Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's ReaLlyY hot

Man, I just deleted my previous pointless post (sorry to take your precious time if you’ve just finished reading it). The darn hot weather is driving me nuts. My blood is boiling and my bones are cracking like keropoks! I can even cook an egg on my palm,dude. How does my brain function in such a hot afternoon? My pimples are rearing their heads out of my skin surface and I hate that more than I hate any jerks. Everything is so dry…I mean my wallet. I’m so running out of money and have an extremely low credit in my prepaid account. Sharks, how am I going to survive until the next month? I’ve reloaded for 3 times already this month.
Arghhh!~ I just wanna soak myself into a pool of cold water now….


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