Sunday, March 30, 2008

I cannot post photoes...what's wrong?

Friday, March 28, 2008

my T-Shirts

There are many pieces of t-shirts lying in my closet. So many that I think I can open up a stall to sell t-shirts. Those I bought in shopping complexes are those that I like. Other than that, I'm usually "forced" to buy t-shirts for clubs and associations. I spend an average of RM 15 on each of these apparels and I have a total of about ten of them in my first year of university life alone. I could have used the money to buy a nice dress or something fancier. I don’t mind if the t-shirt designer has great taste but some t-shirts just look bad.

Custom t-shirt makers on the other hand are happy because there will always be students who want to share the same identity by wearing this kind of uniform. In fact, you can spot students wearing this kind of t-shirts in any corner of UM you know. Some wear them to lectures, to library, to mamak etc. I also wear them to early classes whenever I want to spend another 10 more minutes to laze on my bed. We make sure that we make full use of the t-shirts so that the RM 15 is worth spending.

However, some are free of charge so I didn’t get to choose the size. Odd size means, they are really big and long. Big till one extend that they are only suitable to be worn as pyjamas. Long till one extend that people wonder if I wear pants because it has been covered by the shirt. I know I look funny like a cartoon in it, that’s why I don’t plan to upload a picture of me in the L-size t-shirt. However, if I feel lazy to change, I'll still go out in my "pyjamas", even when I go out to limteh. So I was walking pass Pokok Tanjung (a place where 3rd college students like to gather and chit chat), heading to 7th college to meet my 38 friends last night. Then, somebody called my name. The place was dark (the lights that high-light the tree were burnt I guess), so I turned my head to the direction where the voice came from and answered, “Ya?”

“Eh, we thought you were sleepwalking! You look like you walk out of your room with your pyjamas.”


Firstly, I really wear that to sleep,nothing wrong. Secondly, my seniors have a good reason to make that statement because I look so blur sometimes especially at late night, it's not impossible I can sleepwalk out of college.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Take Off Your Earphones

I notice that many people these days put on earphones or headphones when they are walking on the street, when they are reading in the library, when they are in lecture halls, when they are waiting for public transport, when they are in the buses or LRTs and even when they are in the crowd. Most of them look like they are in the world of their own because they don't response much to the environment they are in. Somehow, I'm just not one of them because I like to observe. I even look at strangers and the ways they behave.

I went to the library this morning to read newspapers. The environment was so quiet that I decided to listen to the radio using my handset. It was unsuccessful as I didn’t bring along the earphones. So, I took the newspapers and read quietly. It could be better that way so that I could concentrate on what I was reading. Not everyone can focus when the surrounding is pin-drop silent. Some people cannot study without music because they are conditioned with the neutral stimulus, that is the music and they associate music with studying according to the behavioural psychology. For these people, the best condition for them to study is to have music turned on.

As a matter of fact, I don’t see a problem in listening music when reading as I also do that occasionally. However, I do not totally agree to listening music using the earphones for a long period of time especially at the outdoors. This will cause someone to lose sensitivity to the surroundings. When you’re listening to loud music, you won’t know what’s happening around you. You might lose awareness and could be one of the potential victims of the pickpockets. It is too late for you to notice that someone is honking at you to warn you of danger when you eventually take off your earphones as you feel a car is coming your way.

Therefore, I would like to give a friendly advice: try not to be too dependent on i-pods and whatsoever types of media players when you’re outside. You may think there’s nothing much you need to pay attention to but it is always better to stay alert. This is because when you're enjoying the music, you're indulging yourself in the world of the rhythm and the tendency of you noticing events around you is being reduced. It is also not a good idea to tune on the music so loud when you’re driving that your car sounds like a moving disco on the road. Some accidents happen just because drivers don’t hear another vehicle which is about to collide with theirs.

Listening to music is a good hobby indeed, just remember not to have your ears plugged in with earphones all the time.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Another complaint

………(3 8ing about other stuff)

3hui says:
hey ur college gt water onot??
3hui says:
gt go kolam mandi??
3hui says:
hehe says:
haha says:
noliaw says:
lately very good
3hui says:
3hui says:
must be u owes go complain so tey scare of u
3hui says:
u must keep water in bottle
3hui says:
if not later no water again u knot mandi
Last message received at 3:37PM on 21/3/2008.

After the last message, I got disconnected from the internet due to the super duper, extremely and especially unstable wi-fi. The weather was hot and I felt a bit dizzy so I decided to take a nap on my bed which was partly stained with Horlicks which I accidentally spilled this morning. Forget about my clumsiness and laziness.
I realize that there is a WATER SHORTAGE AGAIN when I woke up from my nap (and I heard that it is going to be very serious this time)! OH NO~~~~~~ I haven’t mopped the floor and wash my bedsheet and my clothes…I just cut my hair before I chatted with San Hui and I have not shampooed my head! Walao…does it have to be like this? Forget about the terrible wi-fi which has been like that since I was in this college. It only got worse. Now that I began to trust the Uni for their wise steps on resolving the water shortage problem, I am nevertheless disappointed that this unfortunate event has to happen to me on this very day. Why didn’t they give notice?
San Hui, I thank you for initiating the last topic of our conversation. I MUST KEEP WATER ALL THE TIME!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008










Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A copyright matter

I was editing the group assignment till late last night. To be precise morning, as I discovered that the whole document was raw.

I think the University needs to set up a report writing course for students, seriously. I realize that not many students know how to write a proper report. After being more than one semester in University, I’m quite disappointed with the progress in writing an effective report for my course. What most students do will be searching up in the net, cut and paste and if slightly better, they’ll just change the sentence structure. The better ones will make an effort to look up in books and quote a few relevant phrases (which is being encouraged by lecturers).

Undeniably, this cut and paste and restructuring habit does much convenience for last minute work and is definitely a necessity among lazy students (including me). However, this is plagiarism and we can be failed by doing so. And according to one of lecturers, some Western universities do develop very advance softwares to trace plagiarism. I believe this software does exist (as oppose to some students who didn’t want to accept the truth) so we better be more respectful to the other academicians. It’s a violation of their work.

In my opinion, an academic report should be something which is written base on our understanding of the topic we are studying. Even though the language we use may make us sound like pre-U students but as least we have to learn it through the hard way instead of just copying sophisticated work from the veterans. It is quite easy to detect whether students copy from other resources by taking note of the language used alone. I don't think our vocabulary is so wide that we are able to use 10 bombastic words in one sentence. It is either the lecturers have too high expectations on their students or they are just too lenient.

I presume lecturers here don’t really use that “tracing-plagiarism” software because they do give higher marks to those who did a “sophisticated” job compared to my crude “homemade” assignment which is genuinely based on my shallow understanding of the topic. I must admit it is not easy to write a very good report because we need an extensive and elaborated research to achieve that. A last minute person can get only at most a B for this. But I rather do that than getting an A out of other people’s work. At least the learning process takes place.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

A Fun Filled Marathon

I guess write a new record in my history. I was outside for 14hours. Sang karaoke, went bowling, watched movies, played games, yamcha, eat and hoola....which are most of the things a teenager would do. I felt like this is the most fun-filled day of my new semester as everyone was too busy on PTH. Since I had a dull birthday, I see this as my "celebration" for turning 21.
I must have been really happy because Shannon said I hopped like a rabbit yesterday. I usually do that when I'm to carefree and happy. Will upload some pictures later...haha

Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Birthday I never had

Yesterday was my birthday. I stayed overnight at my aunty's place because my sister came to KL. There was no planning for this year's birthday so there was no special celebration. I walked around Bukit Bintang area with my sister after having Sawarakkian laksa at Bangsar with my uncle, aunty and sister. I got a birthday present from my aunty. It was brown shiny handbag which I really liked. After all that was my only present I got that day. However, I received more than a dozen of sms. Thanks to those who remember my birthday.
My sister gave me a treat at Secret Recipe where the service is so bad they could make an unhappy birthday girl cry. I felt lonely without my bunch of friends. I decided to buy something for myself to console myself but ended up buying bracelets which i plan to give to my friends. If I'm not happy, I can still make other people happy by giving them gifts I guess.

That was a pretty unlucky day for me. I switched my phone with my sister's as the battery of mine went low. I didn't the charger with me and I had to rush back to college by 6.30pm for the PTH rehearsal. It was pouring crazily and the only lucky thing that happened to me was that I had an umbrella with me. Tired and a bit disappointed, I went back alone by public transport. I decided to give myself the bus ticket which printed 1 March 2008 as a souvenir for myself. There goes my 21st birthday, no key, no nothing. Didn't even get a proper dinner with my family members. My sister told me they had Japanese cuisine that night. I had the normal canteen food. Not so bad I thought, at least they cooked chicken, could have been worse. Too bad I had no time to enjoy the food as my sister's phone was locked due to the different simcard it detected. I panicked because I was on-call to go down for the rehearsal. I called her using public phone but she couldn't recall. So I had to make several calls. I was so anxious that time that I confused the sim pin with the phone pin. I ended up locking my simcard as well. Frustrated, I borrowed my friend's phone to call her and ask her to get the PUK number from the telecommunication centre. When I went to the stage, my friends greeted me with "Happy Birthday, sorry, too busy" Well, I understand.

After all the unlucky events, and after finishing rehearsal, I dragged myself back to room. Took a nice shower and plan to take a rest until I hear a knocking. It was Shu Huan. With A BIRTHDAY CAKE! Something I didn't expect. There was only Shu Huan, she said she couldn't sing a birthday song alone so she woke her room mate up to sing along with her. They began with different versions of birthday songs which made me laughed. I was glad, finally my birthday is more like a birthday. After that they left without even having a piece of the cake as they were exhausted. At the meanwhile, I received a call from a senior, Chee Weh.
"Why didn't you come own for the meeting? How can you walk away straight after the rehearsal?"
"Where do you guys have the meeting?"
"At the stage. Come down."
"OK (since my mood is good enough for a meeting already ;D) "
To my surprise, I have another half of a birthday cake! Half because Yee Chia's (my college mother) birthday is also 1st March. Although they said that the cake is bought because there was a 50% discount, because they wanted to give the others a treat for being so hardworking for PTH but we were happy. I was so thankful I wasn't forgotten. In fact, I shouldn't have grumbled about the unhappy events that happened to me earlier on. I'm lucky enough to have a birthday. some people in this world don't even know when their birthday is. They are more concerned if they have food and shelter rather than birthday cakes and presents. I'm ashamed because I complained, why my parents didn't even call me? Instead, I have to call them, not to remind them of my birthday but that their eldest daughter needed some attention. Well, I'm old enough to be able to take care of myself I guess. At least I still have a family. They are healthy and fine, so I really shouldn't complain.

What does your birthday mean to you? A celebration for the day you come to this world? I reflected back, how much I have and how much I've grown. I might not be the luckiest person in this world, but I'm lucky enough to realise that I have a lot. Therefore, I should live happily like everyday is my birthday. If you forgot to give me present on 1st March, you can give me anytime you like 24 hours throughout 7 days per week for the whole year now since everyday is my birthday. It's better late than never ; )