Friday, February 25, 2005

Just Married (not me)

I went to my cousin’s wedding dinner at Lok Thian. I love to attend wedding ceremonies because some are quite interesting. The one tonight is quite simple though, the decoration and stuff, no karaoke. And that’s why my 5 year old niece and her twin sisters didn’t sing nor perform just now. They never miss a share of the stage whenever there is a family function.
So my brother sighed, “ This dinner is so boring. Che (sis), next time when you get married, you must set up a few tables for us to play mahjong and gamble.”
I rolled my eyes…man, it’s like more than a decade that I’d most likely to get married and he said this to me and gosh, he was thinking of making my wedding ceremony into a casino sorta thing.
Another thing I hate: my far far relatives might say, oh, how you grow! Do you have a boyfriend now? Don’t forget me when you get married.
Sharks! Are they crazy? It’s a lot simple to tell them my further studying plans. It’s not like I can plan my wedding ten or twenty years ahead. Stupid question to be posted to me. As though they’re afraid they might see my name in the Spinster’s Society Membership List one day. And I really wonder if I’d actually look that old? I have relatives who are in their thirties and I think they should be answering those questions, duh~

I had my first driving lesson this morning, it was good. I didn’t damage the car at all!


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