Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another week has passed...

Just as I am starting to enjoy every bit of my holiday, I just realised that it's around two more weeks before I'm going to fly back to KL. I clearly remember how I complained about boredom at the beginning of the break. Right now, I almost hang out with my friends every day. And I find myself having more things to do. Weird psychology I know, it's always like this. Only starting to appreciate it when it's about to slip away.

Went back to Kuching High today an chatted with our teachers. They're actually so cute and less fierce/strict/stern when we become their "ex-students" :D but the one thing is, once he/she's our teacher, he/she'll be our teacher forever. We'll be having our KHS reunion on the 20th of June (which is very soon) so hopefully most of the alumni, current students, parents etc. will turn up and support our beloved school on that very day. Most of our happy memories cannot be burnt into ashes along with the buildings I bet.

At night, I went for dinner at Taman Kereta with my cousins, sis, bro and aunt. Had some seafood. Still full until now. We headed to Kapo, one of the "yamcha/limteh" places after the meal since we had no better suggestions of where to go. Erm, not so good remarks for that place but it was the moments we had together that's worth remembering. Had not been going out with family members like that for quite a long time. Sweet old times.

We mentioned about cholesterol levels, diet etc after the meal (our family loves seafood so much that we mostly have our family gatherings at seafood restaurants). My aunt said I look thin so she asked me to finish the crab when everyone else was either full for too lazy to eat it. I think that's my role at home too cause mum will ask to finish whatever's left...grr...
So to cut it short, I have not been jogging for the past 2 days. I ate a lot (due to my responsibility to finish food). Could not sleep at night (I'm suspecting I'm suffering from insomnia). And I came home to realised that my waistline and hip line has increased!!! AH!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Watched...Angels and Demons

Went for a movie with May Hui (UM senior) on Wednesday. It was "Angels and Demons" which I have wanted to watch long time ago (because I liked the book so much). Somehow, I was a bit disappointed after the movie. The book was much better. The atmosphere in the cineplex was spoilt by a gang of "never-been-to-a cinema-before" brainless teenagers/youngsters. Just as Tom Hanks was elaborating about facts, that bunch of monkey came in and made noise for almost like half an hour. That was like a century for me. I tried so hard to focus on the movie but couldn't. I got so irritated I was thinking of standing up and shout at them so that they kept quiet. They must have mistaken a a cinema for a coffee shop. What? the cinema belongs to them? Still get me on fire when I come to think of it. They could not stop making noises even after other audiences "shhh..." at them. Epidermis of their faces must be as thick as a dictionary.

Thank goodness they stopped after some time. This time, it's the girl next to me, oh~ XXXX I just hope she could lower her voice and stop discussing the story with her friend. Crap, of course I know what the character was doing in the the movie. Perhaps her friend whose IQ or comprehension can be so poor that she needs to tell her that Robert Langdon was wearing a Mickey Mouse watch. Hello~even a 3 year old can tell me that. She went on and on. I stared a her sometimes but gave up. She's not some pretty girl or what and seriously I won't have minded so much if she lowered her volume. And the part I hate most is that she told her friend what might happen next. Oh, come on la...the book was one of the best sellers and she thinks she's the only person who has read about it?

I apologise if I was the one who kept my ear to their conversation but it was so loud man. Grr~ Frustrations!!!! Next time, I am not going to just stare at them. They (those who make too much noice) probably can't see me in the dark. I'm goin to take out my handphone to light my face, widen my eyes to the maximum, lean my face close to them and stare at them like a revengeful ghost! They'll probably learn their lessons by that...haha....

Letting go those irritating experiences, the movie was overall ok. I feel that too much is missing but I can't tell what. Most people might also compare it to "The Da Vinci Code" but I'm bad in making comparisons. Moreover, I forget almost 80% of that movie already? Except the smart car scene and another few. In short, reading the original text would be much more pleasurable because you get to pause and think of the clue and also to admire the symbols etc. A person who has not read the book must be quite confused for the fast pace storyline.

Anyway, some stories are better when filmed while others are better in novels as they were. Take Twilight for example. I've not read the book at all but I understand well about the story and I don't think I will spend time reading the book (since it's pretty much a romance). Therefore, no need to think much while wacthing the movie, agree? Ok, I admit, the characters in the movie matters too. If Edward and Bella in Twilight were played by somebody else, the effect couldn't have been so great. The love story was so beautiful because the main actor and actress were so charming. That could be the reason by I did not rate Angels and Demons well? Tom Hanks not handsome? Erm...yes (that's frank) and no because reading the book provides much more excitement.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Updated, finally

If you have visited this blog some time ago, you may have noticed the chaos of scattering pictures in it. Well, the owner have come and arrange them into order (finally). That day was at Jalan Song with my 38 gang limteh-ing. I grabbed the opportunity to upload photoes (thanks to the wifi services) at the coffee shop since I failed after several attempts using the connection at home. Like what Mr. Kei said, dial-up connection is ancient already. What to do, no point applying for a broadband package since one of my sis will be going to UK soon and another already doing accounting at WM and me in KL too... So everytime I get to enjoy wifi, I'll be really really happy. Now, I don't even understand why I used to complain so much about the wireless services in campus, they're much better than dial-ups.
High speed net surfing led me to being too into my own business that I neglected my 38 gang. Therefore, Ah Gu San and Bella decided that no laptops are to be allowed during any limteh/yamcha sessions because those who do not bring along laptops will be left out. Ah well, that's why I'd only got the time to upload pictures and update later.
After limteh which was already midnight, we toured around the city. From south city to north city. Tauke Owen who wanted to take night scenes with his new Sony DSLR was a bit dissappointed becuase lightings were off at most places. Tauke Lip on the other hand couldn't stop telling stories about "human buns" (once a famous series filmed in Hong Kong about a murderer making buns/paus using human flesh) and some other ghost stories. Bella, Ah Gu San and me were trembling at the back of the car while Tauke Owen said he might want to take pictures of the supernatural phenomena. Spoookyyyy~

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Craving for some good Japanese food

Taken with my sis at Kampachi Japanese restaurant on the very first day of CNY 2009. A very first time and special way to celebrate CNY. All the nice food had empowered the feelings of me missing the celebration at home.

My happy sisters with their colourful Japanese food.

The Sushi Bento. Extremely nice. A must eat for sushi lovers! Mine was a Pavilion Bento, I wonder if the dish was name after Pavilion itself since the restaurant is located there. Anyhow, I don't know where that picture had been. It has a grilled mackerel in it. Very scrumptious too although I've love sushi more. Lately, I've been missing all the very delicious sushis and the choice of Japanese restaurants in KL. That's the one thing I'm missing KL now. Other nice restaurants which are less expensive compared to this one are Zanmai and Sakae. Zanmai is my favourite!! Nice and super-duper reasonable. I think that will be the first place I rush to once I'm back in KL. Have to blame Jogoya for not providing more sushis for me that day so my gratification towards sushi will be completely fulfilled and last for at least for these two months I'm away from KL. Not long after Jogoya having promotion, I heard from friends that Tian Ji and Shogun are also having promotion!!!! ARGH~~~~~~~~ WHY??????????

Why does this happen when I'm back for my sem break and ends before I go back? WHY?????????????? This could be one of the worst news of the year (for me)!

So you see, the whole purpose of me posting this entry is not to show how I celebrated CNY this year nor to show you which Japanese restaurants I've been to. It's to show how much a person (referring to myself here) can suffer when she misses the food so much....not like there's no Japanese reastaurants in Kuching, but after being pampered by the better standards (mainly variety), I just can't help but to crave for more. Well, until one day when I can't control my delayed gratification anymore, I'll take any sushis that come into my sight (like a hungy horse)!

Now I feel like eating my laptop because these beautiful sushi sets are just so tempting even on the screen.

Art work from Education Faculty

Don't be surprise that these art work below are not properties of fine arts students. Some of these masterpieces were captured during a mini exhibition organised by the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) students. There were a variety of artwork, using different techiniques and ingredients. I hope you'll like them too.

This is a watercoloured art work. I like the colour. It's much vibrant in reality. Sometimes I do feel that the eye captures the most beautiful moment.

These are made of shoe strings and other fabrics.

Twin tower made up of stamps.

This one is special. It has fragrance because it's glued with spices!

Abstract drawing. The one I like most.

I thought this one is quite sweet. Some lovely petals.

This is a combination of traditional and modern arts.
Ok, that's all for the TESL students. Now, it's time to show some work from some counselling students. You may want to ask, what do counselling students have to do with Education Fac? Well, it's a long story. The counselling course we take have nothing to do with being future conselling teachers (unless students apply to get an Education diploma after graduation etc.) but due to UM's long history, this course is placed under this faculty.
So, this was taken during an Expressive Arts Therapy workshop by Dr. Diana Lea B. (one of my favorite lecturers) on 16th Apr. It wasn't compulsory for all (counselling) students so not all my coursemates attended it. However, we had with us some Masters or even Doctorate students not to forget education workers such as teachers, principals etc.
Because the course was a short one, we were only exposed to a few main thing. Well, things may get deeper so, I guess we shall have a look at the work.

Notice that I did not leave any comments for these artworks? That was one of the things that I learnt from the workshop---do not interpret the work as a therapist, only the person who created it knows its meaning. Contrarary to people's misperception about counsellors or therapists in general, we DO NOT interpret all the time. More often, the clients have to do this themeselves. So, if you ask me, what does the tree symbolise? Well, I'll tell you I need more information from the creator to tell you. Anyway, it takes years to "produce" and accomplished expressive art therapists and a brief workshop can only enhance my knowledge.
Frankly speaking, I'm not fanatic of fine arts but I do appreciate creative works. Human are borned to be creative, don't you agree? Despite hearing people saying, "I'll never be good in arts", there are many ways on how we look at it. Drawing is one way, we have singing, dancing, speaking, writing, photographing and even blogging. Anything can be an art. Thinking is also an art don't you think? If you happen to have believed in such a statement, think twice. You may live out the creative side of yourself.
After all these, let you have a guess, which above would you think is my work? The title of my art is "A Gift for Mother". If you have it right, you have the talent to be an expressive art therapist as well ; )

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Neno Award!~ yeah~

Ok, my fault... I received this from a beauty blogger, Von Von long time ago but dragged on for so long before I get o post this on my blog. Ta Da~ here it is... Thanks a million to Von. She's a really friendly blogger. Ever since I came across her blog, I'm stuck to it. Even these days when I get online, I visit her blog instead of mine first hehe...I was addicted to her blog that I don't mind to maintain my blog less than reading her blog. Anyhow, thanks for this =)
You may like her blog if you're really into beauty stuffs. Her website is
The site is not under my link because I visit it so much that it's permanent in my history list :D
Well, according to the intstruction, I'm suppose to do many other things like choose ten friends which I would like to give the award to and drop a message at their chatbox. Ok, the list is (not in order)
1. Adrian Ng
2. Benjamin Moh
3. Huey Ye
4. Curry Egg
5. Yee Shien
6. Owen
7. Sean
8. Yang Lip
9. Sarah
10. Von Von
Well, it's really hard to choose. Everyone has their own uniqueness. I should apologize if u don't find my notification in your chatting box. This is an appreciation too all my friends who blog :)
There's no specific criteria cause I "award" this pretty much base on my "impression" (nice pics, nice posts, layout, genuinity, originality, interesting and surprising stuffs etc.). There are actually many other good bloggers which are not in this list. As more and more friends blog, I find it hard to keep up with all, I read those in my list more regularly. So, if you're in my link, you're very much appreciated too!

outting with 38 gang

After some centuries, I finally get to meet up with my 38gang. Finally got to enjoy the goodness of wi-fi!!!! yeah~ Just as I planned to upload my incomplete previous entries, I realised that I didn't bring my pendrive which has all my recent pictures. Argh~
Anyhow, will update with some other things first (without) pictures though...