Tuesday, March 15, 2005

a few minutes under the sun turned me into charcoal

I haven’t been to Kuching High for quite some time until the release of our results. These few days, I often show myself at the principal’s office because I need him to certify certain documents. The Red Crescent unit had their footdrill practice this morning. I watched them under the sun, I haven’t been under the sun for such a long time since I last marched. After the session, Kok How, another junior member and I went to eat laksa at Ting’s Café, a humble coffee shop which sells delicious food at the most reasonable price. After that, they ate ice-cream but I didn’t. I saw the St. John Ambulance members from our school. It’s their flag day. If you go to town area next time, take note, especially at the Parkson area. They will be there, not one…but the whole bunch!


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