Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hot Coke

I watched “The Unborn”at the cinema today. Yap, you heard me, THE CINEMA, hehehehe… Don’t be surprised by my excitement. I haven’t been to the cinema for ages becoz those friends who used to go for movies with me are now somewhere in KL , S’pore or Australia. Some are too busy, some had to accompany their boyfriend or girlfriend, others have transport problems. A friend told me she was too sad to go for a movie because she just broke up with her boyfriend. For many reasons, I seldom make it to the cinema.
When we reached the cinema, we dicovered that it was a Thai movie whereas we expected it to be an English one. No wonder there were few audience.
I asked my friend, “You didn’t even know it’s a Thai movie, how would you know it’s a horror?”Friend said, “Aiya, unborn must be something to do with baby mar, got baby means got ghost ler.”
Storyline was quite predictable, I got a few shocks though. Anyhow, it’s still a horror. Instead of screaming, I laughed a quarter of the time while people at the back were screaming like monkeys. Horrifying ain’t it? Actually I wasn’t possessed or anything ler, just that the way people were screaming is pretty funny, really couldn’t help to stop laughing. Man, suppose that I’m the one there to scream off people’s peace of mind but ended up laughing at how the others screamed. They screamed for fun, what else.
That reminds me of the time I went to watch a Japanese horror, “One Miscall” with Kath. We really shouted like we never cared. The craziest part was when we sang the Spiderman theme song, how stupid! We thought that by thinking of a heroic character, we might not be so scared but both of us ended up being teased by the audience at the back when we came out of the cinema. “Noh, the spiderman girls…” how embarrassed we were. Singing while watching a horror is really a stupid idea. But this time, I’m the one laughing at those who screamed, yea!~ Too bad no one sang, or else I could laugh back at them.
After the movie, we went to eat. I drank Hot Cola with Ginger. Sounds cool eh? Nah… curiosity kills the cat. It was “explosive” at the first place, then it became gasless, unlike any carbonated drinks coz it was cooked or boiled or whatever till it became hot.
Well, it’s got the name…the cooked coke complimented with 2 slices of ginger. Liang Han thought it was lime, nah~ such weird drink, I can even come out with Steamed Sprite With Chilli or Fried Root Beer with Garlic.


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