Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Today is Monday, the day I hate most amongst the seven days in a week. Holiday ends and I have to work, AGAIN. It was boring, like usual. I called friends up to accompany me for lunch.
Today is also the 6th day of Chinese New Year. Jou Hui picked me up from work to pay Ah Ying a visit. It’s kinda odd to visit people at times like this but it’s somehow better to celebrate another going on celebration--- St. Valentine’s Day.
Honestly, I couldn’t afford that kind of ‘luxury’. Yea, I’m insipid but romance is expensive…the flowers, the dining out at a high class restaurant and all those fancy gifts (although girls usually don’t have to pay).
Some people just spend those money to be called ‘romantic’. Also, they’re just being kind to give opportunities for the others to earn extra income. Stalls selling flowers, balloons and softtoys are everywhere. We dilute boredom by surveying the price but not buying things. One rose may costs up to 40 bucks, man, that’s blood-sucking! Anyway, smart boyfriends would buy flowers for their girlfriends later when the price is cut till half.
I’m not a flower lover, I mean fresh flowers only last for a few days. They can’t be eaten or used so, I can’t find a reason why flower-giving is still so popular. Isn’t it more practical to buy a pot of roses for someone from the Sunday market than to give just one to somebody? (Compare the price and the endurance of both.) Astrologers described Pisceans as one of the most romantic groups, but tell me, what is does Romantic mean? sharks, I have no idea…
Singles join the celebration in groups to kill loneliness. That explains why places are flooded with people. I don’t have loneliness to kill, but my tiredness is really one thing I need to chase away. I need time…I need sleep…these are things no one can give. I put Kath, Sing Yii and Sue Yan aeroplane again today…was supposed to spend some time with them, but I’m really tired to go about anymore. I end up playing aeroplanes with my S1 buddies at Red Road Tea…the aim is to find back the memory we shared when we were in form 4 but things changed, it was just so different, not so thrilling because teachers aren’t there to confiscate em or shut our voices up.
Another thing I do…I help my sister to write “I will never forget to bring my Chinese text book again in the future” for 500 times (she thinks I'v got nothing to do better than that) bleh…kill me,but strangely, I’m so willing to do that…it’s a symptom of missing school. By the way, her Chinese teacher, Pn. Tay taught me before (my sis said that she praised me when she realised that I’m her sis) * proud * ;-D
Hopefully she can recognize my writing and give my sis a heavier punishment for bullying me…ngehehe…
Anyway, there’s still 4 and a half blank pages, gotta go…


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