Friday, February 04, 2005

Nett No More

My taste buds are numb due to tasting different kinds of titbits just now. My mum brought my sis n I to Kenyalang. The place was packed. I was there to do nothing but trying out all the food with strange names. Yuck, they taste strange too. I’m not goin for those names next time…

Saw a friend, he told me I shrink. Bleh~ he doesn’t know the the kilogrammes I’ve put on these days as a result of feeding on excessive food. And yet I was still trying the cuttlefish, preserved fruits and candies which have a high content of sugars and calories.
Man, how am I goin to survive Chinese New Year? I might suffocate till death while wearing those used-to-fit-me clothes which now become no-longer-fit-me.
A stranger told me I look like Stephanie Sun Yan Zi…how true is that? Must be my hair because she definitely is not so tan, not this plump and doesn’t have a height below 3 packs of Cutie Compact toilet paper rolls while they’re put vertically over one another.

Lately, I notice that there are some young ladies in one of the salons at Ban Hock road who stare at me whenever I pass by with a kind of…how to say, um… just an unusual kinda look. I’m not paranoid, I swear. It’s either they have problems or they think I have problems and hopefully it’s the first. Wait, that means I’m in danger, so better be it the latter, but hey, do I look problematic at all? Let’s just assume that I’m paranoid…grr~


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