Sunday, February 27, 2005


Today is a wonderful day for me. I went to Matang wildlife with a bunch of friends and played my heart out despite that I haven’t recovered fully from my sickness. After that I went to the education fair at Crowne. I got remedies for a few of my major questions about further studies and it’s till the day the SPM results come out when I can make up my mind without much hass.
My handphone is flooded with chain sms now. phew~ people keep me busy deleting those short messages because Digi users get free messaging (sms and mms too!) by changing the message centre’s last digit to 6 (in case you don’t know this yet, but I guess it’s a rare case).
Usually, I hate chain messages and never bother to pass them about Especially when you’re charged for stuff like “send this to 20people to find your true love or you might stay single forever” and I’m like yea, true love costs less than 3 ringgit, ok…why don’t I just stay single forever…that’s darn stupid. Some says you might fell your exams terribly and I think: how bout those who don’t own a handphone? Are their exam papers going to vanish in a gasp of air? STUPID!
Even though it’s free (and I sent out a lot, of chain sms since I never sent one when they charge and now it’s time to experience the fun of sending them but NO, it’s not fun) please just ignore them…I’m quite fed up now (and sorry if you received one from me but PLEASE don't hate me for that,I was just experimenting). They must be a part of the marketing strategies from the telecommunication service companies.
And one thing the message about sending a particular sms to 10 of friends and get a credit of RM50 free into your account is also fake…don’t try it, I just wasted my time!