Thursday, March 17, 2005

Unfortunately,It wasn't good enough for me

Well, well, I didn’t blog yesterday, so the summary: went to watch “Unfortunate events” with Lun (FloLian) and Hui. I was late. Therefore, I didn’t get to join them for dinner and the laughters too, I miss those. I think I arrived before nine…at least I think so. And I didn’t know that I was about to watch Jim Carey’s until I placed my butt on the seat for 20minutes. Movie started off with animation (apparently for kids), and then a lot of ridiculous happenings. I hate to say this but I’m quite fed up of Jim Carey’s style already. Funny, but too much of those exaggerative motions spoils them all. However, I love the kids’ play, especially Sunny the baby. Movie day, no kidding man, cinema was so crowded even when it’s quite late. Meh, I forgot it’s school holiday. Hui sent us home as she couldn’t stay up late. I then cooked myself Maggie mee…gosh, I was so hungry, didn’t know why.


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