Thursday, March 10, 2005


These are my SPM results. Not enough to be called excellent but satisfying (better than my mock results that is).
3B- Bahasa Cina, Biologi, GCE-O (English)
2A- Sejarah, Fizik
1A- English, Pengetahuan Moral, Matematik, Matematik Tambahan, Kimia, English for Science and Technology.

In short, I got 7 A1s, 2 A2s and 2B3s.
My Chinese teacher thinks that I should appeal for my Mandarin paper. I thought my biology could have been better although 3 is not so bad. I blame it on my essay writing section (the topic: pewarisan, where I overlooked the pictures). I got 2 for my physics. Serve me right. Instead of reading my Pelangi reference book, I read Eintein’s autobiography and his theories of relativity which I couldn’t understand much when I was at the state library. History, back to the state library once more. I spent time there basically on talking, going to the toilet and feeding the fish. One thing I’m proud of, my BM. I didn’t go for tuition, and my Add Maths, I failed before.

My oral English test:
Converse on a topic effectively/ give appropriate responses- 9 Excellent
Speak fluently using correct and acceptable pronunciation- 9 Excellent
Speak coherently- 8 Good
Speak the language using a wide range of appropriate vocabulary within context-9 Excellent
Speak using correct grammar- 9 Excellent

The results above are only applicable for the test I had. In reality, I don’t deserve this much.

Ujian Lisan Bahasa Melayu:
Kosa Kata dan tatabahasa- Memuaskan
Sebutan, intonasi dan nada- Baik
Kefasihan- Baik
Bermakna- Baik

Frankly, I speak lousy Malay.
I think I should skip PEKA.

Projek Matematik Tambahan- Tahap A
This, I must not forget to share with 2 important people: Adrian, for sending me his entire file while I was chatting with him through MSN. So HIS project became the base of mine, I changed only several parts like the introduction and rephrased some sentences. Jou Hui, I went to her shop to print the whole thing out because my printer was faulty.

A millions thanks! Prayers answered.

By the way, i didn't mean to show off or anything. In fact that's not good enough to be showed off.


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