Wednesday, March 09, 2005

this is real crap

Everything wired up today. I wanted to flush the toilet at office today but not even a single drip of water came down. I panicked. What was I suppose to do? I somehow have to get rid of the waste. What was I going to ruin the cleaniness of the toilet I had just washed? Now I remembered the times when there were water crises back in Kuching High. Once in a while, we have to suffer from water shortage and the toilet will turn to something much alike hell. You can see “gelik” things (e.g. stool, toilet paper soaked in urine) in the toilets, just name it. By now, Highians and ex-Highians who are reading this shall now shake their heads…oh no, why does Shan mention these bad moments? Sorry, but this is so unforgettable…and that loathing stench…yucks… I would never want to think of it, I might vomit over the place to make things worse.
I turned on the tap. Bad. Nothing. I thought it was some sort of irregular water supply, so I ignored it, hoping that after an hour perhaps, things will go back to normal. I was So, So WRONG. Later, I gyrated the tap with all my might which was forced to my palm using“Qi Gong”. Bah~ that wasn’t magical. I tried every tap. Each one of them provide me a few drips of H2O. I was like “Wow, these are like gold…”then, I collected my “gold” with a red pail. Soon, it rained. Thank goodness…I happily placed the pail under the rain. It stopped raining after a while.
I squeezed my brain. I brainstormed. What else? I look around the office where I was so alone, aha!~ I saw one thing, the drinking water dispencer! There wasn’t much water left but who cares? I used my Tupperware water container to collect water and then pour it into the pail. As I saw an apporximate 2 litres of water in the pail, I quickly flush it into the toilet bowl, hoping that it was enough for my cleaning job. It was
no avail. I even thought of adding in my teh-c-peng but no, that will invite ants.
It was better than before, but not much of ideal. I couldn’t care too much because I had to go home. It was drizzling outside. Before heading home, my friend who asked me to help him reload his phone credit told me that he hadn’t receive the successfully- reloaded-message yet. I went to the handphone shop downstairs and asked about it and they said they’d check it. I think he has not receive it till now coz I have not heard news from him. He told me he’d inform me once he receives it. Man, I’m gona ask the hp shop tauke again tomorrow.
To round things at its worst, I arrived home semi wet to discover that my mum cooked the most horrible dinner I have ever had! Main dish- Curry fish head with its viscera.
The side dish…argh, forget that, I totally gave in my appetite for that poor fish.
Oh, that wasn’t the end. My MSN messenger has been faulty,for centuries already. If you ever wondered where I have been, I think it’s made clear now.
Before I end, why do I crap THAT MUCH? my life is somewhat “crappy”


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