Saturday, February 12, 2005

Do me No Good

Chinese New year means visiting, sleeping, eating and coming home late to me. My mum is not very satisfy with me for not being at home until midnights these few days so the curfew is on again, 11 o’clock that is. Sien!~ Nevermind, it’s weekend, might negotiate with her again. I have not been drinking plenty of plain water which makes my throat uncomfortable. Besides that, I’ve gained extra 2 kgs, thanks to the food and soft drinks.
Today, I spent most of my time at Barry’s house playing PS 2. Some were gambling but I have not much luck with ill-gotten gains so I’d better keep my hands off it. I played games till my fingers swelled but I still lost in Need For Speed Underground 2. Gosh, I think I need some intensive practice for the game some time. However, I’ve beaten up a few guys in one of the fighting games (duno the name). Finally, I could smell a little bit of glory.
After that, we went to Hee Seng’s house for his farewell. His parents are really young and friendly. We got first grade service from them. I did a lot of things but nothing too special so I don’t care to recall anymore. Oh, before I forget, I wore a green dress today, they said I looked like a parrot. Those guys, no taste one, hmph~ don’t wana befriend them liaw!


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