Saturday, March 05, 2005


After work, I went on solo to Taman Kereta. As I passed Sommerset, I saw people who were looking upwards. Was it that someone was attempting to jump from the building? Or what? I looked up too. There was nothing. I didn’t want to be a busybody, so I turned off. It’s the bookfair which took me there after all.
There were many books which I think a few hours wouldn’t be enough. Book lovers should go there, there are great bargains on. Few people were there and it was chilly. They got great air-conds. I really couldn’t fix my eyes on certain types of book coz I love them all. English and Mandarin the languages alone is one choice I have to choose from. Finding out that Mandarin books are generally cheaper than English’s, I flip over a few interesting ones. I bought a few back, man, my wallet is so dry now. One thing I realized : my English never improve because I merely read any English. English books are more EXPENSIVE. What logic is this? Finance management.


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