Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A beautiful psychological meaning of Marriage

Marriage has its origin in the concept of a man & a woman giving themselves to each other for life in order to bring new life into the world .

I find this VERY beautiful as I was browsing through websites doing my assignment for Family Therapy and Counselling. The question was, how mariage is defined in the psychological terms. Relationships is a very wide and deep topic that requires us to learn throughout lifetime. And Marriage, is one of the most sophisticated relationships among all. I hope I'll remember this quote for life so I decided to post it here.

Well, if you wonder why do I post about marriage quotes lately (somebody actually asks), I simply think these are worthy notes which are too BEAUTIFUL to overlook. If I have more time, I'd write more thoughts on it but I need to continue with my assignment. Afterall, it's a topic which may take more posts than I can produce. And it's so subjective not everyone will agree to it (expect some debates).

But if you find this appealing, you may continue reading about Marriage