Thursday, February 17, 2005

17 February 2005

The 9th day of new year is very much important to Hokkiens, perhaps more than the first day. A man told me that it mean a lot to Hokkiens because this is the day they came out from the sugarcane plantation long time ago where they hid from their enemies. As the sugarcane plants had helped them survived, they practice hanging sugarcane outside their houses ever since. Also, they tribute roasted pigs and pray to the sky on the ninth day of Chinese New Year then. The man also told me a lot bout entreaty of safety from god and other traditional practices.Interesting. I only learnt this story this afternoon.
Despite that, it’s my sis’s birthday in the lunar calendar today. We dined out at a Sze Chuan restaurant. Food was spicy and a bit oily, most were deep fried and savored with spicy herbs and chilli. I’ve always loved spicy food and I enjoyed a lot although my nose was running. Pimples, my mum warned me but I never cared, the food was too good that I couldn’t take my hands off it. Yum, yum… I’m pursuading my dad to try Vietnam cuisine next time the family eat out. I don’t have to clear the bill anyway :-p


At 4:19 AM, Blogger blussis said...

man.. vietnam is hell xpensive!!
but the food is not the bad... haha!


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