Friday, February 18, 2005


Went to shoppe for Kelly’s birthday gift with Ah Hui just now. It’s a real headache and we chose to buy something useful and not too costly. Make a guess and I’ll give out a small gift if you get it right ;-)
p.s. ah hui’s out …keep wind tight, or else…
To pass time, I suggested that we go play Daytona car racing, with some other unknown jerks. Those rats, purposely come and cut my car, causing me to rank down from 1st to 4th outta 7. Shit. The last round, I ranked 3rd outta 5. Stupid bastard, slowed me down but got last in the end. HAHAHAHA… hope that his girlfriend who was standing next to him watching him playing the game ‘fire’ him off as a boyfriend since he sucks. Hahaha…call me evil but when it comes to people like this, sorry, I mean rats, I make no mercy.
There are many bunches of small kids hanging in that place when they are suppose to be in bed, so indiscipline! Okay, now I sound meddlesome. Better stop now, hehez.
Before that, I promise myself to kick those jerks’ asses off the next time I see them, get back my dignity


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