Monday, February 14, 2005

New Year celebration is still on but I’m not so much in the mood anymore, felt so lazy to visit people today. Karen, Kelly, Sze Ying, Clement, Owen and I hung out in the town area. We ate at Sugarbun. Clement and I both ordered soupy rice…aiks, it was a little weird. There were some clover leaf-like vege in my food. After that, I found a fernleaf-like vege…really wondered what vegetable that was, Clement didn’t find any in his claypot. Luckily it didn’t poison me ;-p
After that, we watched movies at Metrowealth Cineplax. We split into 2 groups. Owen, Clement, Karen and I watched Constantine while the other 2 watched Seoul Raiders. Not bad, but I thought it would be much horrifying. I hope that I can see The Exorcist as I learnt from Karen that the 2 movies are related. Anyway, the movie wasn’t SO frightening… what spooked me was the rows of back seats in the cinema which were blocked for public’s entrance. Kath once told me that those seats were meant for the unseen “friends”. I don’t know how true that was, could be a prank but you can take note of that next time you’re there.
After the movie, we ate McD’s ice-cream. Then, went home and sleep.
Finally, I could spend my sweet time at home watching tv-programmes.
I didn’t visit many friends this year like the previous years. Transport is still one of my problems and so is timing. Well, doesn’t matter…there’s next year, next next year and going on…


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