Friday, March 04, 2005

5 Golden Flowers

So, it has been a happening week. On Monday, I was shocked when I realised that office was broken in. A loss of more than two thousand ringgit was estimated. Shocked I was,for the need to clear up the scene…it was chaotic. Today, they came to office to take measurements for a stronger gate and better security. We all think as if we were the thieves and how to prevent burglaries from happening again. Well, it’s somewhat pathetic coz I was one in many who had the keys. They might have suspected me for convicting the crime but man it’s oh-so-realistic and it concerns money. Luckily they trusted me and God knows, I’m clean.
Just now, we did a simple farewell for Hui Ing. She’s going to KL soon. As soon at 7 a.m. which is a few hours ahead. The ‘5 golden flowers’ then bustled Country Café with noises, spoiling the peaceful atmosphere like no one else could. The opened area where we whistled at passer-bys was serene, windy and nice but it’s a mismatch for noisy girls.
While waiting for food, Florence and I played pool. Man, I lost! Can you believe it? She poked in the black 8 with the white ball flying across the pool table, landing on the floor.
Gosh, what more can I say, it was miraculous and um…well I lost anyway, so nevermind, it was just for fun. I hadn’t touch that thing since I came back from Damai last year.
Food was well…not so good but oklah and such. And the price, not worthfulness due to the sub-standard tastiness of the food. Richmond and Westwood are a lot better and the price friendlier. Anyhow it was like trying new stuff, coz we actually aimed for “Classical Tea” (cha you), opposite but it was close. And one thing which might have annoyed the shop keeper (heck, there were some “no outside food allowed”signs hanging over the walls but who cares?), I bought deep-fried-chicken-butts from the Ah Pek stall for Ah Ying. It was her favourite, and of course, I love it too! Only Poh Ping didn’t enjoy.
That was the area we hung out at while we were in Kuching High, those days when we were late for afternoons classes as a result of too much walking and talking.
We then decided to walk to Ala Carte to take photo stickers. So, we walked. It was just meters away which was long enough a distance to give me a few screams, us,actually. Suddenly, the lights went off! Soon enough, Ping said that someone once commited suicide at that spot. Sharks! Why did she tell us when we were on our way?
Despite the frights and screams, we found that the photo taking machine there wasn’t the one we looked for. We wanted something better and there’s only one place, Hock Lee.
It’s always us. Wacky faces in the stickers, playing Daytona like nobody’s business. Things have edges, I guess I regretted for not giving, or more appropriate, for forgetting to give Ah Ying a good bye hug. How could I possibly forget that? my brains…


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