Thursday, November 19, 2009

Poor Pinky

Sometimes, I kind of dislike the feeling of going back home alone on the plane, especially when I have a total of maybe up to 30kgs or more, I don't know. I do, however, improve over the years or over time as I travel more frequently. I managed to bring only the necessary (because I just place two sets of things so that I don't havr to carry that much), reducing the number of baggages that I carry along with me. I am amazed how I used to be able to carry so many things with me. Some times, passer-bys even feel empathy they offer help to carry my bags. Still, I carry too many things with me. Like today, I checked in and found that my luggage was overweight for 2.2kgs. I used to be very good in estimating the weight of my luggage, I was almost consistently accurate but not today.

I was so clumpsy just now that I accidentally slammed my foot with my luggage. The luggage's officially got NO handles at all right now so it's been some trouble handling it. I had no idea what the poor thing went through from the check-in counter into the aircraft for the pass few trips. I think I travelled in no more than 20 times over the last 3 years. I thought I could use it until I graduate but sadly, it's really in a very user-unfriendly state. Maybe I have the responsibility of its current condition as I do not treat it gentle enough.

My luggage is pink. Don't ask me why, pink is not my favourite colour but that's the one that attracted my attention when I was given a couple of luggages to choose from. Somehow, it's great o recognise it because to date, I have not found anyone using the same lugagge hence, I need not worry about mistaking another person's for mine (since I'm such a Blur!). Now I'm thinking what colour I should get next?

I got plenty of time to think it over because the flight is delayed...AGAIN. I only have lees than 2 hours now due to the limited net surfing time. Well, will grab some time to check on Facebook now :D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Signature Eyes

This is copied exactly from Calista's blog entry.

Then we went to Pavilion to jalan-jalan, and as soon as we walked through the doors (n this made me feel like a star =D), 3 guys were walking towards us, when I heard "Eh, Maybelline Top 5!" and then "Bukanlah, Top 10". O.M.G. We were so messy as well, I cant believe we actually got recognized!! *Calista dances around just thinking about it*

Her experience reminds me of something. Lately I encounter people whom I don't seem to know looking and smiling at me. Being a kind and humble person (ahem, yes, I am!), I'll smile back without much thinking. Now, I know why. Thanks to Calista for reminding me. I think I forgot how BIG the media influence is! hahaha... Next time, I'm gooing to be extra careful of my image whenever I step out of my room, some more exam period means BIGGER panda eyes. But who knows people might mistake that as the newest trend in make-up, a.k.a. applying eyeshadow on the undereye...Smokey eyes are in during fall seasons, so yeah, not bad at all.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Randy Pausch

Do you still remember what your childhood dreams are? Being someone great, living in a big house with all the coolest functions and futuristic technologies, driving a sports car which is greater than Batman's, going to space, having a wardrobe room, making some magic happen etc etc...

Well, I ashamed to say but, I have to refresh my memories on my childhood dreams because sometimes, I so "live" in reality that I neglected some of my childhood dreams. They are the "true dreams" because they are not what your parents want you to do, not what your teachers expect you to achieve nor what the society needs. They're purely what you hope for simply because you believe you'll be really happy to have realised them. I do have dreams now, but it's a different story. Those were like modified according to "pracitical-ability", "attainability", "social context suitability" and the list goes on. But in a dream, anything is possible. And the child, always dare to dream. Now, I'm going get my dreams back (from my long term memory).
And relist them. I'll realise them one by one before I get old and forget that I actually have all these dreams.

I will NOT sit here the whole day writing posts bout my childhood dreams because I am so inspired by this man that I tell myself, you have an assignment to be completed, and two more tests to sit for (reality's bell rings at me) so study hard, because there's a reason why you have to undergo all these although it may not be the most pleasurable things to be done. So, STOP PROCRASTINATING!

To cut it short, I've just added another idol to my list, Randy Pausch. A truly inspiring and great man who reminds me of what dreaming is about. I don't know how to describe with words, but all I can say is, thanks to YouTube, I get to watch such a great talk without being in the same place with him. Too bad, I'll never have the chance to watch him live, ever again...he passed away due to cancer, but he was surely an optimistic and energetic warrior!

OK, I have to go back to my studies (me watching YouTube the whole day is a hint how much I'm left behind my schedule but still, I think it's worth the time and I don't mind it being my exam week. Yea, you got it right, Facebook isn't my "in-est" thing now, YouTube is).

Need some inspiration? Get some here
That's the second one out of 11,it'll lead you to other episodes at the related videos. It will take more than an hour to finish all but still, like I say, you'll enjoy it, and learn something, for sure.
So, enjoy :)

Oh, before I forget, got some other inspiring stories from Cameron Diaz and Paul Holmes (this one being recommended by Clement, also a very good piece). Will be soon until I update again, not forgetting the queueing posts I promised myself. Till then.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Enjoy the journey... (and the music)

LVMH is a conglomerate of luxury brands. What makes it different from other companies? Its values? Vision? Or something more realistic such as it products? Marketing strategies? I'm not going to talk much about the company or the brand. I look at it on a more personal level, it suggests a kind of lifestyle, and a beautiful philosophy.

I like the lines so much I had them copied down in my notebook. Very much like what I believe.

A journey is not a trip

it is not a vacation

It is a process. A discovery.

It's a process of Self-Discovery.

A journey brings us face to face with ourselves

A journey shows us not only the world,

but how we fit in it.

Does the person create the journey

or does the journey create the person?

The journey is life itself

Where will life take you?

"A journey is not a trip. It is not a vacation" but a trip or a vacation can be a journey. It is a process, a discovery...I just can't agree more. And these especially leave me to ponder: Do we create our journeys? it the journey that we take makes us who we are. The one that leaves the most impact would be the last. Shall we realise this "journey" is actually our lives, where do we allow it to take us to? How, would you want your journey to be?

Everyone may want different things in life. Different meanings and joy. Whatever it is, there's a value that we pun onto it. How we appreciate what we have is kind of wealth. Somehow, we tend to overlook what we have and how rich we actually are sometimes. Enjoying life, is acutally a luxury anyone can afford.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

FOOD for study week

I have done many things during my study week. Study week is usually the time when I relax but this semester, it's a mixture of many things. Normally, I'll treat myself with good food during study week. These are some of the important food I've taken to energise myself.

Essential food. I rushed for my assignmentS, can't get good grades without it;
Food for the Mind. I read books that I couldn't keep my hands off. Too bad they are not the type that relates to my exams but still enlightening;
A little alchohol in the Food. I went clubbing (I club like once or twice per semester the most and it falls in this week),will just let loose a bit;
Dessert. I watched a movie "Law Abiding Citizen", it's BRILLIANT! This movie is SO enjoyable that I highly recommend it (maybe a short review when I have time and hopefully it's while the movie is still shown in cinemas);
Food for personal growth. I participated in the international conference of Criminalise War organised by the Perdana Global Peace Foundation (gona blog bout this);
Food for the Skin. I attended Clarins "Power to Try" workshop organised by Miu, it was truly a skin pampering session because after so many sleep debts, I am actually so physically tired and I got to try out so many wonderful products to revitalze my skin especially the "Beauty Flash Balm"!

Nutrients keep the mind awake especially when I don't get enough rest. Nutritionists suggest that food of different colours provides us with different nutrients.
And I do eat more during study weeks. Need to supply the esentials so that the brain continues to function well. But, something's missing...

JUNKFOOD! Anything I do that is actually unproductive for a study week. Procrastinating on the internet, talking crap, lazing for extra 20minutes on the bed after a nap and things alike.

Oh ya, and where's my main course? Gona start studying real SOON!!!