Monday, July 18, 2005

Lying upon the blue blanket

It was Friday night when I was suppose to complete my Chemistry homework. Instead, I was at Kuching Specialist Hospital accompanying my mum who had been through a minor operation on her legs. Luckily the place was descent, not very much like a ward if you’r not looking at the equipment and beds. My mum was staying in a 3 bedded ward where the other 2 beds were empty. The ward’s washrooms (there were 2) can be considered luxurious. Service was good too, nurses come as soon as patients press the emergency- call button.
When night falls, all I felt was boredom. I brought along my chemistry book but there was no table suitable for studying or rather would I say that I couldn’t study in that environment. Luckily, the programmes on TV that night were good enough. After the Cantonese drama series, I watched the news, then Matrix. The hospital actually provides food for patients, but my mum was too weak to eat that much so she asked me to take the food because it’s a waste to throw it away. There was a cup of soya bean, french beans, fruits, and curry chicken? I wondered what was the curry chicken doing there…should patients eat spicy food? Strange, but I didn’t ask the nurse or the nutritionist if he/she was the one who gave the idea of serving patients with curry. After watching Matrix, I began to feel tired. I was lying on the lazy chair but I really couldn’t sleep. Then my mum asked the nurse if I could sleep at the vacant bed. There, that night, I was lying on the blue blanket. I woke up the next morning opening the windows and took a look at Tabuan Stutong’s view. I could see Hui Ing’s house from there. Air was cool, I was lazy, still sleepy because I’d only slept for not more than 5 hours. My dad then came and brought me to eat the Kampua Mee at the Kopitiam same row with the hospital which costed only RM2 but tasted great.
The doctor come and checked my mum’s condition. He said she can leave that very day. After getting the bill and so on, we left. Oh ya, there’s a very nice looking guy at the counter. Too bad he was married. (He was wearing his golden wedding ring)

Saturday was the day I lied in the blue blanket of nature…Santubong’s beach.
It wasn’t that blue, and in fact, it was more to greenish. It was a beautiful evening until it rained. On the top of your body was rain water; half of it soaked in salt water. When I splashed the water, I couldn’t differentiate which was rain and which was sea water. All I felt was calmness and fun despite the waves which got higher and rougher. The place was deserted except for me and my friends.
I went home wet, tired but satisfied. I love listening to the waves. Everything in the week was being washed off….

It was Wan Lin's birthday yesterday. I sent her an SMS ....wonder if she'd received it?

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Happy go Lucky still...

There was this science exhibition at school for the past 2 days. It was enjoyable because I got to work in the lab, mainly to test visitor’s colour-blindness. Besides that, there were “stress test”, “Brain test” and demonstration of cutting a white mouse and a very, very ,very (until infinity) cute rabbit which was such a poor thing that it had to die so young just to let students see it’s digestive system and how sad because I liked it sooooo MUCH! ‘Brain test’ was an interesting one as I’ve always like the brain and wonder how it works. So the results was that I’m using 54% of my right brain, 46% of the left (meaning that I’m slightly more towards artistic than logical thinking); I’m more of a visual person than auditory. Being playful (as I’ve always been),I hang around in the other labs besides the Bio lab. There were Physics, Maths and Chemistry which happened to be the most happening lab of all. Our class shown ‘Burning Paper with Ice’ and ‘Magical Mixture’. The first one was actually using the reaction between sodium peroxide and water which releases heat that is big enough to burn the toilet paper. Non science students and juniors are amazed though. My hands were contacted to the alkalyne as result of not using gloves which made them so uncomfortable. I ended up having itchy hands…hoho… I was suppose to take care of the colour-blindness test but I can always leave it to my group members =p that I actually went to the physics lab to chat with Jess and the others. I met some of her classmates who were Bumi but speak Mandarin and Hokkien. I was surprised when they sang a chinese song, “Tong Hua”….haha…their pronunciation was accurate….even I don’t know how to sing the whole song (don’t know the lyrics). It was fun cause I met a lot of funny and friendly people. But I was missing out lessons. Bio test todays sucks. I’m worrying about my position in the class now because all of my classmates seem to be like rajin-rajin dan bijak-bijak belaka. I’m gonna be deadmeat…sighZ!~
It's my "ex-husaband", Owens birthday today. So since, I'm updating today, will just leave the birthday wish here for him. p/s the inverted commas i use to quote ex-husband means that it's just crap....people who know us well know lar...

Monday, July 04, 2005

Drifting in the space of time

How I wish there is a sleeping period in my Monday timetable. I was dozing throughout the classes with my eyelids upfolded. My hand was moving over the paper writing notes that one can hardly interpret. Oh, Monday! That’s all because of a tiring weekend. There was this Food and Fun Fair at St. Thomas’s last Saturday. There were more than 50 stalls and continual crowd, flooding the school. Our class’s stall was not at a very strategic location, somewhere at a corner, selling jelly, sushi, yoghurt drink, canned drinks, mineral water, braiding, and hand-made keychain. Sushi finished the fastest. Then,jelly. I basically “snaked” around hoping to see some of those prince charmings (heehee…) while promoting the canned drinks. Business was bad at first. So I lazed back to our stall and hoped for a nice rest there (our stall was actually in one of the air-cond classes). When I came back, Pn. Eng (form teacher) said, “Bei Shan, come and draw more of those keychains. The one you drew just now was sold.” Wow, I didn’t know my “art” was actually sellable. Hoho…so I sat there painting. Then came this guy who wanted me to draw a comic character for him (one of those japanese comic character which requires excellent skills and complicated lines.) Please lah, I was using a big paintbrush, how could I possibly produce fine lines? He, sketched the picture on a piece of paper, leaving me “trying my best” to copy the draft onto the wood. After some time, he came back and took a look at my work. “Erm, will it hurt if I tell you to draw another one for me?”
“OF COURSE (DUDE, I took about half an hour to copy that stupid face into that piece of wood and you now tell me you don’t want it? I’m going to paint your face!) even though it doesn’t look exactly the same but it’s hard to draw that(stupid cartoon of yours,don’t forget you were using pencil just now) using this (brush).”
“Then, so are you better at? Draw anything you feel more comfortable with.”
“Oh, I draw cartoon, cute cute ones. If you want scenery, my friend can draw for you. I can draw ‘Lao Shu Ai Da Mi (mouse love rice,a very popular Chinese song)’which has a smiling mouse holding a cute tiny-winy rice in its hand.”
“Um, ok. I’ll take that. I’ll be back again.”
I sold a few of those keychains that morning. Leaving me exhausted and went out to spend my coupon. I merely see any food when took a second stroll. Out of no choice, I bought hotdogs and went to experience the “Haunted House”. Everyone was screaming inside. The ‘ghosts’ and the folks (like us). It was not that horrifying but it’s a girl’s instinct to scream (high pitch) in the room. I nearly lose my voice when I came out. I never knew that screaming at the top of my voice continuously for 10 or more minutes will burn up so much of calories.
After a bit of tidying up and counting (we collected RM983), me and our 38 gang went to watch Initial D. Not bad la, but don’t expect it to be one of the coolest movie. It was only funny and the visual was so so. After the movie, the five of us (Hui, Lun, Jess, Ying and me) went for a drink. Ying and Jessica left earlier, leaving the 3 of us strolling along Riverside. Guess what? We saw Saiful, one of the top ten finalist in the last Malaysian Idol! He was carrying a bag, walking with a gang of friends and appeared to be quite “sissy” (sorry for being so rude to use this word) amongst his friend. Jou Hui didn’t believe me as I was the one who caught eye of him so we turned back and followed him to look at him again to make sure. We ran and finally…a graceful man with skin as smooth as silk and a pretty smile appeared just metres away from us. He kinda thought we were some wild fans who would chase after their idols….whooo!~
There goes my first time, chasing after a celeb. But I wanted to clarify lah, I don’t really like him. I just wanted to prove that my eyesight is still prefect without glasses.
After being outdoor for more than 12 hours, Hui and I got bombed for not calling home to report our location. Coincidently enough, our handphones ran out of battery and switched off automatically.
Sunday, I went to see the carshow and fashion show at Taman Kereta. There were more cars compared to the previous one I went to. some cars were not modified, seriously, they were practically tranformed. A Wira can be Lancer, a Kenari can be a Toyota (duno why they just simply change the logo, take it off or whatever). Out of all, only a few cars looked more like cars (the one which we can take our friends and family out without being stopped and pulled off by the JPJ) and only few owners were tasteful. Some owners wanted to let us know that they’ve got a strong engine that they couldn’t help stop blowing and how I wish they could stop at once since petrol prices are rising high these days. They must have a penny or two in their pocket to enable them to buy ten woofers, repaint the car, attach a few more extra exhausts and lots and lots of stickers (since they’re bloody cheap) but doesn’t mean that they know how to admire the beauty of a car. Some just spoil them.
After that was the fashion show. I finally saw Amber Chia in a near distance. She’s a professional model and I quite admire her attitude of not giving up to heat up the atmosphere (despite that Kuching people are not quite generous to appause or cheer for the special guests).