Sunday, February 27, 2005


Today is a wonderful day for me. I went to Matang wildlife with a bunch of friends and played my heart out despite that I haven’t recovered fully from my sickness. After that I went to the education fair at Crowne. I got remedies for a few of my major questions about further studies and it’s till the day the SPM results come out when I can make up my mind without much hass.
My handphone is flooded with chain sms now. phew~ people keep me busy deleting those short messages because Digi users get free messaging (sms and mms too!) by changing the message centre’s last digit to 6 (in case you don’t know this yet, but I guess it’s a rare case).
Usually, I hate chain messages and never bother to pass them about Especially when you’re charged for stuff like “send this to 20people to find your true love or you might stay single forever” and I’m like yea, true love costs less than 3 ringgit, ok…why don’t I just stay single forever…that’s darn stupid. Some says you might fell your exams terribly and I think: how bout those who don’t own a handphone? Are their exam papers going to vanish in a gasp of air? STUPID!
Even though it’s free (and I sent out a lot, of chain sms since I never sent one when they charge and now it’s time to experience the fun of sending them but NO, it’s not fun) please just ignore them…I’m quite fed up now (and sorry if you received one from me but PLEASE don't hate me for that,I was just experimenting). They must be a part of the marketing strategies from the telecommunication service companies.
And one thing the message about sending a particular sms to 10 of friends and get a credit of RM50 free into your account is also fake…don’t try it, I just wasted my time!

Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Married (not me)

I went to my cousin’s wedding dinner at Lok Thian. I love to attend wedding ceremonies because some are quite interesting. The one tonight is quite simple though, the decoration and stuff, no karaoke. And that’s why my 5 year old niece and her twin sisters didn’t sing nor perform just now. They never miss a share of the stage whenever there is a family function.
So my brother sighed, “ This dinner is so boring. Che (sis), next time when you get married, you must set up a few tables for us to play mahjong and gamble.”
I rolled my eyes…man, it’s like more than a decade that I’d most likely to get married and he said this to me and gosh, he was thinking of making my wedding ceremony into a casino sorta thing.
Another thing I hate: my far far relatives might say, oh, how you grow! Do you have a boyfriend now? Don’t forget me when you get married.
Sharks! Are they crazy? It’s a lot simple to tell them my further studying plans. It’s not like I can plan my wedding ten or twenty years ahead. Stupid question to be posted to me. As though they’re afraid they might see my name in the Spinster’s Society Membership List one day. And I really wonder if I’d actually look that old? I have relatives who are in their thirties and I think they should be answering those questions, duh~

I had my first driving lesson this morning, it was good. I didn’t damage the car at all!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

sick, sick, sick

At the break of dawn, I was awake, feeling to uncomfortable to sleep again. I felt my intestine winching vigorously…sharks, bad sign. I hurried to the toilet, grr, unavailable. I went back to my bedroom, tried to sleep and forget the uneasiness but couldn’t. all of a sudden, I felt like throwing up… (censored as the description might cause irritation to some of you). Spontaneously, I grabbed the dustbin next to me and vomited as much as I could. It smelled like salted vegetable (the food I pickled with my gastric juice) that it polluted my whole room. However, I felt a lot relieved after that, so I continued to sleep.
It wasn’t long that I found myself in the bathroom, puking. Everything I took the previous day came out with my saliva. Yucks! Damn, had to get to work in an hour’s time with the sky pouring outside. I must have gone insane that I didn’t bother to switch on the water heater. Results? I ended up shivering like a set of skeletons in the bathroom.
Back to consciousness, I washed my dustbin after wrapping myself in a few layers of clothing.
I went to the kitchen to look for food. Nothing seems to be suitable for me at the moment, unhealthy. So I told my mum that I was sick. She gave me some medicine to ease myself first while waiting for my dad to bring me to the doctor. Before I even stepped out of the door, I threw up again. This time, it was the medicine and glucose I took a few minutes earlier.
My dad asked me to request for a sick leave. So I spent my lifetime-terrible hours at the office shivering under the fan which was switched on at speed1. My boss came.
“You look awful!”
“Yea, sick.”
“Take a leave then.”
“Sure, thanks.”
… … 30minutes……
(the 30 minutes above was filled with my boss buzzing about and me feelin so damn sick that I wish he could stop torture me mentally as I need to pay attention to his insect language as a respect and wished that I could just spray Ridsect or whatever to turn him off cause I felt so embarrass to excuse myself to the toilet to vomit AGAIN while I was holding back all the way!)
The second he left, I flew to the toilet and vomited my lungs out. It sucks. A hell lot. Every drip of water I drank was washed into the toilet bowl. I guess I would be dehydrated in a blink of eye.
In the afternoon, my dad brought me to a phycisian. Luckily the blackish herbal medicine the doctor gave me wasn’t as bitter and terrible as I could remember. In fact, it tasted a lot nicer. I was subscribed with 2 bottles of those and so was my brother… and sister… and worse, my mum. 2/3 of my family was ill. According to the doctor, it wasn't food poisoning. It was a sort of intestine viral sickness which can be infected with easily.
It’s so sickening to be sick…

Sunday, February 20, 2005

looks like valentine's present, nice ler? Posted by Hello

the key

So, anyone has the idea what we bought for Kelly as her birthday present? Don’t think there’ll be anyone ler…let me just unveil the answer……
Looks nice hor? Useful and has a good price too, didn’t went over budget either. 3 pieces of fancy panties…hehe, happy 18th brithday to Kelly on the 22nd (corrected:20th) and hopefully she’s not reading this or I’d be deadmeat! (pls don’t tell her I’d actually post this up…)
Anyways, the buying-panties process was tough. You know, awkwardness… I met Brandon and Malcolm at Hock Lee, ground floor when they were at Mr. Soya (or whatever the name is) while we were next next to it. I was so afraid that they might see me and call out my name LOUDLY…which would be followed by “there goes”.
This ain’t the first time we get panties for friends. Anyhow, it’s the easiest and cheapest to get in the boutique. Unlike bra ler, we cannot estimate the *ahem* size… and won’t want to make a fuss of thinking which kind of clothes or handbag she prefers. (because panties are worn inside so should be ok lar if she’s not too choosy bout patterns).
A few years back, I went to KL and bought a set of 7-in-1 panties printed from Sunday to Saturday for Su Yin as a birthday gift. I think she don’t even need to buy another one till they’re worn, badly :-p
After that, Florence became our next “victim”. We got hers through mail-order which came late. We were scolded for not being punctual and being so crazy (leopard skin printed bra+ panties) hahaha…we thought that would be “sexy”. Crazier than us, she showed it to her mum (luckily not everyone), not forgetting to report our big names.
Hey guys, if you’re reading this better don’t let your eyes stay too long on the panties before they (your eyes, not the panties) pop out.

Friday, February 18, 2005


Went to shoppe for Kelly’s birthday gift with Ah Hui just now. It’s a real headache and we chose to buy something useful and not too costly. Make a guess and I’ll give out a small gift if you get it right ;-)
p.s. ah hui’s out …keep wind tight, or else…
To pass time, I suggested that we go play Daytona car racing, with some other unknown jerks. Those rats, purposely come and cut my car, causing me to rank down from 1st to 4th outta 7. Shit. The last round, I ranked 3rd outta 5. Stupid bastard, slowed me down but got last in the end. HAHAHAHA… hope that his girlfriend who was standing next to him watching him playing the game ‘fire’ him off as a boyfriend since he sucks. Hahaha…call me evil but when it comes to people like this, sorry, I mean rats, I make no mercy.
There are many bunches of small kids hanging in that place when they are suppose to be in bed, so indiscipline! Okay, now I sound meddlesome. Better stop now, hehez.
Before that, I promise myself to kick those jerks’ asses off the next time I see them, get back my dignity

Thursday, February 17, 2005

17 February 2005

The 9th day of new year is very much important to Hokkiens, perhaps more than the first day. A man told me that it mean a lot to Hokkiens because this is the day they came out from the sugarcane plantation long time ago where they hid from their enemies. As the sugarcane plants had helped them survived, they practice hanging sugarcane outside their houses ever since. Also, they tribute roasted pigs and pray to the sky on the ninth day of Chinese New Year then. The man also told me a lot bout entreaty of safety from god and other traditional practices.Interesting. I only learnt this story this afternoon.
Despite that, it’s my sis’s birthday in the lunar calendar today. We dined out at a Sze Chuan restaurant. Food was spicy and a bit oily, most were deep fried and savored with spicy herbs and chilli. I’ve always loved spicy food and I enjoyed a lot although my nose was running. Pimples, my mum warned me but I never cared, the food was too good that I couldn’t take my hands off it. Yum, yum… I’m pursuading my dad to try Vietnam cuisine next time the family eat out. I don’t have to clear the bill anyway :-p

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

from astrocenter

this is what they sent me

Your Horoscope Identity is: Pisces
intuition – adaptability – sensitivity – creativity –understanding –
spirituality– candor – honesty – devotion – imagination – a rich interior life.
fragility – timidity – unrealistic – idleness – duplicity – instability –
lack of willpower – egoism.
MODE: Mutable.
RULER: Neptune.
COLOR: Blue, Blue-Violet, Red Magenta.
FAMOUS PISCES: Victor Hugo, Michelangelo, Chopin, Chelsea Clinton, Bruce Willis,
Terence Trent d’Arby, Glenn Close.

PISCES is a true chameleon! It is a double sign and mutable and so infinitely complex. The key word is communion. This is the sign of reflection, giving of self and compassion. This last sign in the zodiac has the capacity to go beyond this world to the one of dreams and the spirit. PISCES likes to create confusion to get people out of habits that imprison them so that they question themselves and can discover another path…

I’m not so superstitious but horoscope does have a certain percentage of accuracy.(not all are accurate of course)
You may visit this website if you wana check out yours:

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today is Monday, the day I hate most amongst the seven days in a week. Holiday ends and I have to work, AGAIN. It was boring, like usual. I called friends up to accompany me for lunch.
Today is also the 6th day of Chinese New Year. Jou Hui picked me up from work to pay Ah Ying a visit. It’s kinda odd to visit people at times like this but it’s somehow better to celebrate another going on celebration--- St. Valentine’s Day.
Honestly, I couldn’t afford that kind of ‘luxury’. Yea, I’m insipid but romance is expensive…the flowers, the dining out at a high class restaurant and all those fancy gifts (although girls usually don’t have to pay).
Some people just spend those money to be called ‘romantic’. Also, they’re just being kind to give opportunities for the others to earn extra income. Stalls selling flowers, balloons and softtoys are everywhere. We dilute boredom by surveying the price but not buying things. One rose may costs up to 40 bucks, man, that’s blood-sucking! Anyway, smart boyfriends would buy flowers for their girlfriends later when the price is cut till half.
I’m not a flower lover, I mean fresh flowers only last for a few days. They can’t be eaten or used so, I can’t find a reason why flower-giving is still so popular. Isn’t it more practical to buy a pot of roses for someone from the Sunday market than to give just one to somebody? (Compare the price and the endurance of both.) Astrologers described Pisceans as one of the most romantic groups, but tell me, what is does Romantic mean? sharks, I have no idea…
Singles join the celebration in groups to kill loneliness. That explains why places are flooded with people. I don’t have loneliness to kill, but my tiredness is really one thing I need to chase away. I need time…I need sleep…these are things no one can give. I put Kath, Sing Yii and Sue Yan aeroplane again today…was supposed to spend some time with them, but I’m really tired to go about anymore. I end up playing aeroplanes with my S1 buddies at Red Road Tea…the aim is to find back the memory we shared when we were in form 4 but things changed, it was just so different, not so thrilling because teachers aren’t there to confiscate em or shut our voices up.
Another thing I do…I help my sister to write “I will never forget to bring my Chinese text book again in the future” for 500 times (she thinks I'v got nothing to do better than that) bleh…kill me,but strangely, I’m so willing to do that…it’s a symptom of missing school. By the way, her Chinese teacher, Pn. Tay taught me before (my sis said that she praised me when she realised that I’m her sis) * proud * ;-D
Hopefully she can recognize my writing and give my sis a heavier punishment for bullying me…ngehehe…
Anyway, there’s still 4 and a half blank pages, gotta go…

Monday, February 14, 2005

my style

Your Love Style Is...
You seem to have it all worked out. You are emotional strong, warm and know how to love. More importantly you think with both your head and your heart allowing you to handle all romantic situations calmly. How did you get this smart!!

What is your Love Style? Find out at


I'm now downloading MSN messenger. Poof, 2 days it is that I didn't get online and I was informed to do some upgrades. The process is darn slow so I spend some time typing a new post. My computer is quite old now but i'm too lazy to upgrade it or whatsoever.

New Year celebration is still on but I’m not so much in the mood anymore, felt so lazy to visit people today. Karen, Kelly, Sze Ying, Clement, Owen and I hung out in the town area. We ate at Sugarbun. Clement and I both ordered soupy rice…aiks, it was a little weird. There were some clover leaf-like vege in my food. After that, I found a fernleaf-like vege…really wondered what vegetable that was, Clement didn’t find any in his claypot. Luckily it didn’t poison me ;-p
After that, we watched movies at Metrowealth Cineplax. We split into 2 groups. Owen, Clement, Karen and I watched Constantine while the other 2 watched Seoul Raiders. Not bad, but I thought it would be much horrifying. I hope that I can see The Exorcist as I learnt from Karen that the 2 movies are related. Anyway, the movie wasn’t SO frightening… what spooked me was the rows of back seats in the cinema which were blocked for public’s entrance. Kath once told me that those seats were meant for the unseen “friends”. I don’t know how true that was, could be a prank but you can take note of that next time you’re there.
After the movie, we ate McD’s ice-cream. Then, went home and sleep.
Finally, I could spend my sweet time at home watching tv-programmes.
I didn’t visit many friends this year like the previous years. Transport is still one of my problems and so is timing. Well, doesn’t matter…there’s next year, next next year and going on…

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Do me No Good

Chinese New year means visiting, sleeping, eating and coming home late to me. My mum is not very satisfy with me for not being at home until midnights these few days so the curfew is on again, 11 o’clock that is. Sien!~ Nevermind, it’s weekend, might negotiate with her again. I have not been drinking plenty of plain water which makes my throat uncomfortable. Besides that, I’ve gained extra 2 kgs, thanks to the food and soft drinks.
Today, I spent most of my time at Barry’s house playing PS 2. Some were gambling but I have not much luck with ill-gotten gains so I’d better keep my hands off it. I played games till my fingers swelled but I still lost in Need For Speed Underground 2. Gosh, I think I need some intensive practice for the game some time. However, I’ve beaten up a few guys in one of the fighting games (duno the name). Finally, I could smell a little bit of glory.
After that, we went to Hee Seng’s house for his farewell. His parents are really young and friendly. We got first grade service from them. I did a lot of things but nothing too special so I don’t care to recall anymore. Oh, before I forget, I wore a green dress today, they said I looked like a parrot. Those guys, no taste one, hmph~ don’t wana befriend them liaw!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

my first

i'm at yee shien's home now. there are two things which i do for the first time today. first, this is the first time i visit someone at sometime near midnight. (we "kacaued" ben) second, i sleep over at a friend's house. yea, for the past 17 years, this is the first and i give it to yee with me are jou hui and florence. we didn't even bring along our stuff (ben: toothbrush bra n panty :-p) it's 3 n the 4 of us r not sleepin yet. yee shien's leavin the next (i mean this) early mornin...all the best, gal!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Happy Rooster's Year

Hey guys, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR. Hoping you all have a prosperous year and that your dreams will come true.
Oya, remember to pay me a visit ya... :-)

kuching raiders

3 youngsters were running like there was a robbery at 10.25pm. Those guys were actually on mission to reach Star Cineplax by 10.30pm. Somehow, they were late. So they had a video conference on the screen with their ‘associates’ , Tony Leong, Richie Ren, Shu Qi and some other hot Koreans. The meeting was funny, full of humour. After 2 hours, it ended. The Kuching Riaders aimed for a spot to sit down and quench thirst. No luck today, New Year is near, not much choices they had. After a few turnings, they decided to settle down at the Sunday market area where some foodstalls were still on. Drank the official teh tarik then sent one of the riders off. The other 2 sneeked into the first rider's house like thieves. “The Avenger” wasn’t there so they left. The TTTTT (till they tell the truth) cookies were not bad, it was formulated by agent Ben. Agent Leh Bit was going cool with her steady driving while the secretary, Shan is here to do the report.

For Gary

I’m either mentally or optically blur. Below is the messaging between Gary and I :

Gary: I’m so bored…I’m cleaning my room but it’s really boring…so sad, no presents le..
Me: huh? Wad? Eh , don’t joke on matters like his la. You mean ur parents go out or wad?
Gary: I mean no PRESENTS la, sien u arr…
Me: oops…

So, this is not the first time, you can spot such in my chatter box too.

Actually it was Gary’s birthday yesterday…sorry dude, this is a late post. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Well, I already sms u last night, so don hv to calculate with me liaw. And um, I think I need ur toy specs urgently, my eyesight is getting worse each day. 1st of March is soon to come so be prepared :-)

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Fun Ride

This is the first time I have great ride in a classical Mini Austin. It is really cool and so is the owner, Yee Shien…nghehe, thanks for the drive and sorry to make your piece of plastic from the seat to fall…oops, a thousand sorries…but tau-tau ler, I’m so clumsy wah…Luckily, I managed to place it back to the original position before she drove me home, I mean before she actually accused me. Phew~

We went to eat at the 3rd mile market, yea, “gu bak mee” (beef noodles) again. Apart from that, we ordered satay and char kueh. Bleh, we wasted food, I mean the peanut sauce for the satay, it’s sinful…but it was my fault ler, for asking one more plate of it.
Oya, surprisingly, we met Jerome who went there with his parents, I suppose.
After the meal, we procceeded to Sunny Hill for ice-cream…YEA, my favourite! But before that, Ben was telling ghost stories and I was spooked when Poh Ping held my hand suddenly. Our screams gave Yee Shien a shock. Oops, I did it again, shouldn’t scare new drivers. Ben left when we arrived at Sunny Hill. Ceh, he was suppose to treat us.
Anyway, it was the first time I meet him, a friendly chap he was and he has a blog too!

After that, we paid Ms Busy Florence at her workplace. I guess her collegues must have listed us in their these-guys-are-here-to-look-for-Florence-not-to-buy-clothes list. She owes us one ringgit for the parking fee and our souvenirs …take that down.

Visit YS's Diary for the pics.

p.s. I wouldn’t say that a ride in Yee Shien’s car is adventurous (we can always point at the ‘P’ sticker when other drivers honk, thanks to leh bit for telling), it was um…romantic… can’t think of a better word :-p

Sunday, February 06, 2005


blue, is the colour,of my mood now. i just quarrelled with my mum. briefly, it's disastrous. sigh~ let me just get over this soon... i will cheer
myself up, smile at the mirror and tell myself, it's ya, tomorrow will be another sunny day

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feeling Young

It was a windy evening. On my journey home, I felt the breeze whispering at my ears, fly girl, fly… my umbrella was swaying to the wind, taking me up to the sky…I felt like Mary Poppin, I felt like a child. I became so light that I could float in the air.
I saw a guy my age at the playground, playing the swing. He was wearing a sky blue shirt, so was I. I want to play, but doubt doubt. After 2 seconds, I found my bag and umbrella on the ground, myself on the swing…whish…up and down I went. It felt so good, I looked up at the sky…wow, it was beautiful!
The guy next to me swang harder, he got higher than me. I did not think of wanting to get higher than him, I didn’t want to fall… the bad experience I once had was still in my mind. I was at Resorvoir Park swinging in my Red Crescent t-shirt. I was too happy that I stood up. I threw my shoes, I threw my handphone and lastly myself. Plub! I was on the ground. The swing swang back. It knocked my forehead, I got a bun. Kids were laughing and so were my friends, I laughed too, how clumsy I was.
That never stopped me from playing the swing, it’s my favourite in the playground. Swing, swing, swing off from reality, off from everything.

Chin Siong gave me a Famous Amos lollipop-like cookie. That makes me feel more like a kid. It’s great to be a kid. He’s back from KL so he went to Grappa to look for some friends. I went along. For a kid, that shouldn’t be the place to go. I sat there quietly, it’s not the day. Today, I’m a kid, just a kid.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Nett No More

My taste buds are numb due to tasting different kinds of titbits just now. My mum brought my sis n I to Kenyalang. The place was packed. I was there to do nothing but trying out all the food with strange names. Yuck, they taste strange too. I’m not goin for those names next time…

Saw a friend, he told me I shrink. Bleh~ he doesn’t know the the kilogrammes I’ve put on these days as a result of feeding on excessive food. And yet I was still trying the cuttlefish, preserved fruits and candies which have a high content of sugars and calories.
Man, how am I goin to survive Chinese New Year? I might suffocate till death while wearing those used-to-fit-me clothes which now become no-longer-fit-me.
A stranger told me I look like Stephanie Sun Yan Zi…how true is that? Must be my hair because she definitely is not so tan, not this plump and doesn’t have a height below 3 packs of Cutie Compact toilet paper rolls while they’re put vertically over one another.

Lately, I notice that there are some young ladies in one of the salons at Ban Hock road who stare at me whenever I pass by with a kind of…how to say, um… just an unusual kinda look. I’m not paranoid, I swear. It’s either they have problems or they think I have problems and hopefully it’s the first. Wait, that means I’m in danger, so better be it the latter, but hey, do I look problematic at all? Let’s just assume that I’m paranoid…grr~

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hot Coke

I watched “The Unborn”at the cinema today. Yap, you heard me, THE CINEMA, hehehehe… Don’t be surprised by my excitement. I haven’t been to the cinema for ages becoz those friends who used to go for movies with me are now somewhere in KL , S’pore or Australia. Some are too busy, some had to accompany their boyfriend or girlfriend, others have transport problems. A friend told me she was too sad to go for a movie because she just broke up with her boyfriend. For many reasons, I seldom make it to the cinema.
When we reached the cinema, we dicovered that it was a Thai movie whereas we expected it to be an English one. No wonder there were few audience.
I asked my friend, “You didn’t even know it’s a Thai movie, how would you know it’s a horror?”Friend said, “Aiya, unborn must be something to do with baby mar, got baby means got ghost ler.”
Storyline was quite predictable, I got a few shocks though. Anyhow, it’s still a horror. Instead of screaming, I laughed a quarter of the time while people at the back were screaming like monkeys. Horrifying ain’t it? Actually I wasn’t possessed or anything ler, just that the way people were screaming is pretty funny, really couldn’t help to stop laughing. Man, suppose that I’m the one there to scream off people’s peace of mind but ended up laughing at how the others screamed. They screamed for fun, what else.
That reminds me of the time I went to watch a Japanese horror, “One Miscall” with Kath. We really shouted like we never cared. The craziest part was when we sang the Spiderman theme song, how stupid! We thought that by thinking of a heroic character, we might not be so scared but both of us ended up being teased by the audience at the back when we came out of the cinema. “Noh, the spiderman girls…” how embarrassed we were. Singing while watching a horror is really a stupid idea. But this time, I’m the one laughing at those who screamed, yea!~ Too bad no one sang, or else I could laugh back at them.
After the movie, we went to eat. I drank Hot Cola with Ginger. Sounds cool eh? Nah… curiosity kills the cat. It was “explosive” at the first place, then it became gasless, unlike any carbonated drinks coz it was cooked or boiled or whatever till it became hot.
Well, it’s got the name…the cooked coke complimented with 2 slices of ginger. Liang Han thought it was lime, nah~ such weird drink, I can even come out with Steamed Sprite With Chilli or Fried Root Beer with Garlic.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Butterfly Effect

I’ve just watched a movie my friend recommended me with a sophisticated name as lately as just now. What I meant is “The Butterfly Effect” which was out for quite some time already. I really like the name and it’s got a storyline. And, it’s irony indeed.
I expected the movie to be something like a literature but it started off with children acting violently. The boy who played little Evan (the main character) was reaalllyyyy adorable, I have to say…now, what’s his name?… Logan Lerman, ya.
The story goes on. Evan found out that he could get back to the past and change history by reading his journals. How cool it’d be if we can actually travel through time by reading the blogs we post here now some ten years later. Maybe the wordings on the computer screen might just shrivel and we’ll get back to event we’re reading. Then, we can change the actual us into the ideal us… That explain why I’m sharing this cause we might’ve not discovered the supernatural powers we possess that enable us to undergo the “butterfly effect”. But is there anyone who wants to carry it out? Things might turn out worse…
Oh well, fantasizing I was. Anyway, there’s some humour inside this movie and here’s the line I like best when Evan was handicapped.
Tommy: Hey man, I do what you said. We’re pulling our students’ funds and we’re having a little house to have the dance.
Evan: Awesome. Maybe I can spin my wheelchair to the techno remix till I puke.
In short, this movie is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, I rate it 3 stars and a half outta 5. You’re not expecting me to tell the story in my blog, right?