start calling my friends to see if they’re home yet or are they ok (they would stay up late). It’s strange, when you’re drunk, enemies can be friends. You’ll never know.
After that, I will sleep…for long hours, that is, if I switch off my handphone. Sometimes it’s rather hectic to have friends who call early the next morning which means I suffer from insufficiency of quality sleep, sighz~

P.S. with this, don’t presume that I’m a regular visitor of pubs or discos or whatever equivalent (means drinking places). I only visit such places occasionally, which means there are occasions like birthday celebrations and countdowns. So, don’t expect me there every weekend or fortnight. That’s way too much, Ridiculous.


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