Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'll be Forever Fabulous;-)

It’s been a GREAT time over the past two months. I have experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity as one of Maybelline New York’s Simply Fabulous top ten finalists. The programme doesn’t end on the night of the Grand Finale itself because all the things that I’ve learnt will be carried with me throughout my life. Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive! I really appreciate the faith and belief that you have in me. Although I wasn’t the person who won the title, I can still feel that I am Simply Fabulous in my very own way.

I really had fun that night and I can feel that I had really “unmasked” myself! I didn’t feel anxious, I wasn’t nervous and all I did was enjoying every moment that I had. I feel like I have given my best on that night throughout this whole competition and I have no regrets. Looking back, I don’t even take this as a failure. I simply see it as a platform whereby I see where my strengths and weaknesses are. Besides, being with the other fabulous people in the whole programme has really made me grow in many ways! I get feedback, constructive comments, tips, stories and many more. This is simply an awesomely invaluable experience!
Like what I’ve always believed in, this is a continuous journey. The end of the programme does not mark the end of being a Fabulous person. I have realized so much… I am still proud of myself for being who I really am.
I am simple yet sophisticated.
I can be quiet but also LOUD.
I am down to earth but it doesn’t mean I can’t fly high.
I may not be a pro in MODELLING, but I believe I can be a ROLE MODEL of others.
When it comes to learning, there are no limits or boundaries for me. I’ll move on in my journey to pursue my dreams!

I’ll be positive all the way, I’ll be strong and humble. I’ll never stop upgrading myself in becoming a better person and will not forget about my philosophy to be a whole-rounded person. I hope to inspire people no matter where I am and touch people’s hearts. I’ll keep dreaming BIG. Frankly speaking, my dream is not to be a counselor only, my dream is MORE THAN THAT. That is one of the goals, I will reach. Other than that, I hope to bring more colours into others’ lives. To bring hope, to bring awareness, to nurture, and to help others grow.
This is part of my transformation. Still, I am so glad that you are all the witnesses of my transformation. I am sincerely grateful. I’ll not take whatever I have for granted. Once again, thank you. I hope everyone of you are doing well too!
Shall end this post with some pics of the night ;-)
Our gorgeous hosts. Henry Golding and Sarah Lian.

The QnA session. I was the second to come up.

Meet the judges. Kimberly from senior makeup artist and trainer from Maybelline NY, celebrity, Sazzy Falak; celebrity stylist and creative consultant, StevenSunny & Abhi from McCann.

Some bloggers described me as one of the quieter ones...well, I think I've justified myself. That's a part of me that was not shown in the webisodes, hehe...

Ready to rock the world!

Catwalking for Levi's new collection.

Ten of us. Calista voted by bloggers as Miss Superb Confidence and Diana voted by customers of Watsons as the face of So Gorgeous.

The long awaited moment...announcement of the title, Miss Simply Fabulous...NALINDER!

But we all are winners in some ways. Taken at the press conference.

Off stage with Hyma and Elensha. Thanks to all of you who have come to support me that night! Also not to forget those who couldn't come but still support me mentally :)

Some SS pics hoho...
Nothing's better than having a great meal with a good bunch of buddies after an entire night of event! Need to refill the energy used.

Credits are given to the photographers who own the rights of the pictures in this post. More photoes at my Facebook profile. Apologies for mistakes that I may have made in the details mentioned above.
Most importantly, don't forget to catch the show on 18/10(Sunday), 10pm at 8tv! An exclusive interview with the winner Nalin available at 8tv Quickie right after the show!

Sunday, October 04, 2009


This post is all about me in Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous and links related to it. For people who know me well, I am a low key person most of the time. I speak only when I think I should or when I feel it's appropriate and NOW, it's the time to share with you!

Here goes:
1. What is Maybelline New York Simply Fabulous?
It is an online reality program by 8TV, sponsored by Maybelline New York, in search for Malaysia’s most Simply Fabulous who has the dream, personality, confidence and all! Winner walks away with RM10, 000 cash and a trip to New York City which includes VIP passes to the Spring 2010 New York Fashion Week!

2. What is your dream/ ambition?
My dream is to be a whole-rounded person in life, live life to the fullest and to leave positive impact in other’s lives. I hope to be an expert in the help profession and to help others to discover their potentials too!
Yeah, if you have been reading this blog, you will have the clue that I am a counseling student, and I have BIG ambition, I want to go beyond being a good counsellor, I hope to do something more than that.

3. Why did you join this competition?
I joined this competition because I want to experience something new and different. I was attracted to the prize that is to win RM10,000 and a free trip to New York especially the New York Fashion Week which is exclusive. I’d really love to visit NY because it’s a city of Liberty and I’ve always dreamed of going to the states to live my ‘American Dream’. I have not been out of the country before, not even to Singapore! So, I hope I can win to be on my way to overseas and open up my eyes! And of course, I’m doing all these because I want to discover my potential which I have overlooked all these while. Like Maybelline’s tagline, “maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline”. Maybe I’m born with it!so here I am to discover the ‘IT’ element in me!
This is honest confession. Not been out of the country (don't even own a passport now...); YES, the attractive prizes Catches my attention! ; Discovering my own potential. Well, it's not convincing if I want to help others to discover their potential if I only talk about but no actions taken.

4. Where do I get more information?

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After so many links, perhaps some pictures to ease your eyes?

Some function...

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The Ten GIrls

Me :)

Profile pic! (yeah, in case you can't recognise me, like what Sarah told me "I could only recognise you by your dimple" some more you can't see my dimple in this pic) ^^" swt...

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