Friday, August 29, 2008

sorry for not updating...been really busy. just cut my will upload my photoes some time. haha, please be patient ; )

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

moral of the story: don't ever dream of being a diva if u can't even do a solo

I can't believe there is a day when a senior can be set up by some juniors.

I was with some juniors during a meeting and we got so "high" that we wrote each other's names on the list of name for singing audition on the notice board. I didn't really feel much about it until..........

TODAY. I was back from a dinner with a bunch of friends and someone asked me, "Hey, kenapa tak pergi audition lagi?" I was like "HUH?"

OOPs...That was the organizing chairperson of that project. Luckily I saw the few juniors who wrote their names on the board and ask them to go together BUT them didn't seem interested to go. I could have just pulled out as well but the bad news is some people just like to look at notice boards. They just some how know that my name was written on the first row of the list. And unlike being a junior, being around for one year means they recognise me...OH NO~~~~

So, I rushed back to my room and tell my room mate about it. Siew Li who plays guitar encouraged me by playing some songs for me so that I could practise. I guess I can get nervous than I could imagine because I can't reach the pitch which I usually can do with ease. I thought I could be as simple as singing karaoke with my friends but when I passed by the Bilik Sidang where audition is held, I panicked. There were many people and a camcorder. Crap...and if I use the microphone to sing, I bet the whole block can hear me. Let me just bury my head in some whole...Not like I've never sung in front of some audience before but that was N years ago and it was a duet with Joash. Should anything happen,he could still back me. Along with me were familiar faces like Sean, Carey and Samuel. Even that, we rehearsed the whole morning and I had a bunch of buddies down there to support me.
This time is crazy, I'm so totally unprepared. Well, guys, do wish me luck :-S
Tomorrow will be it.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Visit to the art Gallery

This post was supposed to be posted up long time ago when I was having my holiday back in Kuching. due to my "buzyness", can only show some of the pictures now and I totally forget what I want to comment on it. I think it was in early July that I went to the Sarawak Art museum which I have never been to all these years until I saw the banners that there was going to be an exhibition by Sarawakian artists. Being a supportive citizen, I went.

So, this is actually a piece of batik with human figures in it. I think you may also spot a house and guess what they are doing. It is one of the different art I saw.

A dragon-like creature.

View of the gallery.

Chinese-style painting and one of my favourite. Looks so real and lively.

More Chinese paintings.

Also one of my favourite. It's actually a jetty being put together by puzzles of geometrical shapes.

2-in-1. Just like coffee and creamer. Looks at its best when combined although they can be individual paintings.

Wild chicken made of tin.

Trying to act cute but my arms can't bend like that.

Just want to be a piece of art so desparately.

my work

This is the drawing I produced during personality lesson. I received some compliments so I thought why not I put up here for aution. Actually, I planned to post this up onto Curry Egg's blog since she has much more readers than I do but she decided that I'll have to share 50% of what I get with her. Then I started using my fingers to count. If I manage to only sell RM3 for this picture, then my share would be RM1.50. I don't think that can cover the cost of the materials I used, and if I feel thirsty after negotiating with her (regarding the price), I might wana get some drinks that spend that RM1.50. Oh crap. So, I decided that I should just exhibit my masterpiece here...I can't afford beter publicity by posting to a popular blog. Sigh~

The mother of this drawing. Haha...Being inspired by the beads and shiny ornaments which keep falling off due to the not-so-sticky glue I used, I wrote this prose,

Nature designed beauty in a Fashion that

it is made Mortal and Fades with Time,

But the Spirit within Lives till


Everything natural has a cycle and its time. That implies on us too. That butterfly sort of represents me. The shiny ornaments are my jewellery. My appearance may fade over time but the carefree spirit should always live in me. The things that I do, I hope, leave postive impact on other people's live. That is how the spirit may continue living. That applies to everyone. I'm sure all the things you say and do can affect others. Even a smile can leave trace in someone's heart.

I believe life can be as colourful as this painting.