Monday, March 21, 2005

thanks to rebec

Before I forget, Rebecca Lee, our dearest "faithful wife" or "miss Dayak" who's now in NZ sent me an adorable butterfly keychain and a meaningful birthday card to me. brithday passed for such a long time now and yet, I get to receive a gift from our good buddy, how nice of her...miss her very much too! I think Jou Hui must have got hers too...
Oh ya, I've finsh reading "The Da Vinci Code- Book 1" (chinese version). It's a good piece. In my opinion, it should be made into a film. I used a lot of my crictical thinking while reading this book. It's one of the novels which didn't make me fall asleep. I'm waiting for my sister to borrow the 2nd volume of the book from her friend and I can't wait to know what happens next...


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