Thursday, March 17, 2005

A New Friend

I was rather rush this morning. I went to JPN to apply for MyKad. To my disappointment, the staffs weren’t as efficient as what I’ve heard of. I noted that they lay back a lot, especially the guy at counter 10. The respectable man who served me was the most productive I guess. He served at least 3 people in 5 minutes. The other 2 Malay ladies were much slower compared to him. After that, I posted my JPA and IPTA form…it all depends on my luck now. I just hope that they will at least call me for an interview. Later, I went to school, to lend my Red Crescent uniform to an intermediate member. I saw many faces whom I have not seen for some while. Yang Lip…Sze Jia (who just came back from NS 1st batch)…and DragonSim, wonder why he was there.
Back at work, I was reading newspapers until a tall Indian man who claimed that he was a salesperson from KL approached me. I doubted if I should let him in. We talked over the steel bars but I really kesian him ler, carry such a heavy load. So, I let him in. He thought that I was scared but I wasn’t. He thought that I was a mixed, but wrong. He thought that I was in my early 20s, and I exclaimed, “DO I LOOK THAT OLD?”
He replied, “You look like a graduate from overseas.”
Hehe, now, this is what I call a compliment ;-p
We talked and talked. At first, he introduced his product. Later, we talked bout anything we knew. It was nice talking to him. I found that he was an ambitious young man. Gosh, he was so friendly that he invited me to his very own apartment he just bought (considering that he’s still so young but now owns an apartment and 2 cars) when I go to KL some time. We have a similarity---we like BMW 520…whoa! He’s a car lover who air-brushed his car and claimed it as his wife. Our eyes shone when we talked bout cars…hehe…
He paid me a second visit in the afternoon, which is just a few minutes ago. He said I look sleepy. Well, I AM sleepy. That’s why I blog, to kill the sleep bugs in me, nge…


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