Saturday, February 05, 2005

Feeling Young

It was a windy evening. On my journey home, I felt the breeze whispering at my ears, fly girl, fly… my umbrella was swaying to the wind, taking me up to the sky…I felt like Mary Poppin, I felt like a child. I became so light that I could float in the air.
I saw a guy my age at the playground, playing the swing. He was wearing a sky blue shirt, so was I. I want to play, but doubt doubt. After 2 seconds, I found my bag and umbrella on the ground, myself on the swing…whish…up and down I went. It felt so good, I looked up at the sky…wow, it was beautiful!
The guy next to me swang harder, he got higher than me. I did not think of wanting to get higher than him, I didn’t want to fall… the bad experience I once had was still in my mind. I was at Resorvoir Park swinging in my Red Crescent t-shirt. I was too happy that I stood up. I threw my shoes, I threw my handphone and lastly myself. Plub! I was on the ground. The swing swang back. It knocked my forehead, I got a bun. Kids were laughing and so were my friends, I laughed too, how clumsy I was.
That never stopped me from playing the swing, it’s my favourite in the playground. Swing, swing, swing off from reality, off from everything.

Chin Siong gave me a Famous Amos lollipop-like cookie. That makes me feel more like a kid. It’s great to be a kid. He’s back from KL so he went to Grappa to look for some friends. I went along. For a kid, that shouldn’t be the place to go. I sat there quietly, it’s not the day. Today, I’m a kid, just a kid.


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