Friday, December 31, 2004

Time to change the calendar

News Year’s eve is when everyone counts down to send off year 2004 and welcome year 2005. What I did was hanging out with friends. At 7pm, there’s this gathering meant for our primary school classmates. There were 11 of us which consist of everyone I can recognise except Samuel who came back from Australia and Allen who became so hip hop that I even asked, “Who’s that guy?”. The others are like, I’m so used to seeing them ler, hehez. Everybody gossips…Clara posted ,um actually it was Samuel who started the topic bout our love life. So, we had to tell one by one ler. And we did the lagging action the whole night, how lame was that? We said something cold which we thought would be funny and laughed ourselves out. Anyhow, we made the most noises in Memory Cafe that we felt the waitress might just put up a ‘Silent please’ sign in front of us.
After that we moved on to do to the countdown. Before that, Adeline drove me to Lake Park to pick up Florence. I guess that was the funnest part coz we turned the song loud and sang with our hearts. Then it was the girls’ time in the car. Traffic was bad, Extremely BAD. And there were like police everywhere. Adeline had to avoid them because there she din’t put up her “P” stickers. We parked somewhere near Jade Pot to walk to Soho. And the countdown actually sucks… when we finished countdown in Grappa, we came out. It was then we heard people in Soho shouted “3…2…1…Happy new Year!~” oh man, din’t they standardise the time? what sort of countdown is that? the area was too crowded, there’s not even a space to fit me in,not to mention dancing. I just wana get home as soon as possible as I wasn’t in the party mood anymore. I was stepped by strangers, squeezed by the party people and felt that, I’d rather come online at home. So here I am blogging.
Anyway, there’s one thing I wish I could do but I couldn’t. I was thinking of donating to the tsunamis’victims via sms but it din’t get through. DiGi sent me a message which reads: “ You do not have sufficient credit to perform this transaction. Please reload your prepaid credit”owh, I forgot that there’s only a balance of RM 2.20 in my account and I thought it just costs me RM1? I just wana do a good deed but seems like I ‘ve been‘rejected’. Whatever, I might reload my account and try in the morning so that this could be the first good deed I do in year 2005. Giving within our ability will turn us into happy souls, trust me (it’s anyhow more meaningful than just counting down) Hope that you all have a wonderful time. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!~

Bloggers’ Big Day

Look into the sky… the stars are twinkling happily although it rained nearly the whole evening. Brightly they shine for an eventful and significant day for the bloggers--- ABC ( Annual Bloggers’ Convention) which have to be recorded in history. Well, I’m not going to go into detail since the other members will have it done in their blogs. There’s a list from A to Z we do for tradition in the coming celebration. I really feel honoured to be able to attend this marvellous and meaningful gathering even though I’m a very new blogger.
Here’s a brief description of how the ceremony is carried out:
Someone has to drive. He or she will have to pick up 4 strangers from different schools or different community and best if they are from different races. Then, he/she has to drive to Buntal to a restaurant namely Lim Hock Ann (I’m not promoting the restaurant or what but it’s tradition you know) to order 5 particular dishes ( can I not list them out?). at 8 pm, someone has to spill his/her fresh lime juice into the vegetable with belacan (I don’t know how it spells, beedin?) ok, forget it. Oh ya, we have to play cards before that…oh no, handphone comes first. Then there should be a pin drop silence and someone has to pop: “ Why is everyone so quiet?”Later on some chit-chat and photo taking session has to be done. Yea, the typical class photo with guys at the back and girls in front and the waitress there who acts like a teacher and orders us to be serious as we take our place.
Pinch the driver every30 seconds to make sure that the all the bloggers can have a safe journey. Starting a topic about pets can be nice to break silence. Then we will take turns to voice up. Soon, we’ll reach the Santubong Bridge ( I hope I’m not wrong) where the driver should speed up a little bit as everyone holds their breath to make a wish (we’ll see how it works real soon). After that, we should find somewhere with a washroom so that we don’t have to torture our bladders? As bloggers are the kindest people on Earth, ( especially 5 of the ABC founders) picking up another stranger wouldn’t be a problem. Then the driver will say, “I’m driving aimlessly. Can anyone suggest where to go?”Too, bad everyone talks to the stranger now. So, the driver has to shout the stranger’s name to get attention… Finally, a place is found to settle everybody down. We’ll have drinks and more chit-chat ( and some language lessons perhaps?) the stranger has to pay for the driver’s drinks. Chit-chat some more until it’s someone’s curfew and when it’s time to dismiss. Have to send the stranger home too (if he/ she hadn’t taken medicine. That might threaten the lifes of some potential bloggers which might cause a great lost to the bloggers’ society, you see)
When everyone’s home, we’ll have another conference through the net…
As long as long as the stars are shining, the spirit of ABC will continue to glisten…

*Note: I apologize if the story was deviated and if spelling errors are found… actually I kind of feel bad for always calling the person who drives ‘the driver’ since it doesn’t sound so nice. Anyway, he plays the most important role this very day to make everything possible. So, thank you.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

29 December 2004 ****

Today is my cleaning day. I washed 2 toilets- 1 at my office and 1at home. It is strange because I became extremely particular about cleaniness since I last washed the toilet at work. I washed it till it shines and you can even see your reflection from the toilet bowl. Wonderful,right? Watch it for yourself, RM10 per entry. Nett. At home, I vacuumed my room. I discovered that I have become a “spiderwoman” since mid-year. I don’t know how many spiderwebs there were in my room and I was actually living in a “spidey community”. Not until today, because I destroyed all their habitats and sucked in so many of them.So, I actually killed them a few days earlier than I expected. It wasn’t a tough job at all and I finished the job in less than half an hour(thought i would only vacuum in weekends). …hahaz, I really enjoy doing that. The vacuum cleaner is a very useful equipment, I can even use it to suck mosquitoes…owh, I love that~
Besides that, today is also my ‘family day’. We shopped for a new set of sofa at Beetax (the one opposite Chong Lin). We din’t know that it belongs to my sister’s friend’s family and she herself was shocked to see her friend there. So, we started to look at the furniture. We all had different opinions. My mum loves rattan one, my father prefers the wooden one, while my brother insists to buy the PVC leather one. However, my mum won the “battle”. All of us agreed to get the rattan one and my brother who lost nearly bursted into tears (he’s 12) so I had to comfort him…you know what he did? He scolded us for choosing the more expensive set, duh~ what was he thinking? Nevermind, I’ve always enjoyed the family battle.
After that, we went to shoppe for my siblings uniform since school reopens soon. Haha, I couldn’t be happier because I don’t need to get myself into that trouble…what to do? I finished high school~ Then, we went for supper. It’s not a habit our habit to take supper but since my sister scored well in PMR, my parents gave us a treat. I shouldn’t have eaten so much as I’m getting fatter and fatter... well, I really had a great time with my family today, it always comes with little conflicts and big laughters…

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Types of People Who “Admit” Their Stupidity

*“Stupid”is a very common word to all of ussince we were kids. Usually, we’d rather use this word to describe other people than to put it on oursleves. However its one of the most widely used negative adjectives some people might use to call themsleves. These are the few types of people who are most likely to claim that they are stupid:

1.The Opposite type
These people are actually smart and capable but they purposely say that they are stupid to avoid unwanted attention or jealousy.
e.g. A: “You can really play the basketball!” B: “No lah, it’s just my lucky day.” A: “So, you’re lucky everyday…”
Main trait- too “humble”

2.The Irresponsible type
People who did mistakes and conceals them with the statement, “ I told you that I am stupid” to prevent themselves from being punished or getting into troubles.
e.g. C: “ How could you fail this mission?” D: “ I’m sorry but you know that I’m stupid”
Main trait- like to give excuses, timid, reluctant to accept the truth

3.The Lack of confidence type
The combination of type 1 & 2 who state that they are “stupid” ahead before you to reject responsibilities given to them.
e.g. E: “ You did a marvellous job in the previous project, would you like to take charge of the coming one?” F: “No, thanks. You won’t want an idiot to be the leader, do you?”
Main trait- lack of confidence, irresponsible, ‘too humble’ and sometimes lazy

4.The Earning Sympathy type

Contrarary to type 1 and 2, these group of people purposely say that they are stupid because they tend to draw attention from the oh\thers, hoping that care and help can be given to them.
e.g. G: “ I’m a computer dummy” H: “ it’s okay, let me help you with your work.”
Main trait- likes to take advantages from others, likes free meals without paying, lazy

5.The Wanting attention type
Quite alike copared to type 4,this type of stupids likes to stress on their stupidity in order to get people’s attention and consolation.
e.g. I: “ I’m stupid, would never be better than he is.” J: “ I don’t think so, in fact, you’re a talent.”
Main trait- those who use stupid ways to get others’ recognition, like to be praised

6.The ‘Kiasu” type
Identical twin of the first type, they fear that the others might surpass them so they keep their talents tight, refuse to help.
e.g. K: “ Can you give me some tips on how to study Chemistry since you score well for it?” L: “ Owh, you overestimate me,in fact I’m a moron for that subject.”
Main trait- “kiasu”, selfish

7.The Down-to-earth type
These people are down-to-earth and honest.
e.g. I: “ You’re STUPID!” U: “ Yes, I am! :-)”
Main trait- Stupid…what else do you expect?

So, which type(s) are you?

*All the ‘stupid’s above can be replaced with other synonymous terms.
**This post is meant to be sacarstic, please supply yourself with plenty of tissue in case you feel yourslef being insulted (especially those who fall in type 7?)
***Protect the environment by using handkerchief instead if tissue. However it’s best not to cry because I, myslef don’t cry although most of the mentioned describe me. (yea, how would I be able to get these ideas if I’m not one of them?)

28 December 2004 ***

I walked to work as usual. On my way, I stopped at a handphone shop to look at the numbers because I want to switch to prepaid service ever since my phone bill got higher and higher. The lady there gave me a list of new numbers. I looked and looked and finally chose 016-8008045. Well, it’s not extremely pretty but quite memorable a number bought at the lowest price of RM18, what a gain! I was too happy that I straightaway gave the lady 2 ten ringgit notes. Then, the lady called me, returned me 2 ringgit, and gave me a free gift (a CD holder), how nice!
After that, I made 3 paces into 2 so that I won’t be late for work. I arrived a few minutes before time, settled down, and waited for my sweat to dry up. My instinct told me that it was going to be a boring day. Bingo, I was right! My colleague was talking to his friends, sometimes pointing at his computer while I did nothing but sat there and read my book and dozed for n-times. How I wish I could use the Acer computer in front of me, duh~ what’s the use of a computer without an extension cord? Don’t they know that computers can’t work without electricity?
Those guys left the office soon then it was me ALONE… :-0 borriiinnnnggggg… If they were there at least I could here them talk about the tsunamis. My mum was quite concerned about my safety after the tsunami hit a few places. She exhorted me to call my dad to pick me up if it rains too heavily(since i walk to work everyday). Everyone’s paranoid about the disaster and it becomes a hot topic.
Anyway, 8 hours wasn’t too long. I called a few friends to just chit chat with them and inform them about my new number. After that, I continued reading. Fed up with the tiny traditional Mandarin text, I walked around the place. I was too lazy to do cleaning. All of a sudden, I was streamed with ideas, so I quickly took a pen and jotted them down. I’m going to post the drafted I written in my blog soon. Yeah, that’s what I do, writing drafts of my blogs during working time, have them typed and posted up when I reach home.
Soon, it was 5 something. I waited for the clock to strike 6. YES, time to go home!

Monday, December 27, 2004

"Welcome To My Life"

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna runaway?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming
No you don't know what it's like
When nothing feels all right
You don't know what it's like
To be like me To be hurtTo feel lost To be left out in the dark
To be kicked when you're down To feel like you've been pushed around
To be on the edge of breaking down
And no one's there to save you
No you don't know what it's like
Welcome to my life
Do you wanna be somebody else?
Are you sick of feeling so left out?
Are you desperate to find something more?
Before your life is over
Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
Are you sick of everyone around?
With their big fake smiles and stupid lies
While deep inside you're bleeding

This is a part of the lyrics from Simple Plan’s “Welcome to my life”. I like this song because the lyrics are direct and reflects the emotions of most teenagers when they are down. Frankly, my early teenage years was like that, full of uncertainties and contradictions. I’d ever locked myself in my room with loud music and shouted (sometimes cried too). That was the phase when my emotion changes very quickly because I wasn’t able to handle the problems I had with my family, friends, feelings, studies and myself (self conflict) well. After hearing this song, at least I know that I’m not the only one like that. I wonder how many of you actually faced those problems before and did the same thing like me?
As we grow, the fears and doubts we used to have fades away slowly as we gain courage and confidence along. Now, I’m using past tense for that. Hopefully, “Welcome to My Life” can be sung happily for we know we’re not alone…life is wonderful~

26 December 2004 ****

Sunday is the best day of the week to get lazy. I started my day watching “Spongebob Squarepants” and “Mr. Bean the animated”. Then I listened to songs, read a book by Napoleon Hill. After that i took a look at my room and saw many spiderwebs.....Owh!~ i must clean my room soon, but i was too tired so i decided to take a nap....when i woke up, it was 5, i need to go for dinner tonight,so don't think i had enough time. Since it wasn't cleaned since some centuries ago (before my mock exam)'ll just have to wait for its owner to feel motivated someday to have the cleaning job done.
In the evening, I attended a “thank you dinner” which is especially planned for our Kuching High Red Crescent Youth Unit’s teacher-in-charge, Pn. Lim organized by our form 3 members. They are so great for being able to make it work without guidance from teachers but the form4.Before going, I was thinking hard of what to wear because I really had no idea of why the asked us to dress up in formal. I squeezed my brain until I decided not too wear too “formal” so I dressed quite casually. Luckily, there were even people who wore jeans.
The food was okay...yea, like what most people said, not as good as before...Of course, the place is very nice...saw a very pretty girl at the other dinning room. Sorry, should highlight our dinner. Our members danced tonight, they looked great but i still prefer the one at the 40th Anniversary Dinner at Civic Center, especially the sketch. Overall, you people improve really fast! i was amazed by your great job.
It is supposed to be a sad night because it's like we're parting but i still feel great for being able to see most of our members, ex-leaders, the form 5 , and our everdearest Pn. Lim..hahaz......i hugged her, did you? :-p

Sunday, December 26, 2004

A Christmas Gift from Faraway

It’s Christmas and people are exchanging gifts. I’m, not a Christian so Christmas celebration is when I hang out with friends and have fun. On Christamas eve, I went out with my buddy, Kathrine for a drink and then met my another gang of friends at Tapanga.There were lots of people there but not too crowded. We each have either a can of softdrink or beer cause most of us din’t plan to spend much. We din’t exchange gifts either. The best blessing this Christmas is that we can gather and have fun. Friendship is the best gift we gave each other I guess.

This year I receive a very special gift from someone. Special it is as it came a long to me. The sender must have made a great effort for asking my sister to hide it and hand it to me only at Christmas. They cooperated so well that I din’t even know when the gift arrived. I was kind of touched. Thanks a million!!!~ Besides that, I think the gift cost quite a lot because it is a fragrance gift set from a popular brand. Well, that doesn’t imply that I’m attracted by the business value of it but the sender’s sincerity which makes the gift so meaningful to me. It is so pretty that I’m so unwilling to open it and try the fragrance out.

Every gift is a blessing we should all treasure, even a short message means a lot. My phone was flooded with X’mas messages but I din’t reply all. Sorry if u din’t get my message because I’m trying to cut down my phone bill, hehe… Anyway, a MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all and may your wishes come true.

P/s Sorry again because I forgot to send you guys x’mas ecard this year…

Friday, December 24, 2004

Come Clean

There’s nothing much to do with Miss Duff’s song, “Come Clean” in this article. The highlight is on cleaniness and hygiene. How important can cleaniness be? It’s one important factors of maintaining good health.

Basically I’m a lazy person whose room is in a mes with piles of SPM reference books on the bookshelf, a stack of old newspapers I accumulated since November at one corner of the room, some magazines on my study table, bottles and bottles of don’t- know- what lotion on my make-up desk, pillows on the floor and clothes all over my bed. NEVER open my closet, you wouldn’t want to be buried alive by falling clothes. They’re not as hard as stones but enough to drown you.

Being such an undiscilpine and untidy person, it’s a contradiction when I’m not at home. I’m workin part time these days and my job is quite an easy one. There’s nothing much for me to do so I’m always free to do my own thing and even take charge of the office’s cleaniness. I don’t mind at all cause it’ll be too boring to sit there and do nothing. So, I wipe the windows, vacuum the floor And, wash the toilets. Come on, believe your eyes, I Did say I wash the toilet. HAHAHA…somebody will burst into laughter on behalf of their disbeliefs as they imagine.

It’s alright, I forgive you. Anyway, this is one of my greatest deed I’ve done when because the toilet was dirty and smelly when I first came. As I’ll be using the toilet often in the future, so what harm can it do to have it cleaned? Therefore, I determined to clean it. But wait a second! How am I suppose to clean it without appropriate equipment i.e. a toilet brush? It’s not a smart move to just pour half a bottle of the 1500ml Dettol All Purpose Cleaner with fresh lavender fragrance into the toilet bowl to get rid of the stubborn stain. “T’nkkk…” An idea sparkled me---I’m going to use the broom as a substitute! The results? A clean toilet with a pleasant lavender smell…I’m a genius!!!

“Hey, O’gui (tortoise) don’t fool us could a broom fit into the toilet bowl?” “Yalor, where got people use broom to wash toilet one?” STOP, I say, let me finish first! It’s a thousand times better to use the broom than to rub it with toilet paper, right? Still doubtful? Go home and try then.

Actually, I’ve never cleaned the the toilet at my home for a decade already but recently I discover that it is quite fun. So, ‘let the rain fall down and wake my dreams Let it wash away my sanity… …”humming while washing the toilet is pure joy… Owh, there goes my sanity, being washed!~ No wonder I think that was fun!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004


I am not a big fan of the internet but I can be considered one regular user of it although I only get online once or twice a week (not so regular to those who uses the net daily), mainly to eliminate boredom. Blog was still a new word to me some time ago that I actually had to ask a friend, “Eh, what is blogging all about huh? Why can’t I find it in the dictionary?” Haha, yea my Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary which I bought when I was still in primary school which is kind of out-dated, I suppose .
Anyway, I’m a person who likes to try out new stuff and I’m easily influenced, cause I was attracted to the blog I saw my friends did, hehe. Mainly, I want to keep a record on some of the things that happen in my life and my thoughts and so on. Well, I it’s called “Me, Myself & I” because I was rushing the night I registered as a blogger and was too lazy to think of a better name. Be it not sophisticated but natural and simple. Therefore, you’ll be expecting a lot (almost every) of the blogs surrounding me such as the things I do,the people around me,my opinions and so forth…Yea, it’s my blog anyway, so who else can be more suitable to be the main character here ?
Besides that, I haven’t been writing in English for a long time already and it started to decay since don’t know when and I’m a lot more used to compose and express in Mandarin. Nevemind lah, I’ll just use my baby English with a mixture of some rojak and hoping that would be enough to make a nice piece.
Also,I hope that I can keep on posting articles and my compositions over here as a habit, just to keep myself hardworking in order to cultivate persistence in this blogging business. ENJOY~

22 December 2004 * * *

Today in history…don’t know what happened in the years before BUT a potential blogger is borned this very day. I signed up as a blogger some twenty plus hours back and officially post something up here. I’ll do the blog my own way and u might come across things like stars that come after the date which indicate the mood I’m in that day with a maximum of 5.
Today is quite a sweet day, but it could have been brighter if the plan that our classmates can make it for a movie and drink tonight. The last time I saw my classmates was the last day of SPM when all of us went out to eat steamboat. How I miss them… Too bad, it’s super-duper hard to gather all of us since everyone seems to have their own programmes and reasons for not making it…some don’t have transport,some have to work,some engage with church activities and others not in Kuching. We’re planning this out mainly because our class monitor, Clement will be leaving Kuching for further studies. I think most of us will miss him (especially girls, haha) because he is the kindest guy in class. He is a gent who is always the first one to come up to help the teacher to clean the blackboard, bring in the OHP, carry books and other trivial things which is such a waste for a rare talent…He’s also very helpful and cope with us well (as in waiting for us to finish our work even we passed the timeframe the teacher gave due to talking and playing).
Okay,that’s enough of praising bout him since this is not a biography of his. However,if you (Mr. Ex-Class Monitor) would like to thank me for “promoting ”your good characteristics over here, it’s your pleasure to give me a treat or something. Talking bout ex-class monitor, Yang Lip came across my mind (he was our class monitor in Form 4). He is a uniquely funny guy who’s also the superior material for entertainment. Sketches and dramas will least likely be interesting without his participation. The most engraving one?---the “milking cow action”. Ask him to do it if u see him next time…hahaz. In short I enjoy working with him in the sketch which we appeared champion,history,but still fresh in my memory.
Hmm…seems like I’m flooding my blog with the ‘class monitor’topic… haha, if you used to be my class monitor and can’t find your name here, I’ll put you up next time :-)