Sunday, February 20, 2005

the key

So, anyone has the idea what we bought for Kelly as her birthday present? Don’t think there’ll be anyone ler…let me just unveil the answer……
Looks nice hor? Useful and has a good price too, didn’t went over budget either. 3 pieces of fancy panties…hehe, happy 18th brithday to Kelly on the 22nd (corrected:20th) and hopefully she’s not reading this or I’d be deadmeat! (pls don’t tell her I’d actually post this up…)
Anyways, the buying-panties process was tough. You know, awkwardness… I met Brandon and Malcolm at Hock Lee, ground floor when they were at Mr. Soya (or whatever the name is) while we were next next to it. I was so afraid that they might see me and call out my name LOUDLY…which would be followed by “there goes”.
This ain’t the first time we get panties for friends. Anyhow, it’s the easiest and cheapest to get in the boutique. Unlike bra ler, we cannot estimate the *ahem* size… and won’t want to make a fuss of thinking which kind of clothes or handbag she prefers. (because panties are worn inside so should be ok lar if she’s not too choosy bout patterns).
A few years back, I went to KL and bought a set of 7-in-1 panties printed from Sunday to Saturday for Su Yin as a birthday gift. I think she don’t even need to buy another one till they’re worn, badly :-p
After that, Florence became our next “victim”. We got hers through mail-order which came late. We were scolded for not being punctual and being so crazy (leopard skin printed bra+ panties) hahaha…we thought that would be “sexy”. Crazier than us, she showed it to her mum (luckily not everyone), not forgetting to report our big names.
Hey guys, if you’re reading this better don’t let your eyes stay too long on the panties before they (your eyes, not the panties) pop out.


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