Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Butterfly Effect

I’ve just watched a movie my friend recommended me with a sophisticated name as lately as just now. What I meant is “The Butterfly Effect” which was out for quite some time already. I really like the name and it’s got a storyline. And, it’s irony indeed.
I expected the movie to be something like a literature but it started off with children acting violently. The boy who played little Evan (the main character) was reaalllyyyy adorable, I have to say…now, what’s his name?… Logan Lerman, ya.
The story goes on. Evan found out that he could get back to the past and change history by reading his journals. How cool it’d be if we can actually travel through time by reading the blogs we post here now some ten years later. Maybe the wordings on the computer screen might just shrivel and we’ll get back to event we’re reading. Then, we can change the actual us into the ideal us… That explain why I’m sharing this cause we might’ve not discovered the supernatural powers we possess that enable us to undergo the “butterfly effect”. But is there anyone who wants to carry it out? Things might turn out worse…
Oh well, fantasizing I was. Anyway, there’s some humour inside this movie and here’s the line I like best when Evan was handicapped.
Tommy: Hey man, I do what you said. We’re pulling our students’ funds and we’re having a little house to have the dance.
Evan: Awesome. Maybe I can spin my wheelchair to the techno remix till I puke.
In short, this movie is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it, I rate it 3 stars and a half outta 5. You’re not expecting me to tell the story in my blog, right?


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