Friday, March 11, 2005

dedicated for Jou Hui

have you ever sniffed at a plate of salmon and then realised that the waiter served it to the wrong table...
you ordered fish fillet but salmon is also a type of fish, so you asked the waiter, "is this cagun or garlic?"
the waiter wasn't sure, so he went to check at the counter, and came back to apologize. it was for the couple next to your table.
then you were embarrassed, because you nearly dipped your fingers into it, and look at it, puzzled. your facial expressions were simply funny.
then you saw the guy who'd actually ordered the food smiled at you. you laughed and blushed. you all were the loudest.
you ordered strawberry delight. it matched your shirt and the ornament you tied your hair with.
it tasted good. we exchange and tried others' drinks. meal was fine, but there was something missing...A BIRTHDAY CAKE!
we were sorry we didn't think of that. we gave you a pillow, and sang you 3 birthday songs in different languages when we got into your car.
Happy Birthday Jou Hui, and today is also my birthday in the lunar calendar, what a coincidence! i'm glad i can share it with you, you're the greatest : )


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